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Destiny Evans
Destiny Evans.jpg
Shenell Edmonds as Destiny Evans
One Life to Live
Portrayed by Shenell Edmonds
First appearance February 2009
Created by Frank Valentini
Nickname(s) Des
Gender Female
Born October 21, 1993 (1993-10-21) (age 28)[1]
Occupation student

Destiny Loretta Evans is a fictional character from the original ABC Daytime soap opera, One Life to Live. The character first appears in February 2009 being portrayed by Shenell Edmonds on recurring status. Edmonds is put on contract in May 2010.

Character History[]

Destiny Evans is first appears as the classmate of Matthew Buchanan. The two become close friends as they have a hard time fitting in at school. Destiny develops a crush on Matthew who is focused on the popular girl, Becca. During the school dance in March 2009, Matthew is humiliated by Becca and ends up in a car accident, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. Destiny stands by Matthew and they get closure though Matthew is oblivious about Destiny's true feelings.

After Matthew's accident, Destiny begins begging her brother Shaun for their older brother, Greg's phone number. Greg is a well known surgeon who Destiny believes can help Matthew walk again. When Greg finally comes to town to evaluate Matthew, claiming that he got Destiny's letter, Shaun knew that Greg had only showed because Matthew's uncle, Clint Buchanan had offered him a large some of money if he could heal his nephew. When Matthew's parents, Bo and Nora decide against the surgery, Greg decides to leave town. When Rachel Gannon, Shaun's girlfriend, Matthew's sister challenge him to fix things with his family, he decides to stay. Matthew is furious with his parents and Destiny convinces him to sue his parents for the right to get the surgery.

Shaun is later shot multiple times while serving as the body guard for the Cramer family. Shaun makes it through the first surgery but he falls into a coma after a follow up surgery performed by Greg. Destiny is heartbroken after learning that Shaun may never wake up and she is comforted by Matthew. When Matthew finally does win the right to get surgery, Greg refuses out of guilt from messing up his brother's surgery. When Matthew finally finds another surgeon to operate, Destiny buys him new basketball sneakers so he can where them when he walks again.


  1. Destiny turned 17 years old on October 21, 2010.