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Children of All My Children refers to fictional children from the daytime drama All My Children.

Adam Chandler III[]

Unknown Babies (March 24 2004)
Liam and Aidan O´Donell
Jared Sturman
Shane Passaro (back up child for Jared)
Rory and Declan McTigue (2008-)

Adam "Little Adam" Chandler III (previously Asa "Ace" Buchanan II & James Carey) is the son of Adam "JR" Chandler Jr. and Arabella "Babe" Carey. He was born on March 24, 2004, along with Miranda Montgomery. He was kidnapped at birth and given to his mother's ex-husband's sister Kelly Cramer on One Life to Live. When he was in return, Babe went on the run with him and her boyfriend James "Jamie" Martin. They were found by JR. Little Adam's parents have had a number of custody battles over him. Little Adam is currently being raised by his father after his mother died on October 27, 2008. Little Adam wants to know when his mother is coming home and JR is telling him that his mother is never coming home. His maternal grandfather David Hayward and maternal grandmother Krystal Carey are plotting to take him from his father JR Chandler.

His daddy JR has Lymphoma, which is a type of cancer.

Emma Lavery[]

Lucy Merriam (July 2006 to present)

Emma Lavery (previously McDermott) is the daughter of Ryan Lavery and Annie Lavery. She was born in June 2002. She has a younger paternal half-brother Spike Lavery. Emma was born through in vitro when Annie used (anonymous donor) Ryan's sperm sample and Emma didn't meet her biological father Ryan until she was four years old. Her parents later married, and after their divorce and Annie's incarceration in a mental facility, Ryan won custody. Currently Emma is involved in a murder investigation, as she knows who really killed Stuart Chandler.

Spike Lavery[]

Unknown Babies (2006)
Ava and Julia Farrar (August 2006 to June 2007)
Alexander, Benjamin and Caleb Eckstein (July 2007 to present)

Spike Lavery is the son of Ryan Lavery and Kendall Hart Slater. He was born on May 31, 2006. He has an older paternal half-sister Emma Lavery and a younger maternal half-brother Ian Slater. Spike was born through in vitro and was supposed to be the child of Ryan Lavery and Greenlee Smythe, but Kendall was forced to use her own egg after Greenlee's eggs couldn't be used. Spike has been raised by his mother Kendall and stepfather Zachary "Zach" Slater, with Ryan having visitation.

Jenny Martin[]

Ashley and Thomas (April 11 2007 - ?)
Rebecca and Jacqueline Levine (July 12, 2007 - November 12, 2008)
Rachael and Jessica Slomovitz (present)

Jennifer "Jenny" Colby Martin (previously Charlotte Carey Chandler and Jennifer "Jenny" Colby Carey) is the daughter of Thaddeus "Tad" Martin and Krystal Carey Hayward, she was originally thought to be Adam Chandler Sr.'s child. She was born in April 11, 2007. Jenny was delivered by Colby Chandler. Jamie Martin and Kathy Mershon Martin are her paternal half-siblings & Babe Carey and Marissa Tasker are her maternal half-sisters. Jenny's maternal half-nephew Adam Chandler III is actually three years older then she is. The Carey/Martin/Chandler clan are mourning the loss of Babe Chandler after she died in the tornadoes that rocked Pine Valley in October 2008. She is named after her paternal aunt Jenny Gardner. When her father and mother get divorced her custody is given to Tad. Her step-father is David Hayward who is using her mom Krystal to get her nephew Little Adam. Her mother decided to leave her step-father and returned to her family (Tad and Jenny).

Kathy Martin[]

Unknown 1 Year Old (2002)
Alexa Gerasimovich (2006-present)

Kathleen "Kathy" Martin (previously Kate Martin & Kathleen "Kathy" Mershon) is the child of Thaddeus "Tad" Martin and Dixie Cooney. Kathy two paternal half-siblings Jamie Martin & Jenny Martin & one maternal half-brother JR Chandler. She was born in June 2, 2002. Kathy was given up for adoption by Dixie when she thought she was dying. Dixie lived and then spent the next four years looking for her letting everyone think that she died. Kathy was adopted by Jim and Linda Mershon and had a happy life. However Jim and Linda were in a car accident Christmas 2006. Jim and Linda later died from the crash and Kathy was taken in by Julia Santos. Kathy lived with Julia for over a year. Kathy went to live with her father Tad following Julia's death in May 2008. Kathy ran away from her father after hearing him and Krystal fighting about Krystal's affair. Kathy returned to her father and of recently Krystal returnned to her family and is currently living with her daughter and ex-husband.

Miranda Montgomery[]

unknown babies (March 19, 2004- August 2004)
Raymond Michael and Joseph Raymond Cartigiano Jr. (August 2004- February 24, 2005)
Haley Evans (December 2005-2006; 2006; 2007; 2008 to 2009)

Miranda Mona Montgomery (previously Elizabeth "Bess" Charlotte Chandler/ Elizabeth Miranda Chandler) is the daughter of Michael Cambias and Bianca Montgomery. Miranda is the product of rape. She was born on March 24, 2004, the same night as Adam Chandler III. She was switched at birth by Paul Cramer and was thought to the child of Adam "J.R." Chandler Jr. and Arabella "Babe" Carey. She was raised by J.R. and Babe for almost a year before being returned to Bianca. Miranda has spent most of her life living in Paris with her mother. Miranda is friends with Kathleen "Kathy" Mershon,Emma Lavery, and Adam Chandler III. She has a younger maternal half-sister and paternal cousin because her paternal uncle Zach donated his sperm so her mother could have another child (Gabrielle Montgomery).

Gabrielle Montgomery[]

Alivia, Anthony, Olivia and Brynne (October 2008-February 2009; Spring 2009)

Gabrielle Amelia Williams Montgomery is the newborn daughter of Reese Williams and Bianca Montgomery. Her father is Zach Slater but is currently being her uncle. She was born in October 21, 2008 with the help with her father. She was born six weeks early. She is the second daughter of Bianca Montgomery. She is the second granddaughter of Erica Kane. She lived with her father and mothers during the first couple months of her life while her aunt/step-mother was in her coma. When Kendall woke up, Kendall order both Reese and Bianca along with her nieces out of her house because of her being hurt that both Zach and Bianca lied to her about the baby being Zach's. Her parents married in February 2009. Her mother (Bianca) return to Pairs to figure if she wanted to try again with her other mother (Reese). Bianca took both girls with her. Bianca and the girls are schedule to return in the Spring of 2009. Ethan Cambias is her paternal half-brother, while Ian Slater is her paternal half-brother and maternal half-cousin and Miranda Montgomery is her maternal half-sister and paternal cousin. Gabrielle, Bianca, Miranda, and Reese returned to Paris to raise their daughters together.

Ian Slater[]

Doll (July 26, 2007-?)
Adrianna Fernicola
unknown twins
Scott Peck
Unknown Twins
Blake and Caden Pandormo
{Luke and cole

Ian Slater is the first born son of the couple Kendall and Zach Slater. He is the second son of Kendall Slater and the second son of Zach Slater. He was born July 26, 2007 and was three months premature. He has two half-brothers named Ethan (paternal) and Spike (maternal) and he also has a younger paternal half-sister named Gabrielle who is also his maternal half-cousin. Ian is the third grandchild of Erica Kane. When Ian was born, Greenlee Smythe tried to take Spike away from his mother.

When Ian was taken to the hospital for heart problem, Kendall and Zach were told that their son would die. When Ian appeared to have died, Kendall went to the Chandler mansion to kill Adam because she blamed him for the death - not knowing that Dr. Jake Martin and Dr. Angie Hubbard were still working to save him. A shot was fired that seemed to have killed Adam, but actually killed twin brother Stuart. Kendall was arrested for the death of Stuart, but his parents seem to think that Annie Lavery killed Stuart and tried to frame Kendall for revenge.

Trevor Jacob Martin[]

Aidan & Connor Sharpe

Trevor Jacob Martin is the newborn son of Amanda Martin and David Hayward. He was born on June 12, 2009; his mother and step-father told everyone baby "Jacob" died as a way to keep him away from his cruel biological father. "Jacob" was then illegally adopted by Liza Colby, who passed the baby boy off as her own biological son, whom she named Stuart. Trevor is the paternal half-brother to Babe Carey, Leora Hayward, and Marissa Tasker. Liza Colby and his step-father Jake Martin came up with a plan to make everyone in Pine Valley believe that Stuart is her biological son - she doesn't know that Stuart is another child, not the son of Amanda and David. To keep their son safe, Trevor was hidden with Taylor Thompson, who pretended that Trevor is her niece Tracy. Amanda and Jake hatched a plan to adopt the baby as their own. Opal and her granddaughter Kathy discovered the baby, and Opal helped Jake, Amanda, Tad and Taylor "discover" the baby abandoned at the church so Jake and Amanda can "adopt" him. Opal didn't show up and he was discovered and taken by Randi Hubbard. David learned that his son was alive and wanted to put Amanda and Jake in jail, but then decided to blackmail Amanda into moving in with him and their child. Amanda and the baby move in together with David. David doesn't want Amanda's husband to have anything to do with their child.

Stuart Colby[]

Tristan and Unknown Babies (2009)

Aidan and Connor Sharpe (2009)

David and Damian Paseler (2009)

Unknown Baby (2010)

Stuart Colby is the newborn adopted son of Liza Colby. He is the biological son of Baliey. He was born on June 12, 2009. He is currently living with his mother and sister, Colby. Liza initially thought that she would be raising David Hayward's and Amanda Martin's son Trevor, but Jake Martin decided to give her another child and hide Amanda's son until Amanda wanted him. David suspected the baby was his too, and ordered a DNA test on the baby. The baby was proved not to be David's. When Trevor went missing, Tad was forced to reveal the truth. Liza now thinks that there is no further cause to worry that the baby will be taken away from her. Until Bailey contacts her to state that she wants to see her son again.

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