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Echo DiSavoy
Echo DiSavoy.jpg
One Life to Live
Portrayed by Kim Zimmer
Duration 1983; 2010-present
First appearance March 15, 1983
Created by Henry Slesar
Aliases Susan Turner
Gender Female
Occupation Photographer
Residence Angel Square Hotel
Llanview, Pennsylvania

Echo DiSavoy is a fictional character from the original ABC Daytime, soap opera, One Life to Live. The character first appears for a year between March 1983 and October 1983 being portrayed by Kim Zimmer. Zimmer returns to the series after a 27 year absence on contract.

Character History[]

Affair with Clint[]

In March 1983, Countess Echo DiSavoy arrives in Llanview seeking revenge on newspaper editor Clint Buchanan. She schemes to get close to him, and secures a job as a photographer at The Banner. Echo seduces Clint in June 1983, and he is reminded of a woman from his past named Giselle; though he does not make the connection, Giselle was Echo's mother, and Echo blames him for her death. After telling Clint's wife Viki about the affair, Echo lures Clint into an argument on a bridge. Though she has fallen in love with him, Echo goes through with her plan and jumps into the water in an apparent suicide. Witnessing the argument, Echo's friend Dorian Lord tells the police that Clint had pushed Echo. Clint is indicted for Echo's murder while Viki and Marco Dane search for evidence to clear him. They discover that Echo is alive, and during Clint's trial she confesses the details of her plan to frame him for murder. It is revealed that Echo's father Arthur had actually murdered Giselle. Clint is freed and soon reunited with Viki, who forgives him for his affair. Echo leaves town.[1]

2010 Return[]

On October 1, 2010, Echo reappears at Llanfair to visit her ex-lover Charlie Banks, who is now married to Viki. Viki is still resentful and later refuses Echo's request for a job at The Banner, soon hiring private investigator Rex Balsom to determine her motives for returning. Echo runs into Clint at Llanview Hospital and reveals that she left two things back in Llanview that she really cared about. Rex finds the other half of the necklace that was left with him by his biological mother when she abandoned him at the hospital in Echo's room. Echo claims that it was a gift which it was but hides the fact that it was from Clint. When Rex goes to retrieve the other half which he left on his mother's grave, it is gone. Echo realizes that Rex is her son and she has a grandson named, Shane Morasco. Echo begins pumping Roxy, Rex's adopted mother for information about him.

Rex is even more suspicious when he realizes that Echo got a speeding ticket in Llanview, right around the same time he was born.