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Dr. Bradley Ward
General Hospital
Portrayed by Aaron Seville
First appearance June 1994
Last appearance December 1994
Cause/reason Appeared in Mary Mae's flashback
Created by Claire Labine
Gender Male
Born 1945[1]
Died July 1, 1974 (aged 29)
Cause of death shot to death by Jack Boland
Occupation Reverend
Community Organizer
Residence 24 Royal Street[2]
Port Charles, New York

Dr. Bradley Ward was a fictional character on the ABC soap opera, General Hospital. He was the late son of Edward Quartermaine and his former mistress, Mary Mae Ward. Though he never actually appeared on the show for a long period of time, he did appear in the flashbacks.

Character Background[]

Born in Norfolk, Virginia and raised by a single mother and his older brother David, Bradley died believing he was the son of a soldier who died at war. His mother, Mary Mae moved her family to Port Charles. Bradley married Isobel and together they had three children, Faith, Justus and another daughter whose name was mentioned. The fiery Bradley had been elected to congress and began causing trouble for billionaire, Edward Quartermaine and his dirty partner Jack Boland. To get Bradley off their back, Edward's partners, Lee Baldwin & Jack dug up some dirt on the young politician and reverend. But Bradley didn't back off, he came fighting for change. Bradley had also been causing trouble for mob boss Frank Smith who Jack was secretly working with. In the early hours of July 1st, 1974 Boland came to Bradley's house, shot & killed him. Jack planeted the gun in his hand making Mary Mae believe he'd committed suicide. Mary Mae, assuming it was her fault for not telling them the truth about Bradley buried his body in the backyard of their home, 24 Royal Street in Port Charles. In June 1994, his body was discovered and Edward was put on trial for his murder. Mary Mae revealed that Edward was in fact Bradley's father and could have never murdered him.


  1. Bradley was born sometime after Alan was born.
  2. The Wards lived at the Spencer home before they left Port Charles.
  3. Mary Mae stated under oath the Elizabeth was pregnant by Bradley, but she miscarried after a car accident.