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Damon Miller
Damon Miller.jpg
Finn Wittrock as Damon Miller
All My Children
Portrayed by Finn Wittrock
First appearance 2009
Created by Charles Pratt, Jr.
Gender Male
Born August 6 1991 (27)
Age (19)
Occupation Unemployed
Residence 3420 Canyon Drive[1]
Pine Valley, Pennsylvania

Damon Miller is a fictional character from the original daytime soap opera, All My Children. He has been played by Finn Wittrock on recurring status since late 2009. It was later announced that while his co-star, Sofia Black D'elia (ex-Bailey Wells) would depart, Wittrock would relocate to Los Angeles when the show moved and had been given a contract.

Character History[]


Damon Miller arrived in Pine Valley as the biological teen father of Stuart Colby, who has been adopted by Liza Colby. Initially, Liza doesn't trust Damon, convinced that his renewed presence in the life of Bailey Wells, Stuart's biological mother, is only motivated by a desire to pursue a sexual relationship with her. Damon and Bailey eventually start to live life as family with Stuart until Damon is accused of being the culprit behind a rash of break-ins in town, for which Bailey is hesitant to believe his innocence. With the stress of Damon's alleged involvement in the break-ins too much for her to handle, Bailey takes Stuart and leaves town to be with her parents. Damon begins to get close to Liza's daughter, Colby Chandler, who believes in his innocence and subsequently gets him a job as a bartender at [ConFusion]. Damon gets word from Bailey that she has returned to Ohio and she and Stuart are staying with her parents. At the same time, the DNA test results confirm that Damon was the person doing the break ins but Liza gets him out of trouble again. Colby is furious when she learns of his lies, but the two eventually reconcile when her brother JR Chandler falls into a coma. He assures her that JR can hear her talking. He even gets tested to see if he is a potential bone marrow donor for him, but the results come back negative. Damon's boss later finds out that he was the one who broke in and fires him. Liza's boyfriend, Tad Martin then finds Damon sleeping on a stretcher at Pine Valley Hospital. Tad offers him a place to stay, at his house. Damon continues to show concern for Colby.

Another Martin[]

On March 11, 2010, when Damon goes to trial for his crimes, Liza learns that Damon's mother, Hillary Miller was supposed to come to town for the trial. But Hillary bails at the last minute leaving Liza wondering why. Liza finds out that Hillary Miller is actually Hillary Wilson, Tad's ex-wife. She then tells Tad that Damon is his son. Tad seems stunned by it, then tells his friend Jesse that the last time he saw Hillary was before she married Paul, but Jesse knows they slept together. Without being too obvious, when Damon needs a trusted adult to watch over him while he serves his probation, Tad steps up giving a place to stay. Tad eventually opens up to Damon about his past with Hillary.


  1. Tad offers Damon a place to stay on 3-2-2010.

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