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Colby Chandler
Colby Chandler.jpg
Natalie Hall as Colby Chandler
All My Children
Portrayed by Carson Grace Levine (1999)
Brianne and Morgan Mullan (2000)
Abby Wathen (2002)
Kathryn Newton (2001-2004)
Ambyr Childers (2006-2008)
Brianne Moncrief (2008-2009)
Natalie Hall (2009-present)
First appearance September 7, 1999 (birth)
Created by Megan McTavish
Gender Female
Born September 7 1990
Age (23) 8-19-13
Occupation Student
Residence The Chandler Mansion (300 River Road)
Pine Valley, Pennsylvania
Colby Chandler2.jpg
Brianne Moncrief as Colby (2008-2009)
Colby Chandler (Main).jpg
Ambyr Childers as Colby (2006-2008)

Colby Chandler is a fictional character portroyed by child actresses during her childhood, and as a teenager notably portrayed actresses Ambyr Childers from July 3, 2006 [1][2] to May 6, 2008[3], Brianne Moncrief from May 7, 2008[4] to November 12, 2009 [5], and more recently by Natalie Hall since November 25, 2009[6] on the soap opera All My Children. She is the only child of couple Adam Chandler Sr. and Liza Colby. She is a member of the powerful and wealthy Chandler family.

Character History[]

Conception and Birth[]

Colby was born to Liza Colby, who had decided to have a child via artificial insemination. Liza chose Dr. Jake Martin to be the sperm donor/father of her child; however, Liza's ex-husband, Adam Chandler, was jealous of this arrangement and secretly purchased the sperm bank and substituted his own sperm donation for Jake's, thus making him Colby's biological father. At the time of Colby's birth, both Liza and Jake believed that Jake was her father and, thus, the child was originally named "Colby Marian Martin." In 2000, it was revealed that Adam was actually Colby's biological father when Jake sued for custody of the child.

Teen Years & Early Adulthood[]

In 2006 a rebellious Colby Chandler, then incognito, shows up in Pine Valley. She steals a car and gets arrested, refusing to give the authorities her name. She makes a phone call and is revealed to be Adam Chandler's long lost daughter (aged by several years). She ran away from her mother, Liza Colby after years in hiding.

Several years before, Liza had divorced Adam. Determined to save her daughter from Adam's nefarious ways that have "poisoned" the lives of his other children, she took Colby and went on the run. Colby has missed her father terribly and is now angry at Liza for banishing him from her life. Colby is now a spoiled brat who plays on her father's guilt by demanding extravagant luxuries, such as a lavish Sweet Sixteen party, putting her at odds with Adam's then wife Krystal Carey. During this lavish party she crashed her fathers yacht and began a relationship with Sean Montgomery. Soon after the party she had a pregnancy scare. Her dad and brother found out and asked who the father was. Though she knew Sean was the only possible father she claimed it could be Josh Madden's to get back at Babe whom she assumed was having an affair with him.

On April 11, 2007, Colby helped deliver Krystal Carey's baby girl at the Chandler Mansion. On April 12th, Krystal honored Colby by naming her daughter Jenny Colby Carey. On July 12, 2007, Krystal also named Colby Jenny's godmother. After Colby learned that Adam paid Ava Benton to plant drugs on Sean, she moved out of her father's mansion, and moved in with her goddaughter Jenny, Krystal, and Tad Martin. Colby was spoiled, selfish and hostile towards Krystal and Babe at first, but her time in Pine Valley has changed her for the better as she has recently put the bulk of her bad behavior behind her and emerged a much kinder and generous person. In 2008 Sean and Colby broke up because Sean cheated on Colby with Zach Slater's ex-lover Hannah who was much older than Sean. After the breakup, Sean moved out of Pine Valley and is now very seldemly mentioned. Colby became fast friends with Cassandra Foster, who recently moved to town from Paris to live with her mother Angela Hubbard. Colby originally planned college to attend Wellesley College, but she turned down her acceptance there in favor of Pine Valley University, hoping to stay close to her family. Around this time Colby and Dre liked each other slightly but it never blossomed into anything. Colby developed a requisite crush on the older Frankie Hubbard, upon meeting him. At first Frankie was annoyed by Colby but came to love her as a little sister during the time they were kidnapped together and almost killed. Frankie sees her as a "kid", and nixed a possible relationship between the two. Colby become quite intoxicated at her 18th birthday party. Dre was driving Colby's car when he and Cassandra decided to bring her home. He ran over someone in the road, but was unable to determine what the object was, since it was nighttime. The next day -- upon learning that Richie Novak had been struck by a car on the same road at approximately the same time -- the three teenagers feared that they had inadvertently killed him. Unaware that Richie had actually been murdered earlier that evening by his sister Annie Lavery, the teens vowed to keep the entire incident a secret. It has since been public knowledge that Annie was the one who killed Richie. During the whole Richie incident Petey Cortlandt started to hang around Colby and developed a crush on her. At first Colby wanted nothing to so with him but after he was struck by lightning she realized she did like him as a friend. They remained friends for a while, though they kissed on occasion and Petey made it clear he still had a crush on her. Then after Petey's house burned down they began to date. Though she can act spoiled from time to time Colby's mostly a sweet loyal girl who is incredibly defensive of her friends and family. Though Dre and Cassandra have both moved away she is still friends with Ren and Corinna. During the Richie storyline Colby had a slight drinking problem that fizzled out around the time of the tornado that killed Babe. Colby now lives with her dad, brother, and nephew.

She found out from her mom Liza and Jake that Jake was supposed to be her father but the twist is she was eavesdropping on her mom and Jake. She found out that her dad Adam switched his sperm with Jake's sperm.

She finds out about her brother JR's cancer on February 4, 2010.


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