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Adam Chandler
David Canary as Adam Chandler
All My Children
Portrayed by David Canary
First appearance December 1985
Last appearance 2011
Created by Agnes Nixon
Gender Male
Born May 24, 1945 (1945-05-24) (age 77)[1]
Occupation Founder, owner, Chairman, CEO of Chandler Enterprises
Owner of
Former owner and operator of "Adam's Place", a bar formerly known as The Pit
Former owner of WRCW
Former owner of a fertility clinic
Former owner of Tempo Magazine

Former producer of the movie "Raising Kane"

Title CEO
Residence Chandler Mansion
300 River Road
Pine Valley, Pennsylvania

Adam Chandler, Sr. is a fictional character from the daytime drama All My Children, portrayed by David Canary since 1985. The series details other characters considering him to be one of the most devious individuals within town. His business dealings have been witnessed to get him in severe trouble. He was given a close relationship with his family and especially to his identical twin brother Stuart by the series. He is a member of the powerful and wealthy Chandler family.

Character History[]

Arrival In Pine Valley[]

Adam Chandler arrived in December 1985 hoping to build his legacy in the small town. The small town boy turned big time millionaire also had to deal with some skeletons in his past, namely Pete Cooney a. k. a. Palmer Cortlandt. Adam fell head over heals in love with the beautiful Erica Kane who at the time was dating Mike Roy, the man who was writing her biography. Adam bought the rights to Erica's biography Raising Kane and promised her the staring role in the film version. Unfortunately, Erica wasn't that great of an actress, so Adam recasts her. Adam's true intentions were discovered when Erica found Stuart Chandler, Adam's twin locked in the west wing of the Chandler Mansion. Stuart attacked Erica and then made his way to Cortlandt Manor to kill Palmer. While growing up in Pigeon Hollow, West Virginia, Palmer dated the Chandler older sister, Charlotte "Lottie" Chandler. Palmer, then known as Pete Cooney was later drafted into the war and left Lottie pregnant with his child. Adam & Stuart raised Lottie's son Ross as their other brother. Lottie tried to get married to another man but when she revealed the truth about Ross, he left her. Lottie comitted suicide and Stuart killed her fiancée causing him to suffer a severe psychotic break. Adam then put Stuart into hiding so no one could know.


Cultural Impact[]

Recognized beyond fiction, Adam has been cited by scholars as one of the "most powerful male figures in television",[2][3] as well as one of its most complex villains, said to "combine ruthlessness in business and love with wit and sometimes true tenderness".[4] In May 2009, the character was presumed dead after being shot, but it was revealed that he survived and his twin brother Stuart was the victim.


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