Jennifer "Jenny" Colby Martin (born Charlotte Carey Chandler; formerly Jennifer Colby Carey) is the daughter of Thaddeus "Tad" Martin and Krystal Carey. She was originally thought to be Adam Chandler Sr.'s child. She was born in April 11, 2007. Jenny was delivered by Colby Chandler. Jamie Martin and Kathy Mershon and Damon Miller are her paternal half-siblings & Babe Carey and Marissa Tasker are her maternal half-sisters. Jenny's maternal half-nephew Adam Chandler III is actually three years older than she is. The Carey/Martin/Chandler clan are mourning the loss of Babe Chandler after she died in the tornadoes that rocked Pine Valley in October 2008. She is named after her paternal aunt Jenny Gardner. When her father and mother get divorced her custody is given to Tad. Her stepfather is David Hayward who is using her mom Krystal to get her nephew Little Adam. Her mother decided to leave her stepfather and returned to her family (Tad and Jenny).

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