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Alexandria Quartermaine
General Hospital
Portrayed by Renee Anderson
First appearance 1981
Last appearance 1981
Cause/reason accidentally frozen to death
Nickname(s) Alex
Gender Female
Occupation socialite
Residence 66 Harbor View Rd.
Port Charles, New York

Alexandria "Alex" Quartermaine was a fictional character on the ABC soap opera, General Hospital. She was portrayed by actress Renee Anderson in 1981.

Character History[]

The arrival of the shrewd and beautiful Alexandria Quartermaine was met by enthusiasm from her uncle, Edward Quartermaine, and suspicion from Monica, Alan Quartermaine's wife. Edward, delighted by his niece’s presence, decided to come out of retirement and go into business with her on a secret project, producing and distributing synthetic diamonds . Within days of her arrival, Alexandria hired Luke to do some PI work. She wanted him to locate her competition and find out where the Cassadines were. Luke believed they were living in Port Charles under assumed names. Alexandria assured Luke the job was on the up-and-up. Luke thought it was a ruse to get him into bed! While he was prepared to accept her money, Luke was not willing to give in to Alex's sexual advances. And Laura, aware that nympho Alex was hitting on Luke, grew more jealous by the day.

After some digging, Luke found out that the wealthy and powerful Cassadines were using the surname Castle. The coveted Ice Princess, was the world's largest uncut diamond. Alexandria had usurped it from it's rightful owners, painted it black and mounted it on a pedestal before having it shipped to Port Charles. It was lost in transit on its way from Rio de Janerio. Luke along with his WSB pal, Robert Scorpio, Alex and Tony Castle (a.k.a. Tony Cassadine, who was secretly in cahoots with Lila Quartermaine) took off looking for the diamond. Not only was the diamond worth millions, in the base was a formula for creating synthetic diamonds and carbonic snow.

The Cassadines planned on using carbonic snow in their sinister plot to take over the entire world. It was revealed that Alexandria was in league with the Cassadines and after the Ice Princess had made its way into the hands of several Port Charles citizens, Alexandria and the Cassadine brothers (Victor and Tony) finally got their hands on it and prepared to take it to Mikkos Cassadine, the eldest Cassadine brother[1]).

Alexandria, Victor and Tony invited several guests on an ocean cruise aboard the Titan (Later re-named the Haunted Star). As the Titan left Port Charles, Luke and Robert snuck on board and were surprised when they found that Laura had also stowed away. Eventually, they arrived at Mikkos' island in the Atlantic. Luke and Laura found the island a rather passionate setting and made several attempts to make love, only to be interrupted by Robert. Laura soon fell sick with a fever, and when Robert attempted to make Luke leave her behind, he refused and let Robert know that Laura was more important to him than their mission. Eventually Laura recovered and the three set about finding a way to stop the Cassadines [2]).

Meanwhile, Mikkos Cassadine unleashed his ultimate plan: he planned to hold the world to ransom. If world leaders did not accept his demands for total world domination, he would use his carbonic snow in his weather machine in order to send the Earth into a new ice age. In order to show that he was capable of doing this, he selected Port Charles as a test subject and soon the city was plunged into a blizzard -- even though it was still summer. As temperatures in Port Charles continued to plummet, Mikkos managed to capture Luke, Laura and Robert. When his brother Tony and Alexandria Quartermaine expressed doubts about the plan, Mikkos had them killed, freezing Alexandria and Tony in his ice chamber[3]).


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