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Dr. Frankie Hubbard
Frankie Hubbard.jpg
Cornelius Smith, Jr. as Frankie Hubbard
All My Children
The City
Portrayed by Durrant Murphy, Jr.
(AMC, 1984)
Z. Wright
(AMC, 1986-1991)
Alimi Ballard
(Loving, 1993-1995; The City, 1995-1996)
Jason Olive
(AMC, 2002)
Cornelius Smith Jr.
(AMC, 2007-present)
First appearance 1984
(All My Children)
Created by Agnes Nixson
Nickname(s) Frank
Aliases Quentin
Gender Male
Born October 27 1983
Age (28) 1-3-11
Occupation Physician
Residence Apartment 2G
Pine Valley, Pennsylvania

Dr. Franklin Quentin "Frankie" Hubbard, is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera, All My Children. He is the son of soap opera supercouple Jesse Hubbard and Angie Baxter.

Frankie has also appeared on Loving and The City. Along with his mother Angie Baxter Hubbard and former heiress Skye Chandler, he is one of only three individuals who have been regular characters on three ABC soap operas.


Frankie Hubbard is the product of a night of passion between young newlyweds Jesse Hubbard and Angie Baxter. Virginal Angie insisted that Jesse marry her before they could consummate their relationship. The two eloped and their honeymoon resulted in Angie's pregnancy. Afraid to tell Jesse, Angie confides in her mother. Angie is sure Jesse's feelings toward her have changed, so she decides to put the child up for adoption.

Jesse and Angie reconcile and once Jesse finds out he has a son, they kidnap the child and flee. The saga has a happy ending once a judge restores custody back to them. The couple remarry and name the boy after Jesse's recently deceased uncle Dr. Frank Grant.

After his mother's broken engagement to Cliff Warner, Frankie and his mother leave Pine Valley (Jesse, who joined the Pine Valley Police Department, seemingly died several years earlier in the line of duty).

Life on Loving and The City[]

Aged by several years, Frankie turns up in Corinth, Pennsylvania with Angie. He falls in love with Briana Hawkins, a young girl with a troubled alcoholic mother. A strange turn of events happen when Briana finds out that Frankie's soon-to-be stepfather, Charles Harrison, was Briana's long lost father. Briana ended things with Frankie, and soon he and his mother moved to New York City's SoHo district. Frankie decides to go to film school. He is almost killed in an explosion when a racist hate group target his family when his mother and new stepfather, Jacob Foster (a dead ringer for Jesse) take in a Caucasian foster child named Kayla. Eventually, Frankie transfers to a film school in California.

College Years[]

During The City, Frankie attended film-making college in New York City, where he dated Mia Saunders. He began to develop an anger control problem. Frankie had a temper that could rage out of control. When Mia discovered that she was pregnant she thought that Frankie did not want to start a family, so she left him. Mia had the child in secret and vowed never to let him find out, with the help of Trey Kenyon. Since losing Mia, Frankie managed to turn his life around.

Back to Pine Valley: 2002[]

Somewhere along the line Frankie abandons his plans to become a filmmaker and goes to medical school. Calling himself simply "Frank", he returns to Pine Valley to fulfill his internship at Pine Valley Hospital. Frank begins dating Simone Torres and finds old flame, Mia Saunders. Mia confides in Frank that they have a son, William, who she gave up for adoption. Frank is adamant about finding his son, but Mia pleads with him not to disrupt the child's life. Simone soon comes upon the shocking footage of her brother Anthony overdosing on a city street. Frank confesses he shot the footage and cared more about his "documentary" than helping Anthony. A devastated Simone ends things with Frank. Frank drops off canvas soon after.

Surprise return: 2007/2008[]

In late 2007, AMC introduced the character "Quentin", who helped Aidan Devane in the search for the missing Greenlee Smythe and Zach Slater. In January 2008, it was revealed that "Quentin" is actually Frankie Hubbard.[1] His affliction with a rare illness serves as the catalyst for Angie's return to Pine Valley. It also leads to the re-emergence of Jesse, who—despite evidence to the contrary—is very much alive (He was abducted and his captors faked his death). Strangely enough, no mention of his failed relationship with Simone has been made since. Nor has Frankie made any inquires or references about Simone's passing.

On January 30, 2008, Angie told her medical colleagues that Frankie was in his "mid-20s", and on February 5, 2008 Frankie stated that Jesse died when he was 5 years old (which would make Frankie 25 years old as of 2008). Apparently, the character has been "de-aged", reversing the rapid aging that took place when Frankie moved to Loving. His given age now aligns properly with the fact that his character was introduced as a newborn in 1983.

Frankie signs up to finish his internship at Pine Valley Hospital. Angie later discovers, much to her dismay, that he only signed up to find out who kidnapped his father. Her fears prove to be well-founded when Frankie is kidnapped, along with Liza Colby's daughter Colby Chandler, by the apparent mastermind behind Jesse's abduction. Unbeknownst to the Hubbards, that person is Tad Martin's biological uncle Robert Gardner.

Recently, Frankie revealed to Jesse that he made an error in judgment during his tour of duty in Iraq, and that error allowed a 15 year old Iraqi to kill three of Frankie's fellow soldiers in a suicide attack.

Meeting Randi[]

Just weeks after his return to Pine Valley, Frankie meets Randi Morgan. She is one of his patients and it looks to Frankie that she's being abused. She insist that she is clumsy but Frankie knowing there is something she's hiding tells her to wait while he goes to check his beeper. When he gets backs she is gone. Frankie wanting to make sure she is okay, tracks her down at work. At first Randi is reluctant to talk to him, but he convinces her to go out for ice cream. Frankie tries to get her to open up about this abusive relationship, but she continuously says she isn't being abused. The next time the two meet, she is found unconscious at the hospital with a huge wound on her head. Frankie sets up an immediate brain surgery to stop the bleeding on her brain. Just hours after her surgery Randi is found collapsed in a corner. Frankie returns her to her room, telling her she needs to be careful. As usual, she won't listen. But she sticks around long enough to recover.

Randi is later brought into the police station, by Frankie's chief police father, Jesse Hubbard. Jesse releases Randi to Frankie. Frankie tries to get her to talk but she won't listen, so he attempts to speak her language, he pays Randi, as he would any other prostitute for her time. Instead of trying to sleep with her, Frankie tries to get her to open up about her life. She tells him that he can't save her and gets him to leave. Frankie leaves her some job information and a place to stay. Frankie tracks down Fletcher, Randi's pimp and beats him down. He warns Fletcher to stay away from Randi.

Frankie and Randi eventually admit their feelings for each other, but Fletcher is still after her. Frankie is grabbed by two of Fletcher's goons and is told that he must by Randi's freedom. Fletcher gives him a week to come up with the money and Frankie agrees, but no before he tries to convince Randi to leave town. Randi takes it the wrong way and thinks that Frankie is trying to get rid of her. He assures her that he does like her but just wants to help her. He realizes that he must by her freedom and contacts Fletcher.

Lt. Taylor Thompson[]

Frankie's friend and fellow soldier in the Iraq war comes to town. Lt. Taylor Thompson is one of Frankie's close friends from Iraq. When Randi sees them hugging, she gets the wrong idea. But Frankie is able to clear up their relationship very quickly.

Meeting Natalia[]

In October 2008, Natalia Fowler arrives in Pine Valley and so does her mother Rebecca later. After Pine Valley is destroyed by a group of tornadoes, Angie & Frankie learn from Jesse that Natalia is his daughter. Frankie becomes very bitter and angry with Jesse and Randi tries to talk some sense into him. When Natalia's mother Rebecca Fowler is put on life support because of a brain tumor, Randi opens up to Frankie about her own mother's struggle with cancer. She tells him that Rebecca shouldn't have to suffer the way her mom did. Randi also helps Frankie come to terms with what his father did and forgive him. The two make love for the first time on December 15, 2008. In the midst of all the tragedy, Randi is chosen as the new face of Fusion Cosmetics. Everything is going great for Randi until some pornographic pictures of her are discovered on the internet. She is replaced as the new face of Fusion. Randi goes to Erica Kane, telling her that she's never done porn in her life. Erica tells her it doesn't matter and Randi goes back home to Frankie. She tells Frankie everything and says that he should dump her. Frankie stands by her side.

Marriage Before War[]

In March 2009, Frankie gets word that he must go back to Iraq in a few weeks. Not wanting to worry her, he decides to keep it from Randi, but tell his parents and sister. Natalia not knowing Randi didn't know, accidentally tells her. Randi confronts him about it and Frankie tells her that he doesn't want her to have to go through what thousands of other people are going through. He breaks up with her. Frankie's friend, Brot Monroe convinces him to go after Randi and to marry her while he can. Frankie finds her at ConFusion, and ask her to marry him. The two planned on a big wedding, but when Frankie's mom, Angie, goes overboard with the planning, Frankie and Randi elope. They invite the family as witnesses, and the two marry on March 24, 2009. The two didn't get the chance to go on their honeymoon because Frankie left days after their marriage. But all didn't go well in Iraq. It was reported that Frankie was hurt and was sent to Germany for treatment on his hands. When Randi comes to see him, he pushes her away. He refuses to allow anyone to help him, and he says he's nothing without his hands. When he's brought back to Pine Valley he small progress bit by bit. Eventually he gets another sugery that helps regain the use of his hands. He's ecstatic but he realizes something is wrong with Randi, but she says she was just upset because she missed a flight for work. Frankie tells Jesse about what Randi told him. On July 8, Randi confesses to Jesse that she is pregnant. Once Randi tells Frankie the news, they both agree that they wouldn't tell anybody before the first tri-mester. One day, Randi receives a package from Madison North. It is a bookend similar to the one she used on Madison's husband, Henry North. Randi goes to Jesse's office to confront him about this and while she's there, she begins having pains. Jesse rushes Randi to the hospital, where she later finds out that she had lost the baby.

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