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Holly Sutton
Holly Sutton.jpg
Emma Samms as Holly
General Hospital
Portrayed by Emma Samms (1982-1985, 1992-1993, 2006, 2009)
First appearance 1982
Last appearance June 2, 2009
Gender Female
Occupation Con artist
Residence London

Holly Sutton Scorpio is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera General Hospital.

Emma Samms portrayed the character from 1982 to 1985.[1][2] With Samms choosing to leave the series amicably to go to ABC's prime time hit Dynasty and its spin-off The Colbys, Holly seemingly perished in a plane crash.[3] "Fan favorite" Samms had been so popular at General Hospital that Holly was brought back from the dead in January 1992 after a seven-year absence.[3][4] She stayed in the role until 1993,[2] during this time also playing Holly's lookalike half-sister Paloma, a heroic revolutionary.

After a 13-year absence, Samms made a seven-episode return to General Hospital as Holly on February 20, 2006, in time for the series' 11,000th episode.[5] She reappeared for a three week run starting May 1, 2006, and then again on June 30, 2006. Most recently, she made a brief return to General Hospital on May 15, 2009.[6][7]


Template:Wikify Template:Additionalcitations Holly was introduced when Luke met her during a camping trip. He saw her skinny dipping and was immediately smitten. They ended up having a one-night stand. Little did Luke know, Holly set the whole thing up. Holly played a principal role in an oil scam designed to bilk the citizens of Port Charles out of millions. Luke refused to believe that Holly was a professional grifter and went to great lengths to prove she was innocent but eventually Holly was forced to admit the truth. When Holly helped Luke to bring down her family, Holly was kidnapped. Luke and Robert Scorpio traveled to Vancouver, British Columbia to rescue Holly and recover the money stolen by her ex-cohorts. Still hurt over Holly's deception and unable to fully trust her, Luke and Holly ended up having a terrible argument. In a fit of anger, Luke packed his things and headed to the mountains. Shortly afterwards, news arrived that there had been an avalanche. Luke was presumed dead. Actually, Luke had broken his back and was recuperating in a remote hospital. Then Holly discovered that she was pregnant with Luke's child and about to be deported. To honor Luke's memory, Robert offered to marry Holly and help raise Luke's child. Unfortunately, soon after the wedding Holly suffered a miscarriage.

Both Robert and Holly were shocked and dismayed when Luke returned alive and well. Luke was deeply hurt to find out his best friend and his ex-lover not only married but had fallen for each other. This ignited one of General Hospital's best love triangle stories as Holly found herself torn between the two men for awhile. However, Holly came to realize that the man she truly loved was Robert. Robert and Holly Scorpio went on to become one of the most successful couples in GH history. When Luke later reunited with Laura and left town, the Scorpios took over as the main Supercouple on the show and helped maintain the show's stellar ratings. Robert and Holly were hailed by the fans and the press as the most romantic couple in Daytime. They broke the mold of soap couples by being happily married, totally devoted to each other while never being boring and always being frontburner. The chemistry, romance, class, sexiness and charm of this couple would delight millions of fans for the next few years to come.

In 1985, their marriage was put to the test when a secret ex-wife from Robert's past came to town in the form of Anna Devane. While this shocking development drove a wedge between the Scorpios for a time, true love eventually won out and they reconciled and decided to move to Australia. Holly went ahead to Australia first while Robert remained behind to tie up loose ends. However, just after Holly left for Australia Robert found a young girl in his home. Much to his astonishment Robert learned that the young girl was his daughter, Robin whom Anna had kept hidden. After an adventure in the Asian Quarter, Robert left for Australia to be with Holly.

He returned in 1987 with the sad news that Holly had been killed in a plane crash. Robert spent the next few years mourning the loss of his wife and going from one failed relationship to another before remarrying Anna in 1991 after the death of Anna's own spouse, Duke Lavery. In 1992 Holly returned to Port Charles (therefore making Robert and Anna's marriage invalid). It turns out that she had been in a car accident and had been in a coma. She had been in a coma for nearly 2 years and her family did not let Robert know she was alive. When she awoke, she discovered her husband was engaged to another woman. Feeling as if it was too late to regain the life she had with Robert, she made the painful decision to stay away and let him keep his new "happiness". Yet their paths crossed again in 1992 and Robert was astonished to find Holly alive. Holly kept her true feelings from Robert so as not to come between him and Anna. Bravely, Holly sacrificed her own happiness for what she perceived was his. Robert was angry and hurt but in a short amount of time came to entrust Robin into the care of both Holly and his brother Mac while he left town to try to find the kidnapped Anna. Holly and Robin forged a strong bond that became even stronger when news came that Anna and Robert had died in an explosion.

Before going in search after his kidnapped "wife" Anna, Robert had divorce papers drawn up upon Holly's request to dissolve his marriage to Holly. However, after his and Anna's death, Holly tore up the divorce papers. Holly, devastated over Robert's "death" continued to help Mac care for Robin for a while and later dated Bill Eckert, Luke's look-alike cousin, before leaving Port Charles in 1993.


Robert would turn up alive and well in 2006 which drew Holly back to town. She briefly returned in February, 2006 demanding a huge payout for the antidote for a mutant strain of encephalitis that infected several residents of Port Charles. This was a very different Holly than had ever been seen before. She claimed it was her extreme hurt and anger over Robert really being alive all these years and not telling anyone that drove her to these extremes. But perhaps there is still more to be told of that story ? Holly returned again in May, 2006 and was involved in a comedic on-the-run adventure storyline that briefly rekindled the rivalry between Luke and Robert over Holly's affections. Holly was last seen briefly in June of 2006, calling Luke to lead him on a wild goose chase.


Holly reappears on May 15, 2009[6][7] to shed light on the question of whether new arrival Ethan Lovett is her son — and whether Luke or Robert may be the father. She confirms that she is Ethan's mother and initially reveals that Robert is his father on May 22, 2009.[8] After Robert's daughter Robin tells Ethan that Robert was in Port Charles and not with Holly when Ethan would have been conceived,[9] Holly confesses to Luke on May 29, 2009 that Ethan is in fact his son.[10] Both Luke and Ethan are angry with Holly, but she makes peace with them on June 2, 2009.[11]


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