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Johnny Zacchara
Johnny Zacchara.jpg
Brandon Barash as Johnny Zacchara
General Hospital
Portrayed by Brandon Barash
First appearance September 18, 2007
Created by Robert Guza Jr.
Gender Male
Born 1985 (age 36–37)
Occupation Mechanic
Residence 344 West Adams
Port Charles, New York

John Anthony "Johnny" Zacchara is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera General Hospital and the contract role has been portrayed Brandon Barash since 18 September, 2007. Within the series, he is known as the son of mobster Anthony Zacchara and the half-brother of the late Claudia Corinthos.



Johnny Zacchara arrives in Port Charles and meets Lulu Spencer and the two begin a flirtatitious relationship[1]. His guardian is his father's lawyer, Trevor Lansing, who covered up the fact that Johnny's father, Anthony, murdered his mother Maria because they got too close. Although Lulu's friend's disapprove, they continue to see each other, and Johnny proved his love for her when he protected her against his father at the Black and White Ball.[2] After Anthony is paralyzed, Johnny takes the throne of the Zacchara empire, up until Trevor calls upon Johnny's sister, Claudia[3], to town, in which the siblings join forces and fight Sonny Corinthos's organization, which leads to Lulu being caught in dangerous situations[4][5]. Lulu breaks up with Logan and hooks up with Johnny[6], despite Claudia's disapproval. As friction develops between the two organizations, Johnny and Claudia arrange for Sonny to be shot but Sonny's son, Michael, is shot in the crossfire, leading the siblings to cover up the botched hit.[7] Johnny and Claudia lose hold of the empire when their father returns from his incarcetation in an asylum. Soon after, Lulu kills Logan as a way of defending herself and Johnny and Maxie cover it up as Johnny tells Claudia it was him who killed Logan. When put on trial, Johnny is threatened with a death penalty, in which Claudia perjures herself on the stand and gets Johnny released[8]. Although Lulu is put in a mental health facility, the couple continue to bond but Johnny continually "treats her like a fragile piece of glass" which lead to him cheating on her with Maxie Jones[9], ending their relationship. Although Claudia marries Sonny as a business deal that Johnny disapproves, he soon learns that she is pregnant with Sonny's son and that as long as she is, Sonny can't hurt her if he learns of her involvement in Michael's shooting. As retaliation for Claudia marrying Sonny, he dates Sonny's friend and ex, Olivia Falconeri, despite Claudia and Sonny's disapproval. After leaving the mob once, he returns to the Corinthos organization as a favor for Claudia.


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