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Cutter Wentworth
Cutter Cast Photo.jpg
Josh Kelly as Cutter Wentworth
One Life to Live
Portrayed by Josh Kelly
Duration 2010–11
First appearance December 29, 2010
Last appearance December 29, 2011
Cause/reason Incarcerated in a Kentucky prison for murder
Created by Ron Carlivati
Gender Male
Occupation Former Dishwasher at The Bon Jour Cafe in Paris, Texas
Former Front Desk Clerk at The Minute Man Motel
Former Con artist
Residence Anchorage, Kentucky

Cutter Wentworth is a fictional character on the ABC daytime soap opera One Life to Live. He was portrayed by Josh Kelly from December 29, 2010 to December 29, 2011.


Kelly was cast in the long-time role of Joey Buchanan,[1] a character that was returning to the show as a permanent contract role after six years. However, producers later decided that Kelly was a better fit for the newly-created character Cutter, who, like Joey, would also serve as a love interest for both Terri Conn's Aubrey Wentworth and Gina Tognoni's Kelly Cramer. (The role of Joey would be taken by Tom Degnan.)[2]


Cutter's father Billy Joe Wentworth grew up poor and worked three jobs while putting himself through school. When Billy Joe successfully invested his money in the stock market after getting a job as a stock trader, he became very wealthy, changing his name to William J. Wentworth Jr. He married Alex Olanov with whom he had two children: Cutter and Aubrey (who later changed her name to Kimberly Andrews). Eventually, Alex abandoned her family and took off with a piece of his fortune, and a depressed, heartbroken William alienated his friends and family, and lost his entire fortune that he spent trying to track down his missing wife. A young Cutter found William dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, and he and his sister were separated from each other and placed into the foster care system, because they couldn't get any money from their father's insurance because of his suicide. Cutter ran away from every foster home he was put into so that he could search for his sister. Cutter eventually found his sister and both became con artists in an attempt to regain the wealth and happiness from their early childhoods.


Arrival in Llanview[]

Cutter is first seen on the doorsteps of Aubrey Wentworth's on New Year's Eve of 2010. Cutter and Aubrey quickly connect where they then begin to kiss until Aubrey demands Cutter to leave Llanview immediately, and return to Europe.[3] Cutter responds by saying that he's going to decide to stay in Llanview for a while. Aubrey then tells Cutter that if they get caught together then their entire plan could be jeopardized. By now it is clear, both Aubrey and Cutter are lovers as well as con-artists. From the beginning, Aubrey was meant to win Joey Buchanan's love so she could marry him, and go after his money as well as the entire Buchanan family fortune. Although Joey's father Clint Buchanan quickly suspected something off about Aubrey, as well did Joey's ex-wife Kelly Cramer. As Aubrey became more and more cautious about Cutter's stay in Llanview, he began to sense that Aubrey was in fact falling in love with Joey. Cutter warned Aubrey that it's nothing more, and couldn't be more. Aubrey denied any feelings leaving Cutter still suspicious that Aubrey was having mixed feelings about conning Joey and his family. Once provocative photos of Aubrey and Cutter reached French magazines in Llanview, Aubrey quickly worked to dispose them all, until one had already been bought by Kelly Cramer. Kelly revealed to Joey that Aubrey was cheating on him with Cutter, and a furious Joey then confronted Aubrey about the photos; where a then semi-nude Cutter walked out of Aubrey's bedroom. Cutter told Joey he was Aubrey's brother, and that the photos were taken out of context. Joey believed Cutter and Aubrey and apologized. After finding out it was Kelly who showed Joey the last remaining magazine, Cutter decided he would "take care" of Kelly, for she was already beginning to be trouble for them both. After Kelly found out about Aubrey and Cutter's gold-digging schemes, they break up with each other, and Cutter goes on to try to woo Kelly's aunt Dorian Lord for her money instead, but that plan soon fails when Dorian's ex-fiance David Vickers returns to Llanview after being rescued by Bo Buchanan and Rex Balsom after he was kidnapped by Clint and sent to a Morraccan prison, and later held hostage by Alex Olanov at St. Blaze's island. Dorian and David soon reunited with each other, and both of them kick Cutter to the curb. After Dorian dumps him, Cutter then befriends Tess/Jessica Ford at the parking lot of the Capricorn nightclub when she sneaks into his car, and the two decide to get to know each other a little better at Cutter's motel room at the Minute Man Motel after Cutter decides to go after Tess/Jessica's money as a Plan B.

Breaking up with Aubrey and scamming the Buchanans with Tess/Jessica[]

Weeks later, Cutter sees that Aubrey is starting to care for Joey, and calls her out on it. Aubrey denies it, though several moments make it clear that she is in love with Joey. Fed up, Cutter starts an affair with Jessica Buchanan, who is currently Tess, which angers Aubrey. Tess finds out about their scheme and wants in, and Cutter agrees, much to the dismay of Aubrey. In April 2011, Tess and her husband Robert Ford lose custody of Ryder, putting Cutter and Aubrey's scheme in jeopardy when Aubrey volunteers to get temporary custody of Ryder with Joey, which causes Cutter to break up with Aubrey for good. However, Tess meets Cutter and reveals that she attacked Ford and has a new plan: They could get married as another way of not committing her into St. Anne's. On May 5, 2011, Tess and Cutter marry, and Ford punches Cutter when he finds out. After they got married, Cutter later experiences Jessica morphing into another alter named Wes (named after Jessica's former fiance Brody Lovett's friend Wes Granger from his days as part of the Navy SEALS team during their war days) after having an argument with Brody over Tess/Jessica. Cutter also meets Jessica's other alter Bess after Wes was arrested for aiding and abetting Marty Saybrooke's kidnapping of Natalie Buchanan and John McBain's son Liam. Jessica eventually morphs back to being Tess again, and she is released on bail. After having to deal with Jessica's other alters Wes and Bess, Cutter gets fed up with Jessica's DID mental illness, and decides to double cross his wife by going to see her parents to discuss a deal to get Jessica serious professional help by using blackmail and extortion to get his way as payback for having to put up with their daughter's mental issues on May 25, 2011. In exchange for getting Tess committed to St. Anne's, Cutter makes an extortion deal with Clint and his ex-wife Victoria Lord to get his piece of the family fortune and the Buchanan Mansion where he kicks out Joey, Aubrey, Ryder, and Aubrey's best friend Rama Patel on June 1, 2011. Rama convinces Cutter to let her still stay in the mansion by lying to him about not wanting Aubrey to break up with him to stay with Joey, and blackmailing him about a "dirty little secret" that he's been keeping from Aubrey. Cutter also welcomes in Rama's husband Vimal Patel to move into the mansion after he is exonerated from prison after he took the fall for Clint for switching the DNA paternity results for his boss' daughters. On June 17, 2011, Rama blackmails Cutter to agree to Ford's request to end his marriage to Tess by signing divorce papers.

On June 28, 2011, the mansion's butler Nigel Bartholomew-Smythe told Cutter that the deed Clint signed over to him had a loophole in it in which Clint could take back the mansion from him, and Cutter lost ownership of the mansion to Rex when he took the deed of the mansion from his father Clint (in exchange for allowing his recently deceased fiance Gigi Morasco's heart to be donated to Clint after his heart was destroyed after he had a double heart attack). Cutter, Rama, and Vimal are all evicted from the Buchanan Mansion. Cutter later moves into Aubrey and Rama's motel room at the Minute Man Motel after Renee Divine Buchanan not only got him banned from the Palace Hotel, but also banned him from all the other hotels in Llanview. Cutter also admits that the Buchanans also took back all of the money that they paid him, since he didn't stash most of the cash in the bank, leaving Cutter broke and almost out of money. On July 21, 2011, Cutter gives Aubrey the divorce papers delivered from Joey that he found under the door at their motel room.

On August 16, 2011, Cutter convinces Aubrey to make the newly wealthy Rex her next mark while they are both hanging out at the Capricorn. Aubrey tries to seduce Rex but he doesn't pay any attention to her because he is obsessed with a clue he got from psychic Madame Delphina about a "spotted pony" (which could be related to Rex being haunted by Gigi's ghost). When Aubrey tells Cutter about the cryptic clue before she leaves the club, Cutter then figures out secretly by himself that the clue refers to The Spotted Pony strip club in Anchorage, Kentucky, which is related to Cutter's secret. Cutter then calls Rama to get her to come talk to him about Rex. Cutter accuses Rama of telling his secret to Rex. Rama reassures Cutter that she doesn't know Rex and that their secret with what happened to Cutter at The Spotted Pony is still safe between them.

On August 19, 2011, Aubrey packs her bags at her motel room in preparation of leaving town when Cutter returns and asks her not leave him. Aubrey tells Cutter that she doesn't want to be part of his scams anymore and heads out the door but stops dead in her tracks when Cutter calls her by her real name, Christine Karr. The two discuss their past and Cutter tries to assure Aubrey that Joey was their last mark. Cutter blames himself for Aubrey falling for Joey. Aubrey then decides to stay with Cutter until she can get back on her feet. Cutter points out the irony that after all the scams they've pulled, they ended up in the exact opposite type of room that he always envisioned them in their lives.


Reuniting with Aubrey and relation to Kim[]

On September 2, 2011, Cutter gets a job as a front desk clerk at The Minute Man Motel so that he could impress Aubrey by turning over a new leaf. Cutter and Aubrey then rekindle their romantic relationship by making love to each other before Cutter goes to work. When Cutter opens the door to leave for work though, he is surprised to see former stripper Kimberly Andrews, a woman that he calls "Aubrey", revealing that Kim's real name is Aubrey Wentworth, his real sister. It was soon revealed that his sister stole money from her classmate Rama when they both attended boarding school in France, and Aubrey used the money to have plastic surgery to change her looks from an "ugly duckling" to a sexy looking woman, but Kim promised that she would later pay back Rama for her stolen money. Cutter and Kim then talked about what happened in their lives after they separated, and Cutter told Kim that he learned about the Buchanans after he read about Kim marrying Clint in the newspaper, which inspired him to make Joey his next target with Aubrey. Cutter also learns from Kim that she's been keeping her best friend Stacy Morasco in a hospital in Kentucky, after she was presumed dead after drowning in a frozen lake a year and a half ago on Llantano Mountain. On September 9, 2011, Cutter bought Roxy Balsom's stuffed beaver Morris at a flea market outside in Angel Square for Aubrey as a gift. Cutter told Aubrey that he and his sister were once scamming partners with Kim when Cutter worked with her to seduce rich men for their money after she got her plastic surgery, but they later parted ways when they were both exposed as con artists after the incident at the Spotted Pony. Cutter would also confess to Aubrey that Kim had a sick friend she was taking care of in the hospital in Kentucky. Cutter and Aubrey discovered that a gun was hidden in Morris after they knocked it over and the gun fell out of the bottom of the beaver. Aubrey and Cutter soon figured out that the gun belonged to Rex, who was one of the suspects for the murder of Victor Lord Jr.. Cutter is tempted to use Rex's gun to blackmail him for the Buchanan fortune. Aubrey convinces him to turn the gun over to the police. Cutter decides to still keep the gun inside the beaver against Aubrey's wishes. Kim discovers that Rex's gun is inside Morris. Kim tries to convince Cutter to blackmail Rex for the Buchanan fortune so that she could pay for Stacy's medical bills at the hospital in Kentucky and give back the family fortune to Clint, but Cutter refuses to revert back to his scamming ways because of his promise to Aubrey to go straight. Kim is visited by Rex's biological mother Echo DiSavoy, who also wants the beaver and the gun back from Cutter. Kim goes through her plan to blackmail Echo and try to convince her son to hand over the entire Buchanan fortune back to Clint and to help pay her friend Stacy's medical bills. Cutter later comes home from work to discover that the gun is missing from inside Morris after Aubrey looks inside to see if Cutter turned in the gun to the police yet. Cutter then starts to panic, and finds out that his sister Kim was the one to steal the gun from the beaver. On September 21, 2011, Cutter goes to the hospital in Kentucky to confront her sister about stealing Rex's gun from him, and Kim tells Cutter to let her still keep Rex's gun to continue to blackmail Echo to convince Rex to sign over the entire Buchanan fortune to Clint and to help pay for Stacy's medical bills. Cutter then sees Stacy in her room and is surprised to find out what happened to Stacy. Kim tells Cutter not to tell anyone about Stacy's mysterious circumstances. Cutter agrees to keep her secret since he feels no one will believe him when he tells someone about Stacy's secret.

Breaking up with Aubrey again and dark secret revealed[]

On October 11, 2011, Aubrey finds out from police commissioner Bo Buchanan that Cutter lied about turning over Rex's gun to the police and breaks up with Cutter after coming to the conclusion that he will never change his grifting ways. Cutter then heads back to the hospital in Kentucky and tells Kim that Aubrey broke up with him because he lied about what he did with Rex's gun, and blamed Kim for the break-up. Cutter also wanted to revert back to being a grifter by blackmailing Kim to give him the forged documents that Echo signed Rex's signature on that will give Clint back his fortune, or he will tell everyone in Llanview that Stacy is still alive with her sister Gigi Morasco's face! Cutter then asks Kim if she was sure if the woman in the hospital room is really Stacy. Kim confessed to Cutter that Stacy survived drowning in that frozen lake a year and a half ago, and that she got plastic surgery in South America to look like Gigi so that she could take over her life! Kim also said that she tried to stop Stacy by following her to Llanview to stop her scheme against her sister. Kim then discovered that Stacy was trapped in the basement of a rental house that was leaking carbon monoxide along with her dead sister Gigi. Cutter then told Kim that he believed her about what she told him about Stacy. Kim also let her brother have the forged documents on the condition that he could give her some of the money that he'll extort to pay for Stacy's hospital bills. On October 14, 2011, Cutter met up with Rama at an arranged meeting at the Spotted Pony where Rama revealed what happened that night several years ago at the strip club. When Rama try to track down Kim at the club to get try to get the money she stole from her to pay for her plastic surgery, she saw her brother Cutter kneeling over a dead body named Mr. Berger, who was a rich guy that was a patron at the club who was Cutter and Kim's mark. Cutter enlisted Kim to seduce Mr. Berger for his money by working as a stripper at the club. Cutter then snuck in too much "mickey" in Mr. Berger's drink, which caused him to pass out and die. Rama said she had proof of the incident with a picture she took on her cell phone of Cutter and the dead guy, and she still wanted to blackmail Cutter for the crime. Cutter then convinced Rama to conspire with him to let Kim take the fall for the crime, or they will both lose everything they want in their respective scams. Cutter and Rama then setup Kim to have her arrested for the murder of Mr. Berger. Before Kim was sent to jail, she tells Cutter to help take care of Stacy for her while she's gone. Cutter then goes to the hospital and finds out that she woke up from her coma.

Scamming Rex with Kim's friend[]

On October 20, 2011, Cutter blackmails Clint to give back the enire Buchanan fortune from Rex's forged signature on the documents back to him for a price. When Clint turns down his offer, Cutter decides to use Stacy as leverage to get the Buchanan fortune by blackmailing Clint's son Rex. On October 24, Cutter meets Rex at his office at Buchanan Enterprises to blackmail him for the Buchanan fortune in exchange to bring a still alive Gigi back to him. Cutter shows him a photo of Gigi on his cell phone that he took of her in the Kentucky hospital. Rex thinks that the picture he has of Gigi is a fake, and he then gets into a fight with Cutter out of total anger towards him for his extortion scheme. Bo then enters the office and breaks up the fight between them, and Cutter leaves the building saying Rex will regret his decision to not take up on his offer to reunite with Gigi. Cutter then goes back to the Kentucky hospital and finds out from the nurse that Stacy checked herself out of her room. Cutter immediately finds Stacy at the cemetery at Gigi's gravesite. Stacy asks Cutter how can she be Gigi if she is dead. Cutter explains to her that she is not Gigi. Cutter is then confronted by Aubrey the next morning, and she says that she knows already that he's scamming Rex by using Rex's deceased fiance Gigi. Cutter decides to crash the engagement party with Stacy so that when she sees Rex and Shane, she could get her memories back without anyone seeing her at the party. On October 28, Cutter and Stacy arrives at the Buchanan Mansion with Cutter dressed as a mummy, and Stacy dressed as Little Red Riding Hood and a mask hiding her face while they're greeted at the door by Rex. Cutter and Stacy are then invited in to the party. Stacy then tells Cutter that she felt strong feelings towards Rex when she first saw him at the front door. Cutter also keeps an eye out on Stacy as she tries to get her memories back by talking to Rex's son Shane. Cutter and Stacy then leave the party, but not before Cutter finds Kim's letter to Clint that she wrote from prison that he finds on the mansion's front doorsteps. Stacy confronts Cutter about why he's using her to get to Rex. Cutter tells Stacy that he's using her to help her reunite with Rex, and to get the Buchanan fortune from him so they could both benefit what they both want from Rex. Cutter sent a letter he forged from Kim to send to Clint. Cutter also forged a letter from Clint to send to Kim. Cutter made both letters look like that both of them were breaking up with each other, and to not let anyone know about Stacy's identity, and the truth about Cutter framing Kim for the murder he committed at the Spotted Pony. Rex then confronts Cutter for trying to fool him into thinking that the masked woman he brought to the engagement party was Gigi. After Rex left the room, Stacy came out of the bathroom she was hiding in after Rex broke into the room, and told Cutter she wanted out of their deal so that she could get plastic surgery to look like her old self again.

Relationship with Stacy/Gigi, reunion with his mother Alex, and character redemption[]

On November 14, Cutter goes to the airport to stop Stacy from boarding the plane to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to reverse her plastic surgery. Stacy tells Cutter that she doesn't want to be part of his scam anymore, and that she doesn't want to hurt Rex and Shane's feelings by pretending to be Gigi anymore. Cutter becomes touched by Stacy's change of heart and decides to drop his scam against Rex, and lets Stacy travel to Brazil on the condition that he can come along with her on the trip. Cutter is then confronted again by Rex at the airport before board his flight with Stacy about passing off Gigi's imposter as his dead fiance. Cutter tells Rex to leave him alone so that he could leave town with Stacy. Rex then tells Cutter to go away before he sees Stacy with Gigi's face for the first time before she boards the plane to Brazil with Cutter. When both Cutter and Stacy arrived at plastic surgeon Dr. Fascinella's office's waiting room of in Rio, Stacy discovered she did have plastic surgery there when she asked a nurse if she had surgery there after the nurse saw the before and after picture of Stacy's surgery in her file. Cutter then saw his estranged mother Alex Olanov for the first time since he was abandoned by her as a child after he saw her leave the plastic surgeon's office complaining about a botched surgery on her cheek. Cutter then confronted Alex and told her that he is her son. Alex then denies she is his mother, but when he tells her that her husband committed suicide by shooting himself in the mouth with a gun after she abandoned the family and taking off with some of his money, Alex broke down in tears and admitted that she is his mother. Cutter then told his mom that he and his sister ended up in the foster care system after their father killed himself because his insurance didn't cover them because of their father's suicide. Alex then told Cutter the reason why she left her family is because she wasn't cut out to be a mother. Alex then told Cutter to speak with her privately to explain her side of the story. After Cutter and Alex stepped into a private room to talk, Cutter then went to his mother to strangle her to avenge her for abandoning her family. Stacy then came into the room to stop Cutter from choking Alex. When Rex and Aubrey arrived at Rio in the waiting room outside, Cutter decided to involve Alex in his scheme to hide Stacy from Rex and Aubrey, so that Alex could make up it to Cutter for abandoning her family. Cutter tied Alex with a bunch of bandages on her face and put her in a wheelchair to fool Aubrey and Rex into thinking it was Gigi behind the bandages when he wheeled her out of the room. Aubrey then untied the bandages to reveal Alex's face. Rex was surprised to see Alex, and Alex lied to Rex, telling him she teamed up with Cutter to pretend she was Gigi in order to get her share of the Buchanan fortune with Cutter, but didn't tell him that she was Cutter and Kim's mother. Rex then believed Cutter and Alex's story (even though he later revealed to Aubrey after they left the doctor's office he didn't really buy their story) and told them he didn't want to be like them, and that he accepted Gigi's death. After Rex and Aubrey left, Alex gave Cutter her business card to him so that he could be in touch with her when he needed her help, and also wished Cutter and Stacy good luck to the both of them before she left to go back to her home in St. Blaze's Island. Cutter then vowed to Stacy that she would get her surgery the next day.

On December 1, Cutter comforted Stacy after she woke up from a nightmare about Gigi's death and her being trapped in that rental house basement with the leaking carbon monoxide. He also confided in Stacy about being afraid that he was a lot like his mother because he became a con artist like her, but Stacy reassured Cutter that by going with her to Rio to reverse her plastic surgery and dropping his scam against Rex, that he was on the path to redemption. Cutter then planted a kiss on Stacy! Stacy then pulled away from Cutter after she was surprised that he kissed her off guard. Cutter told Stacy that the reason why he kissed her was because that he's developing feelings for her, and that she's helping him reform his grifting ways by helping her to get surgery to look like her old self again. Cutter and Stacy then got the call from Stacy's plastic surgeon Dr. Fascinella to attend their scheduled appointment. Cutter and Stacy both arrived in Dr. Fascinella's office when he started examining Stacy and noticed something different about her. The doctor then asked Cutter to step outside his office to have a word with him. Dr. Fascinella told Cutter that the woman that was in his office wasn't Stacy, but was the woman that she based her altered looks on which was Gigi! Cutter then realized that Stacy was really Gigi, who turned out to be still alive, and was the one who survived being trapped in that poisoned and contaminated basement, and that Stacy was the one that really died and had her heart donated to Clint. Cutter then went to Gigi, and lied to her saying that the doctor couldn't perform surgery on her because of the carbon monoxide fumes she was exposed to when she was trapped in that basement, and letting her still believe that she was still her deceased sister Stacy, because he was still in love with her as Stacy, but not Gigi. Cutter and Stacy then decided to go to Paris, Texas after they randomly picked out the place on the globe to pick out their next destination to start their new lives together as a couple. When they arrive in Paris, TX, they stop by The Bon Jour Cafe, where Gigi gets a feeling of deja vu, not remembering yet that she once worked there as a waitress a few years ago, and also reunited with Rex there where he met their son Shane for the first time. Cutter agrees with Gigi that she's getting her memories back. Gigi and Cutter then get jobs working at The Bon Jour Cafe as a waitress and a dishwasher respectively. Cutter contemplates telling the truth about her true identity when some of the townsfolk started to recognize Gigi, but decides not to, and suggests that they both leave town together to go live in Paris, France instead, but Gigi decides that she still wants to stay in Paris, TX, and to not leave town with Cutter. Cutter changes his mind after Gigi convinces him to stay in town with her because of the familiarity of her workplace environment. Gigi also kisses Cutter and tells him that she cares about him and their budding romance between them in their relationship. After Cutter leaves The Bon Jour to reserve a motel room for them at The Bon Sweets Motel, Gigi sees that Rex and Viki have just both arrived together at The Bon Jour! Gigi then hides in the back room, and calls Cutter on her cell phone to tell him that Rex and Viki are now in Paris, TX at The Bon Jour, and enlists his help to get her out of there before they see her and Cutter. Cutter then hires a preacher he sees at The Bon Jour to distract Viki and Rex while Cutter sneaks Gigi out of The Bon Jour. Cutter and Gigi then check out of their motel room to leave Paris, TX to go their next destination. When Gigi steps out of the room though, she sees that Rex and Shane are also staying at the same motel. Gigi rushes back inside, and tells Cutter that they can't leave yet because Rex and Shane are staying at the motel. Gigi then passes out and remembers that Kim was talking to her after she rescued her from the trapped basement that was leaking carbon monoxide. Gigi also learns from Cutter that Stacy's friend Kim is in prison for murdering a rich guy at The Spotted Pony strip club in Kentucky (unaware that Cutter really committed the murder, and framed Kim for the crime!). Cutter agrees to still stay in Paris, TX until Viki, Rex, and Shane all leave town.

On December 20, Cutter and Gigi prepare to leave town until Cutter was interrupted by the motel clerk to tell him that his payment through his credit card didn't come through, and Gigi sneaked out of the room to go outside. Gigi then arrived back at The Bon Jour Cafe to return her waitress uniform when she saw Rex, Shane, Viki, Moe, and Noelle inside The Bon Jour from standing outside the window. Cutter then found Gigi after he worked out his payment problem to the motel clerk to take Gigi to the airport to board a flight to Las Vegas, Nevada. After Cutter gets the tickets for him and Gigi for the flight to Vegas at the airport, he sees that Gigi has disappeared! Cutter then encounters Professor Delbert Fina Jr., who he asks about Gigi's whereabouts. The professor says he's seen her, but doesn't know where she went after he talked to her a while ago. The professor also tells Cutter to do the right thing and let Gigi go instead of trying to pursue her again. Cutter then arrives back at The Bon Jour Cafe where he breaks up a fight between Rex and Gigi, and finally confesses the truth about "Stacy" really being Gigi. Rex doesn't believe Cutter, and tells Gigi that Cutter murdered a guy back in Kentucky, and framed his sister Kim for the crime. Rex then ties up Cutter until the police shows up to have him arrested and taken away to a prison in Kentucky. Cutter then calls Aubrey from prison to ask for her help on Christmas Eve (Aubrey later told Rex that she hung up on him after he asked for her help). The next day, Cutter called his sister Kim to help him get out of prison. Cutter also told Kim that it was Gigi, not Stacy, that she rescued from the basement, and that Stacy was the one that died that night in the basement. Cutter also told Kim that he found their mother Alex while he was in Rio, and wanted him and Kim to scam money from her if she helps him break out of prison. Despite his pleas, Kim refused to help Cutter break out of prison after he framed her for his crime, and hung up on her brother. Cutter then calls his mother Alex from the number he got from the business card she gave him back in Rio in his final scene on the show.