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Asher Pike
Garrett AMC.jpg
Trent Garrett as Asher Pike
All My Children
Portrayed by Trent Garrett
Duration 2010-present
First appearance August 13, 2010
Gender Male
Residence Pine Valley, Pennsylvania

Asher Pike is a fictional character from the original ABC soap opera, All My Children. The character debuted on August 13, 2010 being portrayed by Trent Garrett.

Character History[]

On August 13, 2010 Asher first appears at the Chandler mansion spying on Colby Chandler from the outside. He then follows Colby to the park as she is setting up a picnic for her boyfriend, Damon Miller. Asher pretends he is searching for a lost dog and asks Colby about it. Colby promises to call the owner if she sees it. Later, Colby almost falls off the roof of an apartment building and Asher grabs her just in time. Colby is suspicious and accuses him of following her. Asher explains to them that he is new in town and hasn't figure out where he is going to stay yet. Damon offers him a place to stay at his house which Colby doesn't approve of at first. Asher reveals that he was flirting with her in the park until he learned that she had a boyfriend. Colby then offers him money as a thank you, but he refuses it. Colby insists claiming that money isn't a problem in her family, the Chandler family. Damon assures him that it's okay and Asher says no thanks and that he never heard of the Chandlers. When Damon accidentally dents his father, Tad Martin's new car, Asher covers for him. Colby later gives Asher a key to her family's hotel room to thank him. When Damon refuses to take his medication for ADHD, Asher convinces him that if he wants to keep his great life, he better take the pills. When Damon applys for a job at the yatch club, Colby wants him to go to a party with her. Damon volunteers Asher to go because he is working. At the party, Colby and Asher witness a disagreement between David Hayward and Ryan Lavery and David ends up dead. Asher convinces Colby that they didn't enough to tell the cops about. Asher is adamant away from the party before the police can question him. He reveals that when he was young, his dad died in a car accident and when the police came to his house to tell the family, he was the only one home.

Asher later reveals to Colby that he acted out a lot after losing his parents and the headmaster of one of his boarding schools brings in cops to scare him straigt. Later, Asher sends in his application for Chandler Enterpirses and Colby's brother, JR discovers that the college Asher claimed to have attended has never heard of him. Asher explains that he messed up in school and made a deal making sure that no one would ever find out about his trouble in school. JR sends Asher to Caleb Cortlandt's house to hack into his computer and get information. Asher is posing as a computer repair man and Caleb becomes suspicious and throws him out. He is later hired by Bianca Montgomery to teach her daughter, Miranda how to use a computer. Bianca and Miranda happen to live with Caleb and Caleb still doesn't like Asher.

When Asher goes a little too far and attacks Caleb and JR realizes he's hiding something. On September 29, 2010 JR reveals that he knows that Asher is really Asher Cooney, Caleb's son. The two then team up in hopes of breaking Caleb down.