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Cole Thornhart
Brandon Buddy as Cole Thornhart in the One Life to Live opening sequence
One Life to Live
Portrayed by Brandon Buddy
Duration 2006-present
First appearance October 10, 2006
Created by Dena Higley
Gender Male
Occupation Student at Llanview University
Residence Aparment with Markko

Cole Patrick Thornhart[2] is a fictional character on ABC's daytime drama One Life to Live. He has been played by Brandon Buddy since October 10, 2006. He is also the nephew of Ian Thornhart, Patrick's identical twin brother from the now-defunct series Port Charles.

Character information[]

Cole Thornhart is the son of the late Patrick Thornhart and Marty Saybrooke, well-known characters from OLTL history. For a brief amount of time, Patrick and Marty lived in Ireland with a newborn Cole. Patrick, Marty, and Cole moved to San Diego and lived there for 16 years (8 years in real time). However, on Christmas 2005, Patrick died. Marty had fallen into a depressing era of her life. Luckily, Cole came up with the idea of moving. With this idea, Marty became positive, and, meanwhile, homesick. She decided to move back to Llanview in September 2006. When Cole started high school, he met Starr Manning, daughter of Blair Cramer and Todd Manning, and one month after meeting Starr they were forbidden to see each other and started dating in secret. They began a relationship and eventually made love in March 2008. Which had Starr Manning become pregnant with their daughter, Hope Manning. They ran away to Virgina Beach together in May 2008. Their baby was presumed dead after she was born but was actually switched with Chloe Brennan. Hope was eventually returned to them.


Cole was first seen at a party that Starr Manning and her friend Langston Wilde attended after being invited by some boys. Cole rescued them, in a manner of speaking, when the boys wanted to get too intense with the girls, who had said "no", and then later from the taunts of their enemy, Britney Jennings. Starr and Cole started to get closer, attending a dance together and sharing their first kiss. In November 2006, Cole had a steroid-induced outburst towards Starr (thanks to Britney and football player Gabe) when they started to make out in a bedroom following a football after-party. Cole wanted to go further, but Starr did not. As a result, Cole completely lost it and began to trash the room, ripping the front of Starr's shirt by accident. The fight continued out into the kitchen, where Cole preceded to get angry at many other people. Starr wanted to just go home and forget about it, but Britney wouldn't allow it and called the police, pretending to be Starr. Starr was when police showed up at her home and wanted to question her about the events that took place. Starr hesitantly agreed. As the police questioned her, Cole and his mother arrived at the police station. Everyone was surprised when they realize who Cole's mother was, Marty Saybrooke. Starr's father Todd Manning had raped her back in college. His father was Patrick Thornhart, with whom Starr's mother, Blair Cramer, had a stillborn son in 1996. That child, Starr and Cole's half-brother, had been named Brendan Thornhart.

In December 2006, Starr decided to forgive Cole, stating that everyone makes mistakes. She apologized for her father's harm towards his mother. Cole comforted Starr, claiming that it was not her fault and that she couldn't have done anything to prevent the situation with their parents from occurring. Starr got into a fight with Langston, as she was continuously bad-mouthing Cole and his behavior. Langston accused Starr of still having strong feelings for him; Cole overheard the two, resulting in a conflict between both friends. Starr reassured Cole, saying that he shouldn't believe Langston and all she has said about him. Cole disagreed, and claimed that Langston was acting as a true friend by stating the obvious. Cole then decided what he thought was best; leaving Starr alone for good and saving her from any more problems due to her involvement with him. Starr argued with Cole, stating "What about what I want?"

She claimed that she did not want Cole to leave her alone and end their well-cherished friendship. Both smiled at each other, and shared a thoughtful kiss. When Starr's mother Blair Cramer got into a terrible accident following their reunion, Cole was by Starr's side, lending his support.


In early January, Britney Jennings decided to take extreme measures to do anything in her power to hook-up with Cole. Britney stated that knowing Starr had feelings towards him, only made the challenge more intriguing. As Cole was searching for Starr before entering class, he witnessed Britney creating a "get-well card for Starr's mother" as she planned to get everyone in the school to sign it. It was all an act, though, in getting her title as Cole's girlfriend. Britney then discussed her feelings and emotions with Cole, as she explained how she supposedly understood Starr's situation. She then stated that she has had her own share of difficulties, as her parents were struggling with their long-time marriage. All were buying into the dramatic sob story, except for Langston, whom knew the truth. Cole generously gave Britney a shoulder to cry on, letting her hug him for support. Langston overlooking the two, rolling her eyes in disgust. Langston called Starr and told her to come down to the school, due to an emergency.

As Starr reached the school, she too witnessed Cole and Britney getting fairly close. Langston stated, that although Cole wasn't her favorite person, it would be harsh to see Britney steal away the guy that Starr likes. Starr then agreed, as she said that she'd do anything, in order to not lose Cole. While waiting for Cole's presence near by, Britney rushed up to Starr in the hall, presenting her with the card that she had created, out of the "goodness" of her heart. Surprised, Starr received the card and told her thank you. Noticing that Cole was by his locker, Britney eagerly tried to steal all the attention away from Starr, as she attempted to begin a conversation with him, in order to make Starr jealous. Annoyed, Starr sarcastically said excuse me while pushing Britney out of the way. Starr then came onto Cole, and began making-out with him in front of all. Left in awe, Britney stood with shock.

After the kiss, Cole and Starr fled away from the high school. They decided to run to the nearby park and discuss what happened back at school. Cole claimed that he wasn't quite sure why Starr suddenly jumped him like that in public. Starr then reacted, by stating that no one was around now, as she then kissed him once more. Cole then claimed, that though it was nice and he liked it, it didn't seem like Starr was acting as her normal self. Cole questioned her for acting the way she did, though Starr would not answer. Embarrassed, Starr walked away trying to forget what had just happened moments ago. She second-guessed what had happened in the hall that day and kept on apologizing. As she tried to walk away, Cole stopped her, asking for the true reason she's acting in such a matter. Hesitantly, Starr claimed that it was because of Britney and how she was trying to steal him away from her. Cole smirked, then explained how Starr never had to change, in order to grab his attention. He then continued, by stating that Starr was the type of girl, who never cared about Britney and all she's said about her, as he said she was better than that.

While awaiting more news about her mom's condition, Starr and Cole were sitting at a bench in the park. Starr admitted, that she was unsure of her mother's fatal state and that she couldn't remember the last time she was given the opportunity to tell her mom that she loved her. Starr then said that one thing was for sure, she liked Cole. And she didn't want to lose him and miss her chance to confess how she truly felt. Cole responded to Starr, claiming that he was actually the one, who was afraid of losing her, for good. All was going fine, though Starr questioned, if they would always have to hide the fact that they spent time together. Cole then claimed, that he was positive, that their parents would find better things to worry about, rather than the two of them going out. In shock, Starr looked at Cole in disbelief of what he had just said. Cole wasn't sure, if the reaction he had received was a good one. Starr was ecstatic to know that they were officially together. As the two were snuggling on the bench, Cole was happy with how his day turned out. Starr laughed, saying that he was probably surprised, by the fact that he got everything that he could imagine. Though the day was going perfect, Starr still felt the need to visit her mother in the hospital, but claimed that she still wanted to stay with Cole for a few more moments. Both gazed into each others eyes, as they shared a sweet kiss. Seconds after, Starr asked "how was that?" as Cole happily responded by saying, "very Starr-like." Before they left, Starr asked Cole, if she was worth all this trouble, that had been resulting into various conflicts. Cole then responded, by reciting a quote in which is mother once told him, "anything worth having, is worth fighting for." Both smiled before taking off.

When Britney officially found out the two were a couple and made it her mission to break them up. Marcie McBain, a friend, teacher of Starr's tried to separate both stating that it was the best thing. Starr and Cole wanted to see each other without all the drama involving Britney and Mrs. McBain, so they 'staged' a fake break-up, in order for people to leave them alone. After the "break-up" Langston told Starr none of it was believable... as Britney still had other plans to make their lives miserable. They continued to see each other and when they met up at the hospital to talk to Spencer Truman things went bad. Spencer had killed his lawyer and almost hurt Starr's mom until he was murdered by somebody. Cole and Starr were in shock. They kept seeing each other in secret and as they talked in the park one day their mothers caught them together.

When the McBains asked Starr to babysit Tommy on the night Nelly Furtado was performing at Capricorn, Starr happily agreed. Michael hesitated, wondering if it were right to leave Starr alone with Tommy for a few hours, but eventually gave in. When Marcie and Michael left, Starr then text messaged Cole, to arrive in 5 minutes with pizza in hand. When Cole arrived at the apartment, Starr was quite impressed with his ability to interact with Tommy so well. Cole began reciting poems, in which his father used to read to him before he went to sleep. Surprisingly, Cole's poems worked and Tommy fell asleep. In order to pass the time by, Starr and Cole decided to watch a movie. Half way through the movie, things began to slowly heat up. Cole then started leaning in closer towards Starr, though she wasn't quite sure how to react. As he continuously approached her, Starr noticed what Cole was trying to do, as she slightly chuckled before leaning in for a soft kiss.

Within a matter of time, the delicate kiss turned into make-out madness between the two. As they kept making-out, all was going well-- until the phone rang. Without hesitating, Starr pushed Cole off her and ran for the phone. To her surprise, it was Marcie calling asking if Tommy was behaving. After finishing her conversation with Marcie, Starr began acting awkward, after the situation between herself and Cole occurred. Cole noticed that she wasn't her normal self and he asked her to take a seat on the couch beside him. Both silent, Starr and Cole avoided looking at each other. Cole then asked if they could discuss what had just happened in the living room. Starr hesitantly agreed. He questioned what would've happened if the phone hadn't of rung. He wondered if they would have gone further than just kissing. Silently listening, Starr was quiet.

While trying to get away from their parents and spend time together, Starr and Cole became stuck in the Llantano Mountain Lodge where they ended up sharing a room together. While they were in this room, Starr came to the decision that she was ready to go all the way with Cole. In the process of 'hooking up' Starr decided that she was not ready to go all the way and Cole understood. Starr and Cole spent the night together. Starr and Cole were caught by Marty in the hotel room after Britney ratted them out via cell phone. Marty found a condom that had been left by Cole and assumed the worst.

In late March, Starr and Cole had plans to run away together. In April, Starr broke up with Cole due to her father nearly choking Cole to death. Starr stated that it was for Cole's and Todd's safety. Britney tried to worm her way back into Cole's favor by signing up for the school play, which Cole already signed up for. Langston sneakily signs Starr up for the play.

After being miserable because of not being with his one true love, Starr, Cole reunited with her at the prom. After some convincing, he now has his mother's permission to date Starr. Blair, however, refused to allow Cole and Starr to be together. She was convinced by Cristian Vega to let them go out.

Cole and Starr were finally happy after all the trouble being broken up and they were finally together. Cole went in the storage and found out Miles Laurence was holding Todd there drugged and with a stab wound. Cole was going to go to the police to tell them that Miles has Todd locked up in Storage but Miles played the tape that was keeping Marty out of jail and threatened Cole if he told the cops about where Todd is. However Britney found out about Cole knowing about Todd's whereabouts. Cole was sick of keeping this secret so he told Marty about Miles keeping Todd in their storage room and Marty told Cole that she killed Spencer Truman. Marty turned herself in for the murder and Cole told Bo and John that Miles is the one keeping Todd missing however Starr walked right in when she heard all of what Cole had said, making Starr furious. Cole went to see Starr to plea his case and she wouldn't hear it. Starr told Cole that it's was the end of them and she hates Cole for lying and keeping the whereabouts about her father. Cole was living with Nora and Matthew as of Marty's orders.

Cole went to the hospital to see Starr and he told her that he will do anything for her to be his girlfriend again and the fact that he lied about her father's whereabouts. Starr forgave Cole for lying and they made up. As his mother was being charged with the murder of Spencer Truman. Todd told Cole that he would never like him, but if he didn't tolerate him Starr would hate him forever. Todd and Cole came to an understanding. Marty was finally released when it was found that Lindsay Rappaport murdered Spencer.

In November, Cole gets kidnapped as John, Todd, Blair, and Marty (his mother) go looking for Marcie and Todd's son. Eventually they split up and back at home Starr is wondering what happened to Cole. After Marty and John open up to each other and make love, she gets kidnapped where she is found with her son in Ireland. After trying to escape John and Ramsey, a member of the FBI, try making a deal to get them home safely. Ramsey shoots the van's tires out and the van plummets over the edge of a cliff. Cole is thrown from the van and Marty is stuck inside. John tries to free Marty but forces him to find Cole because she is nothing without her son. As John saves Cole, the van explodes and Marty is presumed dead. Cole and John fly back to Llanview. Cole goes to Starr's house, she was ecstatic to see he is home and okay. Cole starts crying and tells Starr his mother is dead. They begin to hold each other tighter.

While walking alone, Cole wondered onto the docks where John and Ramsey were fighting. He overhears that Ramsey caused his mother's death. Cole picks up Ramsey's dropped gun and threatens to shoot. Miles Laurence wonders onto the scene and is accidentally shot in the chest by Cole. After Miles falls into the water, Cole and Ramsey flee the scene. A panicked Cole rushes to Starr's house, fearing that he killed Miles. Cole escapes just as agent Ramsey arrived at the house and searched Starr's room. Cole ran off to Langston's old house to avoid being caught. The next day Starr goes to the house and meets up with Cole. Later he decides to confess to shooting Miles, much to Starr's disliking. Once at the hospital, Cole runs into John and tells him what he wants to do. John convinces him to leave and not say another word about it. John later confesses to shooting Miles.


Cole and Langston attend group therapy together in January. They decide to surprise Starr with a sweet sixteen party. Starr jumps to conclusion that her best friend and her boyfriend are hooking up. She decides to confront them outside UltraViolet, where she thinks they are attending a concert. She barges into the club and realizes it's a birthday party for her. She apologizes to Cole and Langston.

In March, Todd decides to move his family to Hawaii to keep his family safe from Ramsey's threats. Although Starr believes it's because he wants her and Cole to break up. Cole and Starr decide to sneak off to Langston's old house to spend one last night together. They decide they want to make love for the first time that night. Todd barges in and sees them in bed together and attempts to kill Cole.

A few weeks later, Starr finds out she's pregnant. She decides to keep the information from Cole, fearing for his safety. She runs off to Atlantic City to get an abortion. Meanwhile, Cole manages to get Langston to tell him where Starr is. Cole gets there in time and Starr decides not to get the abortion. Cole proposes they run away together so they can be family. They arrive in Virgina Beach and move into a motel. Later, they are found by Todd, Blair and John. Todd throws Starr down a flight of stairs, then beats up Cole until he is unconscious. They are rushed to the hospital, where John and Blair find out about Starr's pregnancy. They then return home. Starr tells Blair that she wants to have the baby but not take care of it. Replying she loves the baby and thinks that it should have more to offer then what she can give it. Blair tells her whatever she will support her with whatever choice she makes. On June 18, she tells Cole "That what is best for the baby is to have two parents that can love and take care of the baby. And that they are not ready to be parents. Cole, I'm giving the baby up for adoption after its born." Cole is heartbroken saying that Starr really doesn't love him. Starr wants Marcie to have the baby after it is born though she declines though hinted that she may reconsider. In early July, Cole decided to tell Todd that Starr's pregnant, and planning on giving the baby to the McBain's. Cole thinks about suing Starr for custody of his child.

Cole decides to give up all his rights to his child. This leads to a break up between them. When school starts up again, several boys make fun of Starr because of her pregnancy. Starr stands up for herself and Cole protects her telling the principal of the school, who wanted to kick her out, that if she kicks her out she better kick him out too, because he's the father of her baby.

Starr gives birth to their daughter but because of Bess Lord, they think that their daughter is dead due to RH disease but she is being raised as Chloe Brennan. Starr tells Cole that they are incompatible as she is RH negative and he is RH positive. She makes the analogy that there is 'bad blood' in the family.


In the new year/late 2008 he goes through a hard time. As though he has his mother she changed by being captive by Todd changes. From the loving mother he loved to a wild-stricken woman in a way not wanting anything to do with him. Heartbroken Cole by his mother's new personality, breaking up with Starr and the death of his daughter Hope Manning-McBain turns to drugs. He said not to turn back to drugs but he does making him a drug addict. When Starr finds out she tries to help but he shuns her. He then gets into a car accident while driving himself and Matthew Buchanan home, while he was high. The car crashed into Gigi Morasco and Shane Morasco. Cole was sent to rehab after the car accident and managed to get clean with the help of Starr. Both Starr and Cole begin investigating the mysterious death of their baby. DNA results reveal that the lock of hair inside Starr's locket is not from their baby. The baby's headstone gives her name as Hope Manning McBain. Marcie later finds out that neither Cole nor Starr were RH positive, and that's what they said the baby died from. Natalie and Jared soon discover that Chloe who they think is Jessica's baby is Starr's baby. Marice later tells Starr that Hope had to of died of something else because her and Cole are both RH negative. Starr and Cole are about to receive the baby from Jessica. When they get Hope back from Jessica/Bess, Starr struggles with the decision to give up Hope or keep her. Starr eventually gives the baby to Michael and Marcie, but is clearly heartbroken by her decision. Starr and Cole start their relationship back up. Marcie realizes how difficult the decision to give away Hope was for Starr, and on June 15, she offers Starr the opportunity to raise the baby. Starr tearfully accepts and Marcie gives Hope to Starr, saying that she loves them both. Her name is now Hope Manning. On June 17, Cole is at the loading dock and while being their Asher offers Cole more drugs but Cole refuses. As Asher leaves, he puts the drugs in Cole's shirt pocket. Cole decides to get rid of them by throwing it into the river but before he does so he is caught by a cop and is arrested. He is brought to court and the judge decides to put Cole in prison for possibly two years. On June 18, he goes to Dorian's mansion where he discovers that Starr has decided to raise their infant daughter. As Cole is visiting he tells Starr about the incident and decides to propose to Starr, she later accepts his proposal. Although not happy with their decision, Todd and Blair both give their consent to the marriage. Just as the pastor is about to announce them married, John McBain walks in to inform Cole that he will not have to go to prison if he co-operates in a sting operation to bring down the school drug dealer, Asher. Starr and Cole call the wedding off, deciding to wait. The day before Cole is supposed to go undercover, Starr proposes that Cole spend the night with her. The two make love and the next morning Cole says goodbye to Starr and Hope.

He begins working undercover for the drug take down. John sets him up at a apartment, where Asher starts making there meetings at. Asher introduces him to his boss, Serge. Starr and Cole accidentally meet up where Cole is doing his community service. Cole warns Starr not to say anything and that is when they fake an argument on when Cole can get money so Starr and Hope can move out. They share a passionate kiss and then Starr and Hope leave. Serge later makes a call to his boss. John and Bo continue working on Cole's undercover case. They begin buy receiving a tip that there is going to be a shipment that night coming into the docks. John realizes that the lord in the drug sales is Mayor Lowell. John then confides in Officer Oliver Fish about the undercover work. They then realize one of the officers is working for the Mayor.

Dorian Lord is now the Lowell's campaign manager and financial ad visor. While they are in the process of working on the campaign he stops by her mansion. Starr is downstairs and he begins criticizing how children should not have children. Starr is highly offended, but Dorian snaps a photo of the mayor holding Hope and Starr looking upset. Dorian prints it on the front page of her newspaper, The Sun.

Cole has a meeting with Serge and Asher. Since the drug shipment didn't arrive, Asher didn't have any drugs to sell to Justin Lowell, the mayor's son. Cole is forced to sell to Justin. Nobody realizes this but Todd Manning witnesses Cole selling the drugs. Todd takes a picture of the drug deal on his cell phone. Cole calls John and tells him that he had to sell to a teenager and give him a description of Justin. John later catches up with Justin and arrests him. Meanwhile Todd goes to see Starr and tells her Cole is dealing drugs, using the picture as proof. In an attempt to keep her father from getting Cole into trouble, Starr is forced to reveal that he is working undercover with John. Dorian overhears their conversation from the foyer.

The undercover officer that had been working for Mayor Lowell gets a very descriptive phone call. He is to go and kill Cole. John McBain and Officer Fish hear the phone call off on the recorded tape. The police officer, Keaton, has already headed downstairs to the cell block. Before he gets the chance to kill Cole, John shoots him. Serge gets the news from spying at the police department and heads straight to Mayor Lowell. Meanwhile, John makes Brody hold Cole in his office with a loaded gun ready to shoot whenever necessary. While this is happening, Serge walks into La Boulaie and points a gun at Todd and Starr.

On November 25 Cole, Starr and Hope Celebrate Thanksgiving as a family.

Notes and references[]

  1. In the December 7, 2007 episode, Jessica Buchanan notes that Marty's aunt had died a couple of years before.
  2. Cole's mother Marty notes that his middle name is "Patrick" on the September 7, 2007 episode.

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