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Kiefer Bauer
Kiefer Bauer.jpg
Christian Alexander as Kiefer Bauer
General Hospital
Portrayed by Christian Alexander
Duration 2009-2010
First appearance June 2009
Last appearance April 6, 2010
Cause/reason Died after being struck by a car
Gender Male
Born June 15, 1991[1]
Died April 2, 2010 (aged 18)

Kiefer Bauer is a minor character on General Hospital. The role debuted in June 2009 and ended April 6 2010 the character was created for a SORASed Kristina Davis. Kiefer is portrayed by Christian Alexander.

Character History[]

The role of Kiefer was presumably created for a SORASed version of Kristina Davis. Around adults, Kiefer is perceived to be very gentle and mature and kind but that is not his nature.

Since his debut, Kiefer has been proven to be violent towards Kristina, to the point where he forced her to sleep with her on October 12, 2009. In May 2009, Kiefer gets in to a bar fight with Kristina's 17-year old brother Michael Corinthos, who recently got out of a coma. Kiefer is known for constantly harassing Michael, leading to the point where the two fight at the Port Charles Country Club. Months later, Kiefer proves to be untrustworthy when he begins flirting with another senior while dating Kristina. Kiefer helps Kristina cover her tracks in July 2009 when she ran over a pregnant Claudia Zacchara Corinthos, who later suffers a miscarriage.

Kiefer has also voiced his opinion on Sonny Corinthos but is proven to be a coward in front of him. Kiefer becomes jealous of Kristina's friendship with Ethan Lovett, which turns in to a crush. After Kristina ditches Kiefer for Ethan, Kiefer beats Kristina up. To protect him from Sonny's wrath, Kristina tells everyone that Ethan was the one who abused her. However, Detectives Dante Falconeri and Lucky Spencer eventually discover that Kiefer was Kristina's abuser. Out of rage, Kiefer beats up Kristina again but this time, Kristina's mother Alexis witnesses Kiefer exiting the house. While driving to the hospital, a distraught Alexis runs over her daughter's abuser. Molly and Sam find Kiefer's body and he is declared dead at General Hospital. Alexis, initially planning on keeping quiet, confesses to the crime. Kiefer died on April 2, 2010.

After his sons death, Warren Bauer continues to harras Kristina and her family. On July 23, 2010, Warren goes on a rampage at General Hospital during a lockdown and threatens to kill Kristina and her brother Michael Corinthos. He shoots Ethan Lovett and police commisioner Mac Scorpio before he is shot and killed by Mac.


  1. Seen of Kiefer's memorial webpage after his death.