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Caleb Cortlandt
All My Children
Portrayed by Michael Nouri
Duration 2010-present
First appearance May 24, 2010
Aliases Caleb McGraw
Caleb Cooney
(birth name)
Gender Male
Residence Pigeon Hollow, West Virginia

Caleb Cortlandt is a fictional character from the original ABC soap opera, All My Children. The contract role was originated by film and stage actor, Michael Nouri on May 24, 2010.

Character History[]

Caleb McGraw is first introduced when he rescues Erica Kane from a plane crash. Coincidentally, Erica's plane destroys his home in the woods. Erica and Caleb end up bunking together for a few days and they really learn how to get on each others nerves. Finally Erica is rescued by Jack, her ex-husband and her friend, Krystal Carey.