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David Langton was a fictional character on the ABC daytime drama, General Hospital. He was portrayed by Jeff Pomerantz in 1992.

David Langton
General Hospital
Portrayed by Jeff Pomerantz
First appearance 1992
Last appearance 1992
Cause/reason Heart Attack
Gender Male
Occupation Humanitatiarn
Vietnam War Veteran

Character Bio[]

David Langton was a world famous humanitarian with a chronic heart ailment. Monica Quartermaine had been involved during her college days with David Langton. He was drafted into the military during the Vietnam War and was unaware that Monica was pregnant with her first child, which she gave up for adoption. She reunited with her child, a young woman named Dawn Winthrop, when she became a student nurse at GH in 1989. Sadly, Dawn was murdered in 1991 by con-artist Edge Jerome.

In 1992 Dr. Monica Quartermaine ended up operating on her former lover, David Langton. Her hand slipped when she realized who he was! Though she felt close to David; he was the father of her eldest child. Monica was now committed to her husband, Alan. Once he was out of ICU, she gave David a farewell kiss to put finally put some closure on their relationship. David's daughter Nikki saw the kiss and, later, accused David of loving Monica more than her. Nikki's outburst caused David to have a massive heart attack. His untimely death turned Monica's life upside down.

Nikki Langton had full intent on suing Monica for “killing” her father. As part of her revenge against Monica, Nikki began dating Monica's son A.J. Quartermaine. She brought a malpractice suit against General Hospital, charging Monica with negligence in her father's death. In court, proof was offered that David had a prior heart condition. Monica, Bobbie Spencer, who assisted in the surgery, and the hospital were cleared. Eventually, Nikki manipulated AJ into marrying her. On the day of ther wedding, Alan met with Nikki and gave her a check for one million dollars. Nikki took the check and did what Alan wanted -- left town. Humiliated, AJ turned to alcohol.