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Carly Benson
Sarah Brown as Carly Benson
General Hospital
Portrayed by Sarah Brown (1996-2001)
Tamara Braun (2001-2005)
Jennifer Bransford (April-October 2005)
Laura Wright (2005-present)
First appearance April 5, 1996
Created by Robert Guza, Jr.
Karen Harris
Patrick Mulcahey
Book appearances The Secret Life
Spin-off appearances What If...
Nickname(s) Carly
The Valkyrie (by Spinelli)
Aliases Caroline Leigh Benson (1973-1995)

Carly Roberts

Carly Benson

Carly Quartermaine

Carly Corinthos

Carly Alcazar

Carly Jacks

Gender Female
Born November 5, 1973[1]
Jacksonville, Florida
Age (38) 7-20-11
Occupation Template:Nowrap
Owns 30% of E.L.Q.
Residence 657 Harbor View Road
Port Charles, New York
Sarah Brown as Carly Benson
Jennifer Bransford as Carly Alcazar

Caroline Leigh "Carly" Jacks (née Benson; formerly Quartermaine, Corinthos, and Alcazar) is a fictional character on General Hospital and is currently being portrayed by Laura Sisk Wright. The role has not only been faced with controversial pair-ups (most notably with Sonny Corinthos), it has been portrayed by numerous actresses, including Sarah Brown, who departed the role in 2001.

Character portrayal history


The role of Carly was originated on April 8, 1996 by Sarah Brown,[4] who "quickly became an overnight sensation" and received three Daytime Emmy Awards for her portrayal of Carly.[5] She won for Outstanding Younger Actress in 1997[6] and 1998,[7] was nominated in 1999,[8] and won again for Outstanding Supporting Actress in 2000.[9] Brown appeared on the cover of Soap Opera Digest 19 times during her run in the role,[5][10] and won two Soap Opera Digest Awards in 1998 (Younger Lead Actress)[11] and 2000 (Favorite Actress).[12]

In January 2000, it was reported that Brown would be exiting General Hospital when her contract was over in March of that year.[13] Brown's character was put in an important storyline and the show had already lost several of its actors, including Jonathan Jackson (Lucky) and Steve Burton (Jason). Brown agreed to stay for one year and General Hospital began to create an exit in December 2000 if Brown decided not to renew her contract.[14] Gina Tognoni was rumored to replace Brown.[15] Brown decided to stay with the series for a month. "My contract expired today, but I will stay with the show 4 more weeks to wrap it all up for them," she said. "I am not leaving because of money issues or contract issues. I am leaving because my heart is telling me I'm done."[16] She departed the series on April 23, 2001.[4]


Fans protested Brown's departure, and sent emails to Jill Farren Phelps in an effort to get the actress rehired.[17] However, Tamara Braun replaced her on May 2, 2001. In a November 11, 2001 interview with Soap Opera Digest, Braun commented on being a high profile recast: "I really didn't know about the uproar, which was good. But I was informed about it before I started working. I thought to myself, 'Holy guacamole ... I'm going into something here. But all I can do is the best that I can.' I think on some level, a lot of people were waiting for me to fail."[18]

File:Braun leaves.jpg

Tamara Braun's publicized departure


Braun departed the role on April 15, 2005, and on April 18, 2005, Jennifer Bransford assumed the role.[4] Phelps released a statement on the recast: "[The audience] will eventually accept a new Carly, especially if Maurice is determined to make it work." During Bransford's tenure, Shayne Lamas also portrayed the role as a teenager in several flashbacks. On October 5, 2005, Bransford was released from her contract.[4] A representative of General Hospital said, "Jennifer's casting in the role of Carly did not work out. She is a consummate actress and she's good at what she does. We wish her all the best in her future endeavors."[19]


After Bransford's dismissal, rumors began circulating that Laura Wright, known for portraying Cassie Layne Winslow on Guiding Light, was being considered for the role. On November 4, 2005, Wright debuted as Carly.[4] ABC Daytime president Brian Frons stated: "Carly is a complex character, and we are excited to bring Laura [Wright]'s talent, beauty and intelligence to this role."[20] In Novemebr 2009, Wright resigned with General Hospital for 4 years, extending her stay well beyond 2013.



A.J., Carly, and Jason, in a promotional shoot for Soap Opera Weekly.

A 22-year old woman named Carly Roberts arrives in town on April 5, 1996 [21] with a single desire to destroy her birth mother, Bobbie Spencer, for giving her up for adoption. Sh applies for a position at General Hospital as a physical therapist. She soon gets a room at Kelly's Diner after a brief discussion with Ruby Anderson, the owner. Carly soon befriends Monica Quartermaine, who introduces her to the entire hospital staff, who seam pleased with Carly. The only exception is Amy Vining, who causes friction between Monica and Carly. Carly befriends A.J. Quartermaine and begins a sexual relationship with his brother, Jason Morgan. Carly slowly works her way in to the Spencer family and uses Tony as an advantage to get in to the nurses program. Carly begins to slowly seduce Tony and the two kiss on Bobbie's birthday. Carly gets an apartment with Tony and seduces him on December 1996. Bobbie walks in on them and divorces him. Carly also becomes good friends with her old flame, Jason. By the time her identity was discovered by her uncle Luke Spencer, Carly had already seduced Tony and then Luke concequently chose to keep her secret.

After a bitter fight with Tony, Carly beds a drunk A.J. Quartermaine in March 1997, who fails to remember the tryst. Carly discovered that she was pregnant but tried to pass it off as Tony's. Discovering that Tony plans to leave her and get custody of the baby, Carly claims that the child was her former lover Jason's. She reveals to him that she is really Caroline Leigh Benson, Bobbie's daughter. Carly moves in to the penthouse and gives birth to the child on December 26, 1997. Carly leaves town due to post-partnum depression in 1998, only to return to discover Jason's ex-grilfriend Robin Scorpio was back in town. The child was named Michael Morgan after Jason's mob boss, Sonny "Michael" Corinthos. Carly reveals to bobbie that she was really Caroline, the daughter Bobbie had given up for adoption as a teenager. Tony Jones was prosecuted for kidnapping with Michael, but when a jury handed down a minor sentence, Carly shot her former lover in open court and was sentenced to serve time in Ferncliff, a mental institution. After Jason secured her release, Carly and Michael moved into the cottage with Jason and his girlfriend Robin Scorpio in December 1998.

File:Sonny et Carly.jpg


After Robin reveal's Michael's paternity to A.J., A.J. blackmails Carly in to a marriage, though she and Jason are planning a future with Michael. Carly misreads a close moment between Elizabeth Spencer and Jason and sleeps with Sonny Corinthos, causing Jason to leave town. Carly soon discovers that she is pregnant, leading Sonny to provide Carly evidence that A.J. committed arson. Carly divorces A.J. in July 2000 and unwillingly moves in to Sonny's penthouse, where the couple slowly fell in love.

Sonny and Carly

After a fight with A.J., Carly tumbles down a staircase at the Quartermaine mansion, causing her a miscarriage and fertility damage. After Carly witnesses Sonny committing a crime, she marries him to force her from testifying in October 2000. After almost losing Sonny in a fire on Valentine's day 2001, Sonny and Carly renew their vows in Martinique.

After Carly attempted to free Sonny from the mob, Sonny sees this as betrayal and files for divorce. After catching Sonny and Alexis in bed, she faked her own death. Fearing that he would lose her, Sonny re-marries Carly in July 2002. Alexis discovers she is pregnant but a paternity test declares her fiancée, Ned Ashton as the father..That year, Courtney jacks, Sonny's half-sister, arrives in town and marries A.J. Quartermaine. Carly becomes good friends with Courtney, even to the point where she supports her getting married to Jason. Carly become pregnant in 2003. Ric Lansing, Sonny's half-brother, believing that Sonny had caused his wife, Elizabeth Webber's miscarriage, kidnaps Carly and kept her in a panic room in his house. His plan was to pass Carly's baby as his and Elizabeth's. She is later kidnapped from Ric's home by Lorenzo Alcazar, who develops feelings for her while he is holding her on his yacht. As Carly enters in to labour, Sonny finds Alcazar over Carly helping her give birth and shoots him in the chest. The bullet passes through and lodges in Carly's brain after giving birth to baby Morgan on October 23, 2003. After she wakes up from her coma, she felt detached from her loved ones and remained drawn to Alcazar. On the night of the Port Charles hotel fire, Alexis confesses to Carly that Kristina is actually Sonny's daughter.

Carly uses the information to have Alexis represent her in a custody battle against Sonny in exchange for Kristina's paternity being kept a secret. In 2004, Carly discovers her biological father is John Durant, criminal prosecutor, who is overjoyed to discover her divorcing Sonny. Sonny eventually discovers Kristina's paternity and divorces Carly in 2005. Kristina is then baptized with Carly as her godmother. With the new divorce, she turns back to her old flame, Lorenzo Alcazar. Michae and Morgan are kidnapped by A.J. Quartermaine. Michael is presumed dead but suprisingly returns home safe and sound with his sibling. Sonny began to sleep with FBI agent, Reese Marshall.

File:Carly and lorenzo.jpg

Carly and Lorenzo

Carly discovers that Reese is her supposedly dead best friend, Charlotte 'Carly' Roberts, who's identity Carly stole upon her arrival in 1996. Carly suffers a nervous breakdown, leading her to marry Lorenzo Alcazar, who the her out after noticing Carly's obsession with Sonny. [22]Carly was sent to Shadybrook, where she was repeatedly stalked by a psychotic killer named Manny Ruiz who was after Sonny Corinthos. Manny causes numerous problems for the Corinthos family, leading Carly to pull herself together. Upon her release in January 2006, she divorces Lorenzo and begins to date Jasper 'Jax' Jacks. A deadly case of encephilitis swept through, affecting Sonny, Jason, and her friend Courtney, who dies after giving birth to Jax's son, John Michael Jacks.

Love triangle

The child's biological father was actually Nikolas Cassadine, which was revealed by Robin Scorpio at the child's baptism. Carly and Jax lost John and the two planned on marrying in 2006. Carly is soon pursued by Sonny, who attempts to stop the wedding, With Jax leaving town days before the wedding, Carly barges in to Sonny's office to ask him to let her and Jax be. As she barges in, she witnesses Sonny shoot Lorenzo, forcing her to marry him so she would not have to testify against him. They were wed in January 2007.

File:Carly Jax.jpg

Carly, during her break down. Jennifer Bransford, 2005

File:012809 LWright7 gh abc.jpg

Sonny and Carly, Laura Wright, 2009.

In February 2007, Carly was heading to the Dominican republic to get a divorce but was held at gunpoint with 15 other people at the Metro Court hotel. It was during the crisis that she admits to Sonny that she loves him. The gunman blew up the entire hotel and after the rescue, Carly slept with Sonny. Jax returns to town to discover his fiancée married to Sonny. Jax and Carly reconcile and the two wed the day after Carly's divorce to Sonny was finalized. Sonny moved on to Kate Howard, who makes a nemesis out of Carly. Carly later discovers that the main gunman at the Metro Court crisis was Jerry Jacks, Jax's older brother. Jerry lures Jax out of town, causing Carly to go frantic. When Jax returns, she discovers he was raped by Jerry's ex-fiance.

Marriage to Jax

In July 2007, After her best friend Jason was charged for Lorenzo Alcazar's murder, Carly promises Jerry that she would forgive him if he got Jason free. When a mysterious killer begins stalking the women in Port Charles, Carly finds her children's longtime nanny Leticia strangled in her house. Believing that she had been the intended victim, Carly begins a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the man dubbed the "Text Message Killer," using text messages to lure him out of hiding at Nikolas's Black and White Ball. After Jason's sister Emily Quartermaine is murdered, the killer attacks Carly, escapes unharmed. The killer is eventually revealed to be Carly's former stepson Diego Alcazar, who is attempting to avenge the deaths of his father Alcazar and other family members in Spring 2008.

During this, Carly has a strong disliking of Kate Howard, Sonny's new girlfriend.

File:Image rep.jpg

Carly and Jax, 2009.

Carly decides that she would like to have a baby and so she slept with Jax on Christmas Day, 2007. After struggling with fertility issues Carly's pregnancy is confirmed on February 5, 2008. Claudia Zacchara, Johnny's sister, arrives in town and sleeps with Sonny, causing friction between the two women. Carly miscarries the baby when she and Michael are caught in a warehouse explosion. Michael is later shot in the head, placing him in to a coma in April 2008. To relieve herself, she sleeps with Sonny, leading her weeks later to think that she is pregnant. Sonny almost marries Kate Howard, but Kate was shot at the altar On September 21, 2008.

Jax discovers the tryst and leaves her but the two reconcile on New Years Eve, 2008, even though Jax slept with Kate. Sonny was shot by a russian mobster, who left him for dead. Carly nurses Sonny back to health. To regain power in the Corinthos organization, Sonny marries Claudia in December 2008, much to Carly's disgust. Carly also befriends Sonny former lover and Kate's cousin, Olivia Falconeri, although they later do defriend.

Re-marriage and Josslyn

Carly and Jax renew their wedding vows and consummate their new marriage on March 18, 2009 after almost losing each other, in which Carly discovers she is pregnant, but the child she carries could lead her to have a stroke. She finally confesses to Jax, who urges her not to abort. Michael returns from his year long coma as a 17-year old on May 18, 2009 to be rebellious towards her, leading her to place him under the care of the Quartermaines up until her child is born. After Claudia alerts Carly that she is pregnant with Sonny's child, the two tumble down the staircase of General Hospital, in which both women were left unharmed.


Carly over Michael's bedside, 2009.

After Claudia was run off the road, causing her to lose her baby, Michael panicked that he was the driver. Carly pulled Claudia out of the burning car, and ending up being hospitalized herself. Following her release, both Michael and half-sister Kristina Davis went on the run to Veracruz, Mexico. After Jason and Sam brought them back home, Kristina was revealed to be the driver. After his return, Michael chose to live with mother and Jax opposed to the Quartermaines. Carly is overly stressed as Michael starts the new year at school. Carly and Jax attend their friend Spinelli's wedding to Maxie Jones. After having a dream sequence about her unborn daughter as a teenager, she decides to name the child Josslyn John Jacks.[23] Carly sees Jax as overly protective when he puts her on a diet to help the baby, but when she goes into premature labor on October 14, 2009, after having some french fries, she realizes Jax was right and decides to adhere to his rules after the labor is stopped.


Jax, Josslyn, and Carly (Laura Wright) on December 23, 2009.

On October 29, 2009, Sonny is throwing Claudia a birthday party, but Carly decides not to go and just rest at home for her unborn baby's sake. She ends up going when Michael and Morgan's bodyguard, Dominic, tells her Michael is at the party, and she goes to pick him up. Claudia takes Carly hostage after Sonny publicly announces her involvement in Michael's shooting. Carly enters in to pre-mature labour as she is being held hostage in a stolen car driven by Claudia. Carly is able to distract a distraught Claudia and takes control of the wheel, crashing the car and knocking Claudia unconscious. Claudia survives and finds Carly about to give birth in a cabin. After helping Carly give birth to Josslyn, Claudia becomes obsessed with the child and is about to leave with the newborn just as Michael arrives and bludgeons Claudia to death with an axehandle. Carly, Jason, and Sonny cover up Claudia's murder. Carly has since found out her husband's involvement in Michael's shooting and the two separate, only to reconcile on Thanksgiving Day, 2009.

Carly is kidnapped by Franco on January 3, 2010, an enemy of Jason, fearing for the security of her family, she and Jax plan to relocate to Australia, but the plans never go in effect. On January 7, 2010, Michael refuses and while in an argument between Carly and Michael, he breaks down in front of Carly over his responsibility in Claudia's murder. Carly organizes a christening for Josslyn on January 29, 2010. After the christening, she discovers that Dominic is an undercover cop, as well as Sonny and Olivia's son, Dante. Carly files for divorce after learning that Jax had helped Dante collect evidence against Sonny. In April 2010, Sonny is put on trial for Claudia's murder while Michael is forced to hide out in the Caribbean to avoid testifying. As the jury delivers its verdict to Sonny, Dante and Lulu reveal to the courts that Michael was the one who killed Claudia. Carly is furious with Lulu for betraying her. Michael is sentenced to 5 years in prison with possibility of parole in 2. Carly, upset with Dante and Lulu for hurting her son, hires Brook Lynn Ashton, Dante's old friend, to break Dante and Lulu up, while she lets Dante and Lulu think she has accepted what happened to Michael and moved on.

Divoring Jax and meeting Shawn

Carly is very angry when Brenda returns to town. This even causes Jax and Carly to get a divorce, along with other problems. Brenda soon starts dating Sonny and they get engaged. Carly then learns that Brenda had a son with Sonny's son, Dante. Carly attends Brenda and Sonny's wedding and threatens to expose Brenda unless she leaves town. However, Brenda admits the truth to Sonny herself, and Carly's plan blows up in her face when Dante reveals that, while Brenda was indeed pregnant, the father was someone else and he had merely pretended to be the father out of friendship. Sonny forgives Brenda immediately and makes a memorable speech about how much he loves her and doesn't want to lose her again; Sonny and Brenda marry and Carly respectfully accepts. When Brenda is captured after the reception by the Balkan, now revealed to be Theo Hoffman, Carly promises to help Sonny in any way she can, despite Jax's adamant resolve to only help the police. Carly also admits that she did try to break up Brenda and Sonny, but underestimated his love for Brenda. Carly reassures Sonny that he will find Brenda and genuinely states that she will be happy for him when he does.

When Michael decides to consummate his relationship with an ex-stripper named Abby Haver, Carly is upset at first, but then is happy and starts to like Abby.

In March 2011, Josslyn is very sick and goes to the hospital. At the hospital Doctor Terrell Jackson tells then that she has cancer and needs a new organ. That same night Elizabeth Webber and Jason's son got hit by a car and died. Carly begged Jason and Liz for Jake's organ. Finally they said yes and Josslyn was getting better. That week Carly got a video from Franco a killer and kidnapped who said he is watching over Josslyn. Jason then hires a bodyguard named Shawn who protects Josslyn. Jax doesn't like Shawn cause he used to work for Theo. Jax then tells Carly he wants full-custody of Josslyn and Carly says no. After a long and painful custody battle, which consisted of manipulations by both Jax and Carly's ex Sonny Corinthos, Carly was awarded full custody of Josslyn. In July 2011, Carly sends Morgan to a boarding school, which he enjoys according to Carly.

In early August 2011, Carly learns from Skye Chandler, Jax is back in town. Carly panicks, thinking Jax kidnapped Josslyn, and goes to Jason. While driving to save Josslyn, Carly and Jason get in a car attack with Elizabeth Webber and Siobhan Spencer. Carly is OK, other than a broken wrist, but Jason isn't. At the hospital, it is learned Jason has a head injury. Both, Monica and Sam are very mad at Carly and Sam even slaps Carly on the mouth. Later, with the help of Robin and Sonny, Shawn returns Josslyn to Carly.

Carly turns to Alexis to get help to get her kids away from Sonny, but after many fights, she says no. Sonny shows up at her house later, wanting to see Morgan. Though Carly tells him to go away, he refuses and comes into the house. There, Carly reveals that Morgan has been put into military school to keep him safe. Sonny is also only allowed to see him while Carly is there, under guard. Sonny ends up going to the school, anyway, trying to bribe and threaten the headmaster, but is unsuccessful. Carly hears about this, and later tells Sonny that she's done defending him to Morgan, and trying to keep peace between them. Sonny refuses to give up, and tells Carly that he's not done.

On September 20, Carly receives a package from Hawaii, addressed to Josslyn, and believes it's a gift from Jason, who's on his honeymoon with Sam. However, when she opens the card, it's revealed to be from Franco, Carly goes to Shawn, who in turn tries to get in touch with Jason or Sam. When neither of them answer, Shawn decides to go to Hawaii to check on them, and Carly ends up on the flight with Josslyn. When they arrive in Hawaii, neither Jason nor Sam are happy to see them, but when they show Franco's message to Josslyn, they realize they are in danger. Carly is afraid he could be somewhere nearby, and wants Jason and Sam to get away from him. But Sam doesn't want to go back, saying that their honeymoon is important. Jason has his men determine Franco's location, Toronto, and decides to finish their honeymoon, much to Carly's dismay. Jason tells Carly he's going to respect his wife's desires because she now comes first. Carly understands Jason respecting Sam's wishes, but wishes he would trust her. To prove that, she tells him Jax is alive. Carly and Shawn leave with Josslyn the next day back to Port Charles.

Shawn, Todd, and Johnny

In December 2011, Michael's girlfriend Abby Haver dies. Michael then goes to Austrialia to speard Abby's ashes. However, while there Michael sees a man who looks like Jax. When Michael tells his mother, Carly lies and says she doesn't know. Later, Michael overhears Jason talking to Carly about Jax really being alive. Michael is outranged at Carly. He confronts her at the New Year's Party at the Metro Court and he then leaves. Everyone at the party is angry, including Alexis, Kate, and Sonny. While leaving, Michael sees Jason crash his motorcycle.

Michael is fine, but Jason isn't. Jason has head injuries, but is saved by Patrick. However, before the surgery Parick refused to do the surgery because his wife, Robin who is Carly's enemy, died trying to save his life. After calming down, Patrick does the surgery for Robin. When Carly finds out Robin died, she goes to be with Jason, but Sam tells her she can't tell Jason about Robin because it be bad for his health. Carly, however, disargees with Sam and after trying many times, tells Jason. Jason and Sam fight, but they make up leaving Carly mad.

In-between New Years and Robin's death, Carly begins to date Johnny. She also begans fighting with Kate again, because Jax left his half of the Metro Court to her.

In March 2012, Carly mets Blair Cramer and Todd Manning from Llanview. They are in-town because their daughter, Starr who is Michael's new friend, has just lost her boyfriend and daughter to a car crash. The Police think Sonny caused the accident. (Anthony's tires were shot out and his car crashed into Starr's) Leaving the Mannings mad at Sonny. One night in March, Blair and Carly bond over drinks and become friends. Blair then gets a call to go to the Courthouse and finds Todd holding a gun on Sonny. Todd is then stopped by John McBain and brought back to Llanview to face murder charges against his brother, Victor. Blair soon also returns to Llanview to take care of her two other kids, Sam and Jack. Later, Sonny is found non-guilty of the accident.


Carly and Johnny.

Carly's realtionship with Johnny is still strong, even though Johnny is an enemy of Sonny and Jason. In late April, Carly finds Johnny and Kate making love in Johnny's bed. Carly is very mad and even gets into a physical fight with Kate at the Metro Court. During the fight, Carly steals Kate's notepad and learns Kate has DID, her other personality being "Connie". Carly isn't sure if Kate is lying or if she really does have DID. Johnny tires to get back together with Carly, but she says no. Michael finds Starr pointing a gun at Sonny. Michael calls 911 and Starr goes to jail. Later, Todd returns to town to help Starr. His murder charges were dropped because he had PDSD, from being kidnapped for 7 years. Even though their kids are against each other, Carly and Todd remain friends and spend time together. While at the PCPD visiting Starr, Todd hears Kate tell Alexis she may have shot out Anthony's tires as "Connie". Todd then makes a deal with Sonny, Michael will say he didn't see Starr pointing a gun at Sonny or he'll tell police Kate shot out the tires. Sonny argees to the deal and Starr gets out of jail. Carly also has a disliking of Tea Delgado, Starr's lawyor, Todd's ex-wife, and the wife of Todd's brother Victor who Todd killed.

After a brief-absent, Shawn returns and catchs up with Carly at Kelly's, mostly talking about TJ. Carly is also shocked to learn Sam was raped by Franco and that her baby is Franco's. She is also suprised to learn Franco is Jason's twin.

Crimes Committed

Stole Charlotte Roberts' identity after she 'died' when they were teenagers

Seduced her mother's husband to get back at her mother for putting her up for adoption [1996]

Stole drugs from Tony Jones's medical bag [Aug 1997]

Drugged AJ Quartermaine [Aug 1997]

Dumped a drugged AJ in an alley, and set it up to look as if AJ had started drinking again [Aug 1997]

Attempted to pass her unborn child off as Tony Jones's child [Fall 1997]

Lied about Jason Morgan being her unborn child's biological father [Dec 1997]

She shot Tony Jones, her ex, after he was not sent to jail for kidnapping her son [Apr 24, 1998]

Breaking and entering; broke into Hannah Scott's apartment to dig up dirt on her [Oct 1999]

Broke into Hannah's lock box [Oct 1999]

Adultery with Sonny Corinthos (while married to AJ) [Nov 29, 1999]

Purposely embarrassed AJ in front of European investors at an ELQ party by dressing up as a hooker [Jan 7, 2000]

Pulled a gun on AJ [Jun 2, 2000]

Tape-recorded one of Sonny and Sorel's meetings [Aug 18, 2000]

"Blackmail"; threatened to withhold sex from Sonny if he didn't turn over his one share of Deception [Dec 13, 2000]

Manipulated Gia into locking Laura on the roof [Mar 2001]

Along with Roy DiLucca, set Sonny up to be arrested by the FBI [Apr 2001]

Trespassing/Theft; let herself into Angel Ellis's home to snoop around and stole a roll of film [Sep 5, 2001]

Helped fugitive Angel Ellis skip town [Oct 25, 2001]

Locked Skye Chandler in the boathouse [Mar 25, 2002]

Lied about the details behind her car accident/disappearance [May 2002]

Embezzled money from Club 101 to pay for her fertility procedures [Jun 2002]

Drugged Ric Lansing and threatened him with a gun [May 2, 2003]

Pushed Courtney Matthews' car off a cliff to cover up Courtney's involvement in Elizabeth Webber's hit-and-run [Sep 12, 2003]

Stabbed Jason Morgan with a syringe filled with sedatives [Jan 15, 2004]

Adultery with Lorenzo Alcazar (while married to Sonny) [Winter to Spring 2004]

Arrested for violating a restraining order restricting her from visiting her children [Feb 4, 2004]

Blackmail; threatened to tell Sonny that he is Kristina Davis' father if Alexis didn't agree to be her attorney during the custody battle [Feb 20, 2004]

Perjury; told the court that Sonny never suffered from mental instability [Mar 9, 2004]

Knocked Lorenzo out, and held him captive in the basement [Apr 2004]

Stole her mother’s diary hoping to find clues about her biological father [Summer 2004]

Set fire to Ric Lansing’s apartment in an attempt to destroy a file that incriminated Sonny [Nov 2004]

Broke into Reese's apartment (Carly's former apartment) [2005]

Stabbed Emily [Fall 2005]

Caused Car accident that led to Elizabeth’s miscarriage [Winter 2005]

Assorted crimes while trying to find the serum to cure the Viral Epidemic [Spring 2006]

Switching the tests of Spencer Cassadine's paternity results [Summer 2006]

Fraud; Pretending to be Lorenzo's wife to plant evidence [Summer 2007]

Gave Diane false evidence to get Jason cleared of murder charges [Summer 2007]

Manipulated Sonny into giving up custody of his children by seducing him [Summer 2008]

Lied about who murdered Claudia in court. [April 2010]

Hired Damian Spinelli to break into law firm to steal custody papers [Jan 2011]

Aiding Shawn Butler, freelance mercenary for Theo Hoffman, after a shootout [Feb 2011]

Maladies and Hospitalizations

  • Nearly died of severe hemorrhaging when Michael was born [Dec 1997]
  • Committed to a mental hospital after shooting Tony in open court [Apr 1998]
  • Fell down the stairs at the Quartermaines during a fight with AJ and miscarried her baby with Sonny [May 2000]
  • Fell through ice while walking Michael off of a frozen pond [Apr 1, 2003]
  • Accidentally shocked herself while trying to communicate with Jason from her Panic Room prison in Ric's house [Jun 20, 2003]
  • Accidentally shot by Sonny while in labor [Oct 24, 2003]
  • In a coma after being shot and awoke to discover her memories of love for her family were missing [Nov 2003]
  • Checked herself into the Shadybrook Sanitarium in an attempt to get Lorenzo Alcazar out of her thoughts [Jan 14, 2004]
  • Checked into Roselawn Sanitarium after suffering a nervous breakdown [Winter 2005]
  • Suffered a bump on her head during the Metro Court explosion. She was checked and released at the hospital. [Feb 2007]
  • Injured in an explosion at the docks. She suffered from hypothermia [Spring 2008]
  • Suffered a miscarriage from injuries sustained in the explosion at the docks. [Spring 2008]
  • High risk pregnancy [Spring 2009]
  • Fell down stairs at hospital during fight with Claudia Zacchara [Spring 2009]
  • Kidnapped while going into labor by Claudia. [October 31, 2011]
  • Kidnapped by Franco. [January 2010]
  • Got slightly hurt in a Car Crash. [August 1, 2011]
  • Sonny acknowledges her birthday on November 5.
  • Carly and Sonny were only married to each other three times; their second ceremony, in 2001, was to renew their vows
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