Caleb Cortlandt
All My Children
Portrayed by Michael Nouri
Duration 2010-present
First appearance May 24, 2010
Aliases Caleb McGraw
Caleb Cooney
(birth name)
Gender Male
Residence Pigeon Hollow, West Virginia

Caleb Cortlandt is a fictional character from the original ABC soap opera, All My Children. The contract role was originated by film and stage actor, Michael Nouri on May 24, 2010.

Character HistoryEdit

Caleb McGraw is first introduced when he rescues Erica Kane from a plane crash. Coincidentally, Erica's plane destroys his home in the woods. Erica and Caleb end up bunking together for a few days and they really learn how to get on each others nerves. Finally Erica is rescued by Jack, her ex-husband and her friend, Krystal Carey.

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