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Gigi Balsom
Gigi Full Cast Photo.jpg
Farah Fath as Gigi Morasco Balsom
One Life to Live
Portrayed by Farah Fath
Duration 2007–12
First appearance October 24, 2007
Last appearance January 12, 2012
Cause/reason Moved to England with Rex and Shane
Created by Ron Carlivati
Nickname(s) Morasco (by Rex)
Gender Female
  • Former Waitress at The Bon Jour Cafe in Paris, Texas
  • Former Waitress at Rodi's
  • Former Student at Llanview University
  • Former Teaching Assistant to Cristian Vega
  • Former Executive Assistant at Buchanan Enterprises
  • Residence Blackheath, London

    Gigi Balsom (née Morasco) is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera One Life to Live. She was portrayed by Farah Fath since October 24, 2007 to June 29, 2011. She returned as a ghost on August 1, 2011 (remaining on contract throughout the break) and began a back-from-the-dead storyline in October that wrapped during the show's final week on air.[1]



    Gigi is first introduced as a waitress at the Bon Jour Café in Paris, Texas, who constantly argues with diner owner Moe Stubbs. She is a single mother having trouble making ends meet, as her son Shane's father was a Navy SEAL who had died in action. Not realizing that co-worker Viki Davidson is wealthy and is only working as a waitress to temporarily escape her life in Llanview, Pennsylvania, Gigi tells Viki her dreams of becoming rich; Viki tells Gigi that rich people have problems too. Gigi is eager to help when she meets fugitive Marcie McBain (using the name "Sally Ann"), who is on the run with adopted son Tommy (whom she calls "Billy"). At first Gigi believes that "Sally" is running from an abusive husband, but soon discovers differently when Tommy's father Todd Manning comes to the Bon Jour looking for his son. Todd offers $1 million for information on Marcie's whereabouts; feeling loyalty towards "Sally Ann," Gigi gives Todd false information to lead him astray. Gigi gets Marcie a job at the Bon Jour. More of Gigi's mysterious past comes to light when Rex Balsom shows up at the diner; Gigi and Rex dated during their senior year in high school, but Rex had abruptly disappeared in 2002 when he left for Llanview. Gigi clearly has unresolved issues with Rex but hides them, and later refrains from telling him "something" that she feels he needs to know. Rex has come to town searching for Marcie, but Gigi again lies and sends Rex on the wrong trail. Gigi also sells Rex Marcie's engagement ring, which Marcie is anxious to sell for cash. When Marcie's ring is recognized back in Llanview, her husband Dr. Michael McBain and his police detective brother John race back to Paris to confront Gigi. But Todd Manning and renegade FBI agent Lee Ramsey are already there, having taken Gigi and Shane hostage. Ramsey forces Gigi to lure Marcie back to Gigi's apartment before she and Tommy can skip town, and threatens her at gunpoint. Marcie arrives at Gigi's place, but at the last moment Gigi screams for Marcie to run. Ramsey and Todd pursue Marcie, and Gigi and Shane are rescued by the McBain brothers.

    On January 11, 2008, Gigi is arrested for aiding and abetting a fugitive during Marcie's standoff with the police and FBI at the Bon Jour Café. Viki pays Gigi's bail, and the charges are ultimately dropped. John brings Gigi and Shane to Llanview to testify for Marcie in her trial. Rex's fiancée Adriana Cramer discovers Shane's existence, and suspects that he is Rex's son. Rex refuses to believe it, and Gigi confirms that Shane's father is a deceased Navy SEAL. Gigi is troubled as Rex begins getting closer to Shane. On March 17, 2008, she admits aloud that Rex is Shane's father.[2] On the day of Rex and Adriana's wedding Gigi stands up and confesses her love to Rex. Adriana responds by punching Gigi. Right before Gigi leaves the wedding, her not-so-dead boyfriend Brody Lovett appears, hoping to win back Gigi and Shane. Rex realizes that Adriana has been lying to him about many things, including the fact that she had found Brody and brought him to Llanview to keep Gigi at bay. Rex and Adriana decide to spend some time apart, and she takes an extended business trip to France. Rex and Gigi's feelings for one another continue to grow, and Gigi finally tells Rex that Shane is his son. Meanwhile, Brody's post-war trauma is worsened by the threat of losing the "family" he has constructed with Gigi and Shane; he kidnaps Shane, and accidentally shoots Rex. With Rex in a coma, Gigi tells Shane his true paternity, but a bitter Shane is devoted to Brody and refuses to believe her. Adriana returns to take care of an unconscious Rex and get rid of Gigi once and for all, but finally realizes that Rex loves Gigi when he awakens at the sound of her voice. Adriana agrees to a divorce, and Rex and Gigi move in together with Shane, who has warmed up to the idea of having Rex in his life.

    Gigi's sister Stacy is working as on exotic dancer in Las Vegas; on February 6, 2009 she spots Rex and Gigi there, and follows them back to Llanview. Stacy decides she wants Rex for herself just as Shane is diagnosed with leukemia; learning of a matching donor, Stacy pretends that she is the match and forces Gigi to break up with Rex in exchange for her blood. Gigi reluctantly arranges for Rex to come upon her in bed with Brody, and ends things with Rex. Shane receives the transplant and improves, but Gigi is afraid to reveal Stacy's blackmail in case Shane needs more of her stem cells. In June 2009, Schuyler Joplin stuns Gigi with his theory that Stacy had switched someone else's stem cells for hers. On June 29, 2009, Gigi tells Rex the truth and they reunite, Rex planning to deceive Stacy until they find out who the real donor is. Rex turns the tables on Stacy and retrieves the extra bag of blood she had saved from the real donor. Gigi and Rex plan to send Stacy packing, but Rex's one night with her has left her pregnant; she initially gloats, but soon miscarries after a heated argument with Gigi. Stacy avoids telling Rex she has lost the baby, and Schuyler professes his feelings for Gigi. Stacy becomes pregnant again by Oliver Fish and pretends she is still carrying Rex's baby; Rex and Gigi's relationship collapses. Gigi is drawn to Schuyler.

    Rex's crazed biological father Mitch Laurence kidnaps Stacy in February 2010, intending to raise her baby as his heir; when she reveals that the baby is not Rex's, Mitch abandons Stacy in a blizzard. Gigi finds her, takes her to a cabin, and on February 11, 2010 helps Stacy deliver a baby girl she names Sierra Rose.[3] On February 16, 2010, Stacy falls through the ice of a frozen lake; despite Rex and Oliver's attempts to save her, she disappears beneath the ice and is presumed dead.[4][5]

    In Spring 2010, Gigi breaks up with Schuyler for keeping the secret that he and Stacey slept together, and states her intention to challenge him for custody of Sierra. Schuyler takes Allison's gun and holds Gigi at gunpoint at Viki Buchanan's cabin and tries to force Gigi to sleep with him. He once more says that he wants Gigi back in his life but Rex and the police find them. Schuyler is sent to prison for shooting Bo and Rex persuades Gigi to allow Oliver Fish to have primary custody of her niece.

    Throughout April and May, Gigi grows closer to Rex and decides to help him find out about his real parents. As a result of their efforts, by May 21, 2010 the couple find themselves languishing in a Santa Fe jail cell for breaking and entering in a jewelry store. Their friend Penny gets them released from jail and provides them with some key information. On May 26, Rex and Gigi stumble onto an old abandoned house in the New Mexico desert. While looking in the house for clues they find some old love letters addressed to "Lili" from "Rick" from back in 1970s. In the last letter Rick states that he is not coming back and that he is in love with someone else. While Lili is reading the letter, the viewer can see she is already several months pregnant with Rick's child. Gigi sympathizes with Rex over his parents' sad story, and takes his hand as they walk away. Then after Bo and Nora's second wedding, Rex accompanies Gigi back to her home. There they realize that through it all, they still love each other and reunite. Through the summer, Gigi uses her own experiences with motherhood to lend moral support to Rex's sister Natalie, who is dealing with an unplanned pregnancy of her own. As of November 2010, she is studying art at Llanview University and is happily involved with Rex.

    Rex and Gigi are trying to help their son deal with being bullied. Shane had been viciously bullied by Jack Manning and his friend Brad Kozinski in high school. Among their cruelty, taking his clothes and putting a naked video on the Internet; Jack taking his rescue inhaler while Shane had been having an asthma attack and writing vicious things on his MyFace page. Shane, so broken by what was happening to him, went up to the High School roof, intent on committing suicide. Rex and Gigi go up to the roof and gently talk their son down from killing himself. The family is now going through therapy. Rex then asked Gigi to marry him, and she accepted, due to the fact that they love one another and also to give Shane a real family for the first time. Because of Jack's bullying ways, Gigi openly refuses to serve him at the cafe, and offers no sympathy for him when Shane finally stands up to him by crushing his foot with a barbell.


    On June 14, 2011, the day Gigi is supposed to be married, Jack is trying to set up Shane online, and Gigi decides to take it into her own hands. Jack is posing as a girl named Comicgirl15 on Myface who is interested in Shane and his comic books. He invites Shane to a party so he and his friends can lock Shane in the basement of a rental home owned by Brad's dad. Shane soon finds out for himself that Comicgirl15 is Jack. Gigi makes Shane leave and goes on his Myface account, and finds out where this proposed party is. When she gets there, they lock her in a basement, thinking that it is Shane, and leave her. She sees an old generator and turns it on, which causes carbon monoxide to leak into the windowless room. Gigi notices the leak and tries desperately to break out, but can't. She decides to record herself saying that Jack Manning did this to her on a tape that Roxy gave her as a wedding present, but realizes it's Marty Saybrooke's session tape where she confesses to Dr. Buhari that she changed Liam McBain's paternity test results, so she decides not to so Natalie can be with the one she loves. She finally passes out, and Rex finds her after he went on Shane's Myface account to find out where they were planning on messing with Shane. Rex takes her to the hospital and tells Roxy and Shane to meet him there, and Shane threatens to kill Jack if anything's wrong with his mother. Rex sends Shane to his therapist and sends Roxy to make sure he gets there and gets news from the doctor that "they were too late."

    As it turns out, Gigi's brain was deprived of oxygen for too long, and on June 16, 2011 she is declared brain dead. On June 29, 2011 Gigi is taken off life support in order to transplant her heart into Clint Buchanan. The only way that Rex would allow Clint to have Gigi's heart is if Clint agreed to turn over the entire Buchanan fortune to him, lock, stock and barrel. This way, Rex and Shane could go after Todd and Jack and make them pay for what they did to Gigi.

    In the week of August 1, Rex receives a visit from Gigi. When Rex needs her the most, she suddenly walks away and disappears on August 2, 2011. After telling Echo this, she feared he was losing his mind then on August 3, Rex saw Gigi again then tried to convince Echo she was real and also tries to convince her but she has some worries for her son leading her to think he was just having a hallucination of her instead of really seeing her. Template:Citation needed

    Natalie gets a psychic named Madame Delphina to find out why Gigi keeps appearing to Rex. She finds out that someone from the dead says "Spotted Pony". Rex later finds out from David that there is a strip club in Anchorage, Kentucky called The Spotted Pony. Rex, along with his sister Natalie, wants to go there to find out more by using the Buchanans' private jet. When Rex and Natalie arrives at The Spotted Pony, Natalie is mistaken for a stripper by one of the strippers at the club. Rex then sends Natalie back to the jet, and wants to go back home after he feels he found no leads on Gigi, until he hears the announcer at the club announcing the next stripper out on the stage. The name of the next stripper turns out to be "Gigi" which is a stage name being used by Kimberly Andrews, who was the best friend of Gigi's dead sister Stacy! Rex then confronts Kim about why she is using his late fiancée's name. Kim says that she's using her name to pay respects to Stacy, since Stacy used "Gigi" as her stripper stage name in Las Vegas. Rex then tells Kim that Gigi had died, and wants Kim to know if she can help him find Gigi for him. Kim says that she can't help him find Gigi.

    Rex then tells Kim about all the things that happened in Llanview since she left town a year and a half ago before he leaves Kentucky to go back to Llanview (that Rex is Clint's and Echo DiSavoy's biological son; that Clint had a heart attack and needed Gigi's heart; Rex blackmailing Clint and extorting the Buchanan fortune and mansion from him in exchange for Gigi's heart). After Rex leaves Kentucky, Kim then heads to the local hospital in Kentucky to visit a mysterious woman in her room. Kim tells the mystery woman that Rex was in town to investigate The Spotted Pony, and that he encountered her there. She also tells the mystery woman that she's going back to Llanview to win back her ex-husband Clint's heart, and to still get the piece of the Buchanan fortune, and to confront David for blackmailing her out of town with a mysterious secret that she was hiding from Clint. Kim then leaves the mystery woman, promising to have her taken care of by the hospital staff while she is gone. After Kim leaves, it is revealed that the mystery woman is Stacy, Gigi's sister, thanks to a picture that is shown of Stacy and Kim that sits on her nightstand next to her bed! Template:Citation needed

    On August 25, 2011, Rex while visiting Gigi's grave, it shows her birth date, however, her death date is scratched out. Kim after Rex leaves stops by to visit Gigi's grave. Rex decides to dig up Gigi, to see if she is indeed alive. Rex then discovers Gigi's dead body in the casket, meaning that Rex is definitely seeing Gigi's ghost after all. Unfortunately, Rex also discovers that Shane witnessed his mother's grave being exhumed, and is very angry at Rex about what he did to his deceased mother. Kim later visits Gigi's grave after her grave is exhumed and buried again by Rex. Kim then lays a bouquet of flowers she stole from Asa Buchanan's grave, and lays them next to Gigi's grave. Template:Citation needed

    On October 10, 2011, it is revealed that Stacy had plastic surgery to look like her sister Gigi. Kim then remembers that she was reunited with Stacy when she came to the Spotted Pony while she was working there that she survived drowning in that frozen lake by getting out of the water and also had plastic surgery done to her in South America so that she could take over her sister's life. Kim disagreed with her plans, and followed Stacy to Llanview. Kim then tracked her down by going to Rex and Gigi's Llanfair carriage house where she saw Shane's laptop computer that she was headed to a rental house, where Shane's bully from high school Jack and his friends was setting up a trap for him as a cruel prank. When Kim went to the basement in the rental house, she saw Gigi already lying braindead, while Stacy was lying unconscious in another room in the basement, both of them poisoned by leaking carbon monoxide. Kim then grabbed Stacy and put her in her car to take her to be treated in a hospital in Cherryvale before she moved to the Kentucky hospital after she fell into a coma. Kim is also unsure if it was Stacy that she rescued in the basement, hinting that maybe if Gigi was the one to survive after all.

    On October 14, Stacy wakes up from her coma, where she is later to be watched after by Kim's con artist brother and former grifting partner Cutter Wentworth, (Kim was setup to take the fall for her brother's murder of a wealthy man named Mr. Berger, who she and Cutter was scamming back when she was a con artist, when he put too much "mickey" into his drink while she was seducing him by working as a stripper at the Spotted Pony. Kim's old French boarding school roommate Rama Patel helped conspired against her with Cutter so that she could avenge her for stealing her money to pay for her plastic surgery to improve her looks.) who decides to use Stacy to fool Rex thinking that his wife Gigi is still alive, so that he could use her as leverage to get to Rex's Buchanan fortune. Cutter then went to meet Rex at Buchanan Enterprises when he was leaving his office. Cutter asked Rex to let him sign his name on the paperwork to hand over his family's fortune to him in exchange to bring Gigi back to him after he told him that she was still alive. Rex didn't believe Cutter, even after he tried to show a photo of Gigi he took of her on her hospital bed on his cell phone, with Rex thinking the photo of Gigi could be fake. Rex then got into an ugly fight with Cutter before Bo broke up the fight. Cutter then left the building saying he will regret his decision to not take up on his offer to reunite with Gigi.

    Back in the Kentucky hospital, "Stacy" looked up details about Gigi and Stacy on the Internet on Cutter's laptop computer he left behind in her room. "Stacy" then left the hospital to go to Llanview to stop by the Llanfair estate for a visit. Tina Lord then opened the front door, and asked who she was, and "Stacy" told her that she thinks she's Gigi, and if she used to live there. Tina then told her that she'll ask her relatives about Gigi. Tina told her niece Jessica Buchanan about Gigi, and Jessica told her that Gigi is dead. Tina then returned to the door, but found that "Stacy" was gone. "Stacy" then went to Gigi's grave site at the cemetery, and still felt very confused about her identity. Cutter then found "Stacy" at the cemetery, and "Stacy" asked Cutter why she looks like her dead sister. Cutter then told her that she wasn't Gigi, but she was her sister Stacy. Cutter told her that she survived drowning in that frozen lake, and got plastic surgery to look like Gigi so that she could take over her life, and that she also survived being trapped in that basement with the carbon monoxide leaking. Cutter also told her that she was rescued by her friend Kim, and that she took her to the hospital after she went into a coma. Cutter then took "Stacy" to his home with her after she left a flower on Gigi's tombstone. The next morning, "Stacy" wakes up in bed at a motel room she shares with Cutter at The Minute Man. She asks Cutter if he knew anything about her life, and Cutter promised he would tell her everything she needed to know after she took a shower. After "Stacy" got out of the shower, she asks who he was arguing with at the door, and Cutter tells her it was his ex-girlfriend, but is not honest about what they were talking about.

    On October 28, Cutter convinces "Stacy" to crash Brody and Natatlie's costume themed engagement party at the Buchanan Mansion on Halloween night with him so that when she sees Rex and Shane at the party, it could help her get her memories back. Cutter is dressed as a mummy and "Stacy" is dressed as Little Red Riding Hood wearing a mask on her face when they both arrive at the mansion being greeted by Rex at the front door. Cutter and "Stacy" then enter the mansion to attend the party. "Stacy" tells Cutter that she felt strong feelings towards Rex when she first saw him at the front door. "Stacy" then discovers a Halloween greeting card with a recorded voice by Gigi. Shane then approaches her and thanks her for finding the card for him before she left him to escape to the stables when Shane asks for her name. Cutter then finds "Stacy" with her mask off and puts it back on her when Aubrey arrives to take his mask off to foil Cutter's latest scheme. Rex also arrives at the stables and finds "Stacy" with Cutter. "Stacy" and Cutter then leaves the party to head back home. The next morning after "Stacy" wakes up from dreaming about Rex, she confronts Cutter about why she's using her to get to Rex. Cutter explains to "Stacy" that he's helping her to reunite with Rex, and for him to get the Buchanan fortune from him, while they both benefit what they both want from Rex. Cutter also reminds "Stacy" that she used to be a con artist herself, and that's how she got to Rex before. After Cutter leaves the motel room, Rex then goes to the door to break into the room to find "Stacy" himself. "Stacy" then hid in the bathroom before Rex entered the room where she heard Rex scold her for trying to fool him to think that she was his dead fiancée Gigi. After Rex left the room and confronted Cutter about his scam after he arrived back home, "Stacy" told Cutter that she wanted out of their deal so that she could get plastic surgery to look like her old self again.

    On November 14, "Stacy" gets ready to board a flight to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to reverse her plastic surgery before she is stopped by Cutter at the airport. "Stacy" then tells Cutter that she doesn't want to be part of his scam anymore, because she doesn't want to continue to hurt Rex and Shane by teasing them with her appearances haunting them in Llanview. Cutter becomes touched by her change of heart and drops his scam against Rex, and lets her go to Brazil on the condition that he can come along with her on the trip. "Stacy" then asks Cutter about his past after they board the plane, and Cutter told his tragic past about how his father William J. "Billy Joe" Wentworth Jr., who grew up poor but became rich after investing his money in the stock market as a stock trader, was abandoned by his wife, and his and Kim's mother Alexandra, when his father suddenly committed suicide after becoming depressed and alienated himself from his loved ones after he failed to find his missing wife who took off with some of his money. Cutter also told her that he and his sister ended up in the foster care system after their father died, and he ran away from all of his foster homes to find Kim after he was separated by her going into the foster care system. He eventually found her, and they then took care of themselves by becoming con artists to try to regain the wealth that they lost in their early childhoods. "Stacy" then felt sorry for Cutter after hearing about his past.

    "Stacy" and Cutter then arrived in Rio in the waiting room outside of plastic surgeon Dr. Fascinella's office. "Stacy" and Cutter then asked a nurse if they could find out if she had surgery there. The nurse then got "Stacy's" file, and was shocked to see the before and after pictures of her surgery. Cutter and "Stacy" then wait to see the doctor when Cutter's estranged mother Alexandra (who later revealed herself as Alex Olanov) came out of the plastic surgeon's office to complain about a botched surgery on her cheek. After Cutter confronted Alex about abandoning her family, and told her about his father and her husband's suicide, Alex told Cutter to talk to her in a private room to explain her side of the story. "Stacy" told Cutter that she will be there for him as "back-up" if he needed her when he talked to his mother. Cutter and Alex then went into the private room, when Cutter suddenly decided to strangle her neck to avenge her for walking out on her family. "Stacy" then went into the room to stop Cutter from choking Alex. When Rex and Aubrey arrived in Rio in the waiting room outside, Cutter decided to involve Alex in his scheme to help hide "Stacy" from Rex and Aubrey, so that Alex could make it up to Cutter for abandoning her family. After Cutter and Alex successfully fooled Rex and Aubrey with their scheme, Alex then gave Cutter her business card to contact her if he ever needed her help, and wished both Cutter and "Stacy" good luck before she went back home to St. Blaze's Island. Cutter then vowed to "Stacy" that she will get her plastic surgery the next day.

    On December 1, Cutter comforted "Stacy" after she woke up from a nightmare about Gigi's death and her being trapped in that carbon monoxide poisoned basement. Cutter then confided in her about his fear about being a lot like his mother who was a con artist like he became in his life. "Stacy" then reassured Cutter that by going along with her to Rio to reverse her plastic surgery and dropping his scam against Rex, that he was on the path to redemption. Cutter then planted a kiss on "Stacy". "Stacy" then pulled away from Cutter after she was surprised that he kissed her. Cutter told "Stacy" the reason that he kissed her was because he started to develop feelings for her, and that she helped him reform his grifting ways. "Stacy" and Cutter then got a call from her plastic surgeon Dr. Fascinella to remind them about their scheduled appointment. "Stacy" and Cutter then arrived at the doctor's office to have "Stacy" examined before her surgery. Dr. Fascinella then asked Cutter into the waiting room with him so they could have a chat about "Stacy". Dr. Fascinella told Cutter that the woman he just examined wasn't Stacy but the woman that she based her altered looks on, which was her sister Gigi. Cutter then figured out that "Stacy" was really Gigi, and that she was the one that really survived being trapped in that contaminated and toxic basement, and that Stacy was the one that really died and her heart was donated to Clint. Cutter still made Gigi think she was Stacy by saying that she couldn't have the surgery because of the toxic fumes she was exposed to.

    Gigi and Cutter then decided to go to Paris, Texas after they randomly picked out their next destination on a globe so that they could start their new lives as a couple. When Gigi and Cutter stop by the Bon Jour Café, Gigi starts to get a feeling of déjà vu when she realized she probably worked there in her past. Cutter agrees with Gigi that she's getting her memories back. Gigi and Cutter then get jobs at the Bon Jour Café, with Gigi working her old job as a waitress, and Cutter getting a new job as a dishwasher. Cutter then tells Gigi that he doesn't want to live in a small town like Paris, Texas (after Cutter realizes that some of the townsfolk may start to recognize Gigi), and instead wants to move with Gigi to Paris, France, but Gigi still wants to stay in town and not move anywhere else with Cutter. Gigi, still unaware who she really is, kisses Cutter and says that there is something between them. Cutter agrees to stay with Gigi in Paris, TX, and leaves the Bon Jour to reserve a room for them at the Bon Sweets Motel. After Cutter leaves, Gigi then sees that Viki and Rex have just arrived together at the Bon Jour. Gigi then hides in the back room and calls Cutter on her cell phone to tell him that Viki and Rex are in town, and to help her sneak out of the Bon Jour before they see her. Cutter then goes back to the Bon Jour, and hires a preacher he meets to distract Viki and Rex while Cutter sneaks Gigi out of the Bon Jour. Gigi and Cutter then check out of their motel room to leave for their next destination. When Gigi steps out of the room to leave though, she sees Rex and Shane are staying at the same motel. Gigi then rushes back in the room, and tells Cutter that they can't leave town yet because Rex and Shane are staying at the motel. Gigi then passes out, and remembers seeing Kim talking to her after she rescued her from the trapped basement that was leaking carbon monoxide. Gigi also learns from Cutter that Stacy's friend Kim is in prison for murdering a rich guy at the Spotted Pony strip club in Anchorage, Kentucky (unaware that Cutter really committed the murder, and framed Kim for the crime). Cutter agrees to stay in Paris, TX until Rex, Shane, and Viki all leave town.

    On December 20, Cutter and Gigi prepare to leave town until Cutter was distracted by the motel clerk about his payment not coming through to his credit card, and Gigi sneaked out of the room to go outside. Gigi then arrived back at the Bon Jour Café to return her waitress uniform when she saw Rex, Shane, Viki, Moe, and Noelle inside. Cutter then found Gigi and told her that he worked out his payment problems to the motel clerk so that they could finally leave town to board a flight to Las Vegas, Nevada. Gigi then recognized a man named Professor Delbert Fina Jr. when she sat next to him at the airport (The professor's father helped Rex and Gigi return to their present time when they both time traveled to 1968) where he told her his personal motto to "don't give up" (which is the same message that was haunting Rex when he was haunted by visions of Gigi). Gigi then leaves the airport to go back to the Bon Jour Café, where she finally sees Rex face-to-face for the first time since her "death". Rex then scolds Gigi (still thinking she is "Stacy") for pretending to be her sister, and trying to scam him out of the Buchanan fortune with Cutter. Gigi then tells Rex that she was trying to get her memories back when she showed up at the Buchanan Mansion on Halloween night, and that Cutter later dropped his scam to help get her plastic surgery to look like Stacy again, but couldn't get the surgery because she was in a coma because of the toxic fumes she inhaled being trapped in that basement. Rex still doesn't believe her (even though Gigi remembers previously working at the Bon Jour Café in Paris, Texas) and gets into a fight with Gigi, but Cutter arrives at the Bon Jour to break up the fight, and to finally confess about "Stacy" really being Gigi. Rex doesn't believe Cutter when he tells the truth, and tells Gigi that Cutter murdered a rich guy back in Kentucky and framed his sister Kim for the crime. Rex then has Cutter tied up until the police arrive to have Cutter arrested and taken away to a prison in Kentucky. Rex continues to argue to Gigi (as "Stacy") about her part in Gigi's "death" until Professor Delbert Fina Jr. arrives at the diner to help Rex and Gigi figure out what happened on the night of Gigi's "death" by hooking up his time traveling remote control to a TV set so that they could all witness the night of Gigi's "death".

    On December 23, 2011, it is revealed by Professor Fina's time traveling device that "Stacy" is indeed the real Gigi, who escaped the basement (along with Stacy switching her clothes and Gigi's wedding dress to wear to fool Rex) and lost her memory after she knocked out Stacy in self defense. Rex and Gigi then woke up with each other the next day at the Bon Sweets Motel, grateful that they are together again. Rex also tells Gigi that Stacy's heart, not Gigi's, was donated to Clint after he suffered from a heart attack. Rex then calls Shane to tell him that he has a surprise for him when he comes back home, and Shane tells him that he has a surprise for him too. Rex and Gigi return to Llanview, and Rex explains to Shane that his Aunt Stacy was the one that died in the basement, not his mom and Shane and Gigi are finally reunited. Gigi then finds out from Rex that he and Aubrey were in a romantic relationship with each other when he thought that Gigi was dead, and that his feelings towards Aubrey disappeared when he found out that Gigi was alive. Rex then went over to the Buchanan Mansion to tell Aubrey the truth about Gigi/Stacy and to break up with her, while Gigi and Shane then went over to the police station to reveal Gigi still being alive after Shane told Gigi and Rex that he put Jack in jail for being responsible for Gigi's "death", even though Stacy really died in that basement instead. Gigi then surprised Téa and Jack with her appearance after thinking that she was dead. Gigi was ready to confront Jack, but Shane told her that he wasn't worth getting even with anymore since he wasn't really responsible for her death. Gigi then met and surprised John and Natalie with her appearance, and remembered that she had the recorder with the tape that had Marty confessing to her doctor that John was the biological father of Natalie's child Liam. Natalie then reassured Gigi that she already found out the truth before she married Brody where he confessed to knowing the truth about Liam's paternity. Gigi and Shane then left the police station to go to Llanfair, where Gigi reunited with Viki and Clint. Rex then showed up to surprise Gigi by proposing to her again. On New Year's Eve 2011, Rex and Gigi were married in front of their family and friends at Llanfair.

    On January 12, 2012, Gigi, Rex, and Shane decide to move to England so Shane can attend an art school there after Gigi applied an application there when he was still being bullied by Jack at school during the previous school year. They watched the last episode of Fraternity Row and said goodbye to there friends and family before leaving Llanview for England


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