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Dillon Quartermaine
Scott Clifton as Dillon Quartermaine
General Hospital
The City
Portrayed by Kevin and Michael Jacobson (1992)
Jacob Smith (1996)
P.J. Aliseo (1996-1997; The City)
Scott Clifton (2003-2007, 2007)
First appearance 1992 (on GH)
Last appearance December 24, 2007 (on GH)
Cause/reason Returned to Los Angeles
Gender Male
Born May 1987 (age 34–35)
Occupation Director's Assistant
Residence Los Angeles, California

Dillon Albert Quartermaine (née Dillon Albert Quartermaine Hornsby) was a fictional character on the popular ABC soap opera, General Hospital. He first appeared in 1992, and is the son of Paul Hornsby and Tracy Quartermaine. He appeared briefly on ABC's now-defunct The City (1996-1997). Dillon was portrayed by actor Scott Clifton from 2003 until 2007, when Clifton exited the role. He returned briefly in November and December 2007.

Character background[]

Dillon was born prematurely to Paul Hornsby, Sr. and Tracy Quartermaine. His Godparents were his brother Ned Ashton and Jenny Eckert. Tracy fled to Europe with the boy to avoid being prosecuted for a hit and run accident and to keep Paul from getting custody of Dillon in the wake of her divorce. Paul has had no involvement in raising Dillon. In 1996, Dillon came to the SoHo section of Manhattan with his mother Tracy, who eventually married the now-deceased mafioso Gino Soleito.

In 2003, Tracy returned to Port Charles, New York with teenage Dillon and left him with her parents, Edward and Lila Morgan Quartermaine, and his older half-brother Ned Ashton for a time. Dillon's storylines generally involve the other teenagers in Port Charles, and he is a film buff who dreams of becoming a filmmaker. He married his longtime girlfriend, Georgie Jones, but the two decided they were too young to marry and later divorced. In 2006, he slept with Lulu Spencer, his new step sister, after she lied to him about his wife Georgie's relationship to Diego Alcazar. When Lulu accidentally became pregnant, Dillon opposed her decision to get an abortion and said he wanted to raise the child himself. He saw the baby as an opportunity to be a father to a child in a way that his own father never was. He considered legal steps to prevent the abortion, but ultimately did not take them. To deal with his grief, he briefly switched college majors at Port Charles University, with a stated intent to become a junior executive in ELQ, the family company. However, he disagreed with his grandfather Edward's decisions, and eventually switched back to his film buff ways. He would frequently refer to similar plotlines in old movies, as he worked with Lulu and Damian Spinelli to try and solve a murder mystery involving Lulu's mother, Laura Webber.

In 2007, Dillon competed with multiple other suitors for Lulu's attention, though she stated that they have too much history, and she sees him only as a friend.

He left town after Ned managed to hook him up with a job working with a movie director.

Dillon returned to town in late November after learning of his cousin, Emily's death. After he returns to Port Charles, Lulu reveals to him that Georgie has been murdered by the Text Message Killer. He was devastated by Georgie's death. Right after the funeral was over, Dillon flew back to California.

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