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Eugenia Lord Randolph
Eugenia Lord.jpg
A Painting of Eugenia Lord
One Life to Live
Portrayed by Lori March
Unknown Actress
(mid 1990s)
Duration 1987; mid 1990s
First appearance 1987
Last appearance 1990s
Cause/reason Eugenia was only ever seen in flashbacks and never appeared on the show
Created by Agnes Nixson
Nickname(s) Jean
Aliases Jean Randolph (named after the late Eugenia Lord)
Gender Female
Born 1900s
Died December 1, 1965 (aged 45)[1]
Occupation House wife
Residence Llanfair

Eugenia Lord is a fictional character from the soap opera One Life to Live. She is the mother of Victoria Lord, the show's main protagonist, and the late wife of Victor Lord. Though "Eugenia" died off-screen in 1965, and has only been seen in flashbacks, Viki inherited many of her qualities. Viki even has an alternate personality based "Jean Randolph" named after her mother, who is very protective of Viki.

Character History & Background[]

Though much information isn't given about the character, conclusions can be drawn from somethings. Eugenia wasn't from Llanview, but she was raised in San Francisco, California and later met Victor Lord. The two couple married around 1940 but the marriage was estranged because of Victor's promiscuity. They couple had their first child in August of 1946, Victoria "Viki" Lord. In 1949 the couple was still having troubles and Eugenia consoled herself by sleeping with another man. She got pregnant and attempted to pass the child off as Victor's. Victor discoverd the truth and Eugenia accidentally fell down the stairs during an arguement, with a young Viki watching. Eugenia fractured her hip and went to the hospital then she died shortly long after giving birth to her daughter, Meredith Lord who Victor raised as his own off-screen before the show airs. Eugenia's tragic sudden death led Victor to become obsessed with his daughter Victoria and he molested her over and over again as a young girl.

Jean Randolph[]

Eugenia was very jealous of all the attention Victor gave Viki. Viki always felt her mother resented her. Viki would later create an alternate personality of her mother "Jean Randolph" who would be the exact opposite of what Eugenia was. Jean is Viki's representation of what Eugenia should've been like to extreme measures. Jean will stop at nothing to protect Viki unlike late Eugenia Lord who was terribly jealous of her.


  1. Eugenia died shortly too long after giving birth to Meredith Lord who died years later after her.

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