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Kristina Corinthos-Davis
Lindsey Morgan as Kristina Corinthos-Davis
General Hospital
Portrayed by Kara and Shelby Hoffman (2003)
Emma and Sarah Smith (2003-2005)
Kali Rodriguez (2005-2008)
Lexi Ainsworth (2009-2011)
Lindsey Morgan (2012-present)
Duration 2002-2008, 2009-2011, 2012-present
First appearance November 19, 2002
Created by Robert Guza, Jr.
Book appearances The Secret Life[1]
Nickname(s) Krissy
Princess (by Mike and Sonny)
Kris (by Michael and Trey)
Cookie (by Alexis)
K (by Kiefer)
Aliases Kristina Ashton (birth name)
Kristina Davis
Kristina Corinthos
Born November 19, 2002
(Revised to 1992)
General Hospital
Port Charles, New York
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Occupation Star of Mob Princess
Title Russian Royalty
Residence 55 Cherry Lane
Port Charles, New York
Kali Rodriguez as Kristina Corinthos-Davis
Lexi Ainsworth as Kristina Corinthos-Davis

Kristina Adela Corinthos-Davis (née Kristina Ashton, formerly Kristina Davis) is a character on General Hospital, currently portrayed by Lindsey Morgan.

Character portrayals[]

Born onscreen on November 19, 2002, Kristina was played by a doll until it was safe for an actress to play the baby. Kristina was initially played by unknown infant actresses from December 2002 to July 2003. Kara and Shelby Hoffman were cast in the role from July 23, 2003 to late 2003, followed by Emma and Sarah Smith from December 23, 2003 until 2005, and Kali Rodriguez from November 15, 2005 to August 13, 2008. Ainsworth stepped in as a newly-teenaged Kristina on June 4, 2009,[2] and was upgraded to contract status on June 24, 2009.[3] On October 7, 2011, Ainsworth confirmed that she had been let go from the series.[4] On April 17, 2012, it was announced that the role had been recast with actress Lindsey Morgan, and her first air date will be the week of May 21.[5] According to posts on Twitter by Morgan[6] and Nancy Lee Grahn[7], who plays Alexis Davis, Morgan's role as Kristina is contract.


Background and early life[]

Kristina was thought to have been the daughter of Alexis Davis and her then fiancé, Ned Ashton. Alexis was working for mobster Sonny Corinthos at the time and when she learned she was pregnant, tried to pass the child off as Ned's. Though he knew the truth, Ned agreed to pretend he was the father.

The DNA results of the paternity test were tampered with to make Sonny believe Ned was the father. Kristina is named after her mother's late sister, Kristina Cassadine. However, when Kristina comes down with a life-threatening illness, Alexis is forced to reveal the truth to Sonny; Kristina overcomes her illness when she is given the stem cells of Sonny's stillborn daughter with Sam McCall. Though Alexis initially goes out of her way to keep Kristina away from Sonny and his violent world, she eventually relents and allows Sonny to have visitation rights.

Later, young Kristina sees her sister, Sam shoot and kill Diego Alcazar. Kristina was frightened to death and went into a trance like state for weeks. She breaks her silence when she wishes Alexis a Merry Christmas. Kristina goes silent again when she sees Diego Alcazar actually alive which reveals that he is the Text Message Killer. Kristina is approached by Anthony Zacchara as a way of scaring Sonny and finding leverage.

Sonny's marriage to Claudia[]

A 15-year-old Kristina returned to the canvas of General Hospital in June 2009, "diagnosed" with Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome after being absent for an 11 month period which had begun in August of 2008. Since her return, Kristina has proven to be very manipulative and out of control; her escapades have included dating an older boy, driving without a license, going to clubs, and even smoking marijuana, all because of Sonny's absence during her childhood and Alexis' overbearing attitude and high standards.

Kristina and Michael (Drew Garrett) in Mexico.

She reconnected with and helped her brother, Michael Corinthos, who had just woken up from a coma. She also starts spending more time with her father and his new wife, Claudia Zacchara Corinthos. After visiting Michael, Kristina discovers Dominic Pirelli in Claudia's bedroom and nurses him. Eventually, he follows her and asks for her help to get in to the organization.

Kristina discovered her mother's affair with the mayor and had to adjust with all the media's interference. She also helps her sister, Molly Lansing, understand and cope with the attention. Kristina's boyfriend, Kiefer, is abusing her and harasses Michael constantly. Kristina, who is unable to go against him, sides with him throughout most of his arguments.

File:Claudia Image 10.jpg

Claudia (Sarah Joy Brown) forgives Kristina for causing her baby's death.

Soon after running a pregnant Claudia off the road, Kristina left for Veracruz, Mexico, taking Michael with her. They are later brought home by her sister Sam and Michael's godfather Jason. After getting started on birth control, Kristina and Kiefer have sex on October 12, 2009.

At the town carnival in September 2009, Kristina and her family are in a crisis when a drugged Edward Quartermaine drives through the carnival, nearly killing Morgan and Kristina.

Kristina soon becomes flirtatious with Ethan Lovett, causing friction in her relationship with Kiefer. On October 29, 2009, Sonny publicly calls Claudia out for her involvement in Michael's shooting, insulting her. Kristina, horrified, severs her relationship with Sonny. Claudia goes missing after taking Michael's mother, Carly, hostage.

On November 9, 2009, Kristina is with Kiefer when Michael walks in and the two of them attack each other verbally. Michael later sends his father's bodyguards to scare Kiefer. Kiefer believes that Kristina sent them, and in a rage, hits her. Kristina doesn't tell anyone about the incident. She later confronts Michael, and Michael retorts that he's just trying to protect her.

On January 8, 2010, Kristina lashes out on Sonny for Sam's kidnapping. She calls Kiefer later to help her cope and the two end up having sex in his car. She returns home and finds out from her mom that Sam is safe and has been found.

When Alexis tries to tell her that it's a good thing she wanted to spend time with her dad, Kristina tells her that she wants nothing more to do with Sonny ever again. This causes friction between her and Michael, who wants to be just like their dad.

Kiefer keeps pressuring Kristina to have sex with him, and she tells him that she doesn't want their relationship to be just about sex. Kristina later gets Ethan to teach her how to play poker. She asks Sam for advice on a relationship, and Sam tells her that someone who puts her down is not worth being in a relationship with.

At Josslyn Jacks's christening, The Corinthos family learn that Sonny shot Dominic, who is actually Dante Falconeri, an undercover cop who is Sonny's son. When Morgan says that Dante will live and maybe Sonny will get off easy, Kristina retorts that even though Dante is alive, Claudia isn't, and their dad has to pay for killing Claudia. Michael, furious at these accusations, yells at Kristina that he killed Claudia, not Sonny.[8]

Kiefer's death[]

Kristina, overwhelmed by everything Michael told her, calls Kiefer over to but when he takes advantage of her situation and makes her sleep with him, she pushes him away, and he hits her again, but eventually promises not to abuse her again. Sam, worrying about Kristina, tells Ethan to back off of her. On March 12, 2010, Kristina gets in to a nasty fight with Ethan at the Haunted Star. Kristina goes to Sam, who brings her home.

As Sam leaves, Kiefer enters the house and brutally beats Kristina for ditching him for Ethan. Ethan finds a traumatized Kristina and brings her to the hospital. At the hospital, Kristina, fearing what Sonny would do to Kiefer, lies and insists that Ethan was the one who beat her up. Jason quickly realizes that Kristina is lying and convinces Dante and Lucky to investigate further, and Carly, Michael, and Luke catch on as well.

Eventually, Dante and Lucky discover that Kiefer is the beater, and when he realizes this, Kiefer immediately beats Kristina again out of rage. This time, Alexis arrives home and catches Kiefer leaving the house right before finding a bruised and bloodied Kristina unconscious on the floor. Immediately realizing the truth, Alexis takes Kristina to the hospital.

Dante comes to the hospital on April 5, 2010 and gets Kristina's statement, and she confesses that Kiefer is the one that's been abusing her. Later, Sam and Molly come in after finding out she was beat up again. They tell her that Kiefer was admitted to the ER after being hit by a car. Kiefer dies from his injuries, and Kristina blames herself. Ethan is later arrested for Kiefer's hit-and-run, but released.

Sam and Alexis try to convince Kristina that it's not her fault she got beaten or that Kiefer died. Kristina subsequently asks to see Jason, believing that Sonny had discovered the truth and ordered a hit on Kiefer, but Jason reassures her that he and Sonny had nothing to do with the incident and that Kiefer had no right to touch her either way. During this time, Kiefer's abusive nature and the truth about Kristina's attacks quickly become public knowledge, and Ethan is given a clean slate.


Kristina tries bonding with her father.

Kristina attends a therapy session while in the hospital. Alexis is waiting when she comes back to her room, and she admits to Kristina that she was the hit-and-run driver who hit Kiefer and that it was an accident.

Kristina is able to forgive her, but Kiefer's parents are not, as both of them come by, accusing Alexis of deliberately running down their son and Kristina for ruining his life and falsely implicating their son in her beating.

Kristina is emotionally overwrought by this, and blames herself for Kiefer's death. She is given a little reprieve, though, when Ethan stops by and apologizes for being rude to her when she needs to get better. She is discharged on April 14, 2010, still blaming herself for Kiefer's death, despite Alexis's constant reassurance that she is not accountable for that.

Kristina is in an emotional overload dealing with the trauma of her beating and her mother's upcoming trial. Her cousin, Nikolas Cassadine, decides to step in and help her. He brings her to Wyndemere, asking her to help him bond with his son, Spencer. He asks Kristina to be there for Spencer as someone he is able to play with and have fun with more easily.

Kristina first helps Spencer learn how to properly ride a pony, then goes to the stables with him to meet his pony. Alexis later thanks Nikolas for helping Kristina smile again. Thanks to Diane Miller's maneuvering, Alexis avoids jail time for Kiefer's death.


Kristina and Johnny fake a relationship.

Johnny Zacchara[]

On April 20, 2010, Skye Quartermaine shows up at Kristina's house, saying she used to be the former occupant and helps Kristina cope. She takes her to the Haunted Star where she and Ethan make peace with each other. During Sonny's trial, Kristina watches Johnny Zacchara tell the court that Sonny routinely beat up and abused Claudia.

The cover-up is blown when Dante surrenders Michael as Claudia's actual killer. Though it was self-defense, the judge sends Michael to Pentonville for five years. Alexis notices that Kristina is clearly affected by what Johnny says and Kristina starts seeing a therapist.

Dante eventually arranges for Michael to be released on the grounds that he live with Dante and be barred from contact with Sonny, the latter of which Kristina insists is a good thing. Michael and Kristina once again get into an argument over their differing opinions about Sonny; Michael insists that Sonny really does love them, but Kristina is simply unwilling or unable to see past Sonny's flaws.

When Kristina is bullied by girls at her school, Johnny pretends to be her boyfriend. Later, she goes to Johnny's penthouse and tells him of her plan to anger Sonny. She says that if they pretend to date, it will really anger her dad. Johnny reluctantly agrees.

Several people warn Kristina that dating Johnny is a bad idea, but she chooses not to listen. This decision literally blows up in her face when she is injured in a car bomb meant for Johnny that was planted by Sonny. Kristina furiously confronts Sonny and agrees to stay away from Johnny to protect him from Sonny, but Sonny, finally fed up with Kristina's disrespectful attitude and smart mouth, lays out several new ground rules for her: she has a curfew, is cut off from her credit cards, and is to come over to his house for dinner every Tuesday. Alexis follows suit by taking away Kristina's car.

When Johnny is shot by Sonny in self-defense, Kristina blames herself, remembering everyone's warnings about psuedo-dating Johnny, but Ethan insists that neither she nor Sonny are entirely at fault, explaining that everyone has both a good and a bad side, even Sonny. Kristina disagrees, but tells Ethan that, in her eyes, he is her hero and genuinely good.

Reconciliation with Sonny[]

On July 16, 2010, Kristina, Molly, Alexis, and Sonny get together at the country club, only to be interrupted by Kiefer's father, Warren Bauer, who who has been attempting for months to get revenge on Kristina and Alexis for Kiefer's death, who hassles them over Kiefer and vows to bring them to court. However, Sonny readily comes to Alexis and Kristina's defense and, ascertaining that abusers learn their habits from others, openly accuses Warren of having abused Kiefer himself. Though Warren denies it, his reaction suggests otherwise. After Warren leaves, Kristina talks to Sonny about Kiefer, and finally begins to see the light under the tunnel with her father.

On July 23, 2010, Warren confronts Kristina at the hospital and attempts to hit her when she refuses to sign a release for her medical records. Before he can, Michael, having heard the commotion, rushes to Kristina's rescue, pummeling Warren senseless and nearly strangling him to death.

Hearing Kristina's cries for help, Ethan, Maya, Lucky, and Steven arrive and break up the fight. Warren fabricates his own version of the incident and demands that Michael be arrested, but Lucky and Mac quickly deduce the truth and cleverly make it impossible for Warren to press charges.

At this, Warren finally snaps and induces a shootout, critically wounding Mac and Ethan before turning his attention to Kristina. Michael nobly stands between Kristina and the gun, but before Warren can fire, Mac garners enough strength to fatally shoot him in the back. Warren uses his last words to condemn Kristina.

While Mac and Ethan are being treated, Carly takes Michael and Kristina into another room. In shock, Kristina frantically blames herself for Ethan's misfortune, insisting that none of this would have happened if she had just told everyone the truth about Kiefer in the first place. However, everyone, including Ethan, reassures Kristina that Kiefer set these events in motion and he and Warren are the only ones at fault.

On November 5, 2010, Sonny is finally discovered as the one who planted the bomb in Johnny's car. Initially appearing angry, Kristina confronts Sonny, but quickly softens and forgives him before proceeding to insist that the ordeal was her fault because she was constantly warned that pretending to date Johnny was dangerous. However, Sonny takes responsibility and apologizes, stating that out of all of the mistakes he has made in his life, the worst was his believing that Kristina was better off without him, reassuring her that he loves her more than anything. Kristina is deeply touched by Sonny's words, and the two finally mend fences.

Bus crash and family drama[]

In late December 2010/early January 2011, Kristina is among those caught in the ski resort bus crash and admitted to the hospital with hypothermia, but recovers, while her friend Ali is diagnosed with brain trauma. Ali goes into surgery, but tragically dies on the operating table. Kristina blames herself for Ali's death, insisting that Ali would still be alive if she hadn't convinced her to come with them on the trip, but Sonny comforts her.

During Sonny's wedding to Brenda Barrett, Kristina serves as one of the bridesmaids and is the one who catches the bouquet. During the reception, Kristina and Ethan discuss her improved relationship with Sonny and dance, during which Kristina claims that she will marry Ethan someday. However, after the wedding, the night turns black and ugly.

Brenda is captured by Theo Hoffman, who by this point has been outed as the Balkan, an international crime lord who has been after Brenda for months because she killed his son in self-defense, and Sam is caught in a bomb planted in Sonny's limo as a decoy, though fortunately, she survives with a concussion and temporary hearing loss because the limo was bomb-proofed.

Ethan takes Kristina and Molly home and stays with them while Jason and Alexis are visiting Sam at the hospital, doing his best to help them cope. During this time, Kristina admits her feelings for Ethan, but he lets her down gently because of his marriage to Maya, explaining that he cheats at cards but never on women. Knowing that Ethan and Maya only married for money, Kristina nonchalantly says she can wait for him.

While visiting Sam at the hospital, Kristina and Molly teach Sam some degree of sign language in the event that her hearing loss is permanent, all while having some fun at Alexis' expense. Later, while alone in the room with Kristina, Sam gets out of bed to stretch her legs out, only to pass out almost as soon as she sets foot on the floor, much to Kristina's shock and horror.

This incident brings back Kristina's painful memories of Ali's death, and she becomes terrified of losing Sam too, though Jason comforts her and convinces her to be strong for her sister. Fortunately, tests indicate that Sam merely fainted and she is perfectly fine.

On March 11, 2011, Kristina becomes jealous of how much time Michael is spending with ex-stripper Abby Haver and begins plotting to sabotage their friendship so she can have her brother back.

Kristina later sticks by her brother when his baby half-sister, Josslyn, was diagnosed with kidney cancer. That same night, Jake Spencer, Jason's son with Elizabeth Webber, is hit by a car and dies despite Patrick and Robin's best efforts to save him. Upon discovering from Max that Carly is one of the suspects in the hit-and-run, Kristina accompanied Michael to the police station and caused a distraction so Michael could steal Carly's car.

Lisa Niles[]

Kristina took up a job babysitting Patrick and Robin Drake's daughter Emma, and Lisa Niles offers to listen to her whenever she may need it. Unbeknownst to Kristina, Lisa is merely using her to have easy access to Robin and Patrick. To this end, Lisa begins giving Kristina addictive drugs, which she passes off as herbal supplements. When Brenda's long-lost son, Lucian, is revealed to be alive and begins bonding with Sonny and Brenda, Kristina begins to fear that Lucian will throw a wrench into the progress she and Sonny have made into repairing their relationship, but Ethan reassures her that Sonny still loves her and things aren't as bad as they seem.

On May 18, 2011, Ethan discovers Kristina has been taking hydrocodone. He warns Kristina about Lisa, leading to Kristina confronting Lisa about it. Lisa makes it seem like Kristina wanted the drugs and knew all long what she was really giving her.

Flirtation with Ethan[]


Kristina and Ethan

As Kristina's romantic feelings on Ethan re-emerged, she began to openly pursue him. Ethan's mixed signals towards Kristina for several months only compounded the problem, especially when he made his marriage to Maya seem like it was simply a business arrangement. This became an issue when Kristina boarded a plane to accompany Ethan to the Dominican Republic on June 9 so that he could obtain a quickie divorce from Maya, which lead to her father contemplating Ethan's murder when he discovered their trip to the Dominican Republic (with Alexis and Sonny assuming that they were going to get married). After a few days of fun in the sun and a humorous mix-up in the divorce officiator's office, her parents escorted the two back to Port Charles.

Sonny, in particular, seems especially against Ethan having any sort of relationship with his daughter and has threatened Ethan's life numerous times in order to reinforce that belief. Ethan, however, has been adamant about continuing his association with Kristina, with or without Sonny's approval. In a discussion about Ethan and Kristina's relationship, Alexis pointed out to Sonny that he had no problem with his son living with a woman ten years his senior, which lead to Sonny's retort that Michael's situation with Abby was different because Michael was "a boy."

Their trip to the Dominican Republic only stoked the flames of Kristina's desire to be with Ethan. On June 24, under the guise of planning a trip abroad for a college class, Kristina invites Ethan to the Lake House, where she created a romantic setting and flirted with him and, ultimately, kissing him upon Ethan's invitation to see if she still has feelings for him once they have kissed. After the kiss, Kristina informs Ethan that she still has romantic feelings for him, but their conversation is interrupted by Alexis and Molly coming home. Months later, Kristina was accosted by Anthony Zacchara , who threatened her as a means to get to Sonny. Ethan intervened, much to her relief, and turned Anthony away, causing Kristina to become grateful to Ethan. Ethan went to see Michael about Kristina's feelings towards him, but Michael pointed out that Ethan did little to dissuade her romantic feelings for him for several months. Afterwards, Ethan, Michael, and Abby formulated a plan that involved Ethan feigning interest in Abby in order to get Kristina to move on from Ethan. Kristina was not fooled by the deception, however.

After several months of sending Kristina mixed signals about their relationship, Ethan finally told Kristina on July 7 about her skewed perceptions about the two of them together. Kristina, while taken aback, is nonetheless determined to prove that Ethan does, in fact, care about her. In an attempt to protect Ethan, Kristina goes to see Johnny Zacchara, Ethan's employer and friend, with the request that he fire Ethan in an attempt to get him out of harm's way. Throughout all of this, Ethan himself has shown on numerous occasions that he could also be developing feelings for her, albeit conflicted, through the actions which he has taken in Kristina's honor, i.e. protecting her with an intensity that eventually caused Johnny to urge him to admit that he likes her. Johnny, in particular, calls Ethan out on having feelings for Kristina, and fires him.

On July 26, after leaving Johnny's penthouse with an irritated Ethan, Kristina gets mysteriously dizzy. And although she dismissed it as a head-rush, the worried look on her face leads the audience to believe otherwise.

Later, when Jax is seemingly killed in a plane crash orchestrated by Sonny, out of revenge for his perceived role in Brenda's departure, Kristina's animosity towards Sonny returns in full force, and she blasts him for this while he is being confronted by Alexis at the hospital. Kristina is approached Michael when he tries to get her to support Sonny in the wake of Jax's apparent death, and while she insists that she still loves her father, she refuses to condone his actions against Jax. Michael angrily berates and insults her for her refusal to support Sonny's actions against Jax.

Now with Kristina back from PCU, she is still determined to establish a romantic relationship with Ethan. Ethan, on the other hand, is hired by Johnny to find out what plan Skye Quartermine has with his father, Anthony. Kristna goes to the Haunted Star and offers to be Ethan's server for a card game with some highrollers. He coldly tells her to go because he doesn't want to see her hurt, just then Skye arrives with her eyes glued to Ethan. Ethan blows off Kristina to talk to Skye. Kristina leaves, clearly upset. While Ethan thinks he's alone with Skye, he begins telling her how messed up Kristina is, telling Skye that his friendship with Kristina is simply because he feels sorry for her; while Ethan and Skye are discussing Kristina, she is listening to the conversation at the doorway. She leaves, hurt and upset. Strangely, this scene is never again addressed, and the following scenes with Kristina seem to ignore what transpired. She goes to the hospital to see her sister Sam and to discuss the wedding when Ethan is brought up in their conversation. Kristina insists that her and Ethan's relationship is just like Sam and Jason's. Sam tells Kristina that her and Jason are in love whereas Ethan doesn't like Kristina more than a friend. This upsets Kristina and she storms off. While Kristina is walking by the docks she begins feeling light headed and collapses. She is then found by Anthony Zacchara. Her brother, Michael shows up and takes her to General Hospital.

At the hospital,Patrick Drake discovers that Kristina's dizzy spells are a result of a bone fragment causing pressure on her spinal cord, which both Alexis and Sam speculate may be a result of her beatings at Kiefer's hands. However, after initially being brought up by Molly, people begin to believe that the bone fragment was dislodged after she was blown up by Johnny's car, at the hands of Sonny. Kristina's doctor, Patrick, confirms this conclusion. When Sonny arrives to see her, Kristina initially wants him to leave, but eventually relents and allows him to sit with her. Ethan encourages her to get surgery to remove the bone fragment, even at the risk of being paralyzed. She agrees to it, and he promises to dance with her at Sam's wedding, whether or not she's in a wheelchair.

After the bone fragment was removed, Kristina lost all feeling in one of her legs. She was distraught and believed she would be paralyzed. While talking to Ethan one day, he playfully pokes her leg, and she realizes she can feel her legs again.

In early November, Kristina learns that she has been accepted at Yale University and we later learn that Alexis had Sonny pull some strings to get Kristina off the wait list, in an attempt to prevent Kristina from pursuing a job at Crimson with Kate Howard. On November 4th Kristina says goodbye to her family and friends at a going away party thrown by her parents. There, she makes peace with Sonny and Abby Haver. She also shares a special goodbye with Ethan, promising him that she will live her life to the fullest and give the guys at Yale a chance. After the party, Kristina left for Yale.

Kristina did not return to Port Charles for neither Thanksgiving nor Christmas.

Returning home and friction[]

Kristina returned on Friday, May 25, 2012 to confront her parents about how she really got in to Yale. Enraged she told them about the students at Yale finding out how she got in and teasing her calling her, Mob Princess. On Wednesday, May 30, 2012, Kristina both shocked and angered the family when she allowed cameras into Alexis' home against both her parents wishes for her new reality show entitled Mob Princess, about the family's drama. Kristina was feeling conflicted about the production of the show after Sam's baby "died", but upon Alexis calling her a brat decided to continue with the show.

Kristina has a crush on her show's producer, Trey Mitchell. He is aware of her crush and uses it to easily manipulate her. While Kristina pushes hard for Trey to see her in a romantic light, Trey seems to have no interest in her beyond using her to to Sonny. He constantly begs her to take trips to her father's home and warehouse. Even flaunting around a bikini trying to entice him to go swimming with her did not falter his interest in the mob. When she kisses him at the Haunted Star her feels nothing and tells her they should focus only on the show.


Kristina and Trey

While Kristina is home she discovers Molly is now dating a boy named TJ when she and her crew catch them on camera on the Fourth of July. Though difficult at first, Kristina is protective of her little sister, telling the crew to erase the footage of Molly and tries to hide Molly and TJ's relationship from Alexis. She stands by her little sister as they argue with Alexis over Molly's right to date.


Kristina finds out about Molly and TJ

Trey and Kristina often argue about the direction of the show. Kristina did not want Kate involved with the show but Trey wanted to air Kate's legal battle, including the admission that she suffered from dissociative identity disorder. Trey also wanted to include Starr's perspective since it was her boyfriend and child that had been killed and Johnny Zacchara's point-of-view since he had been a suspect before the confession. Kristina argued that the show was titled Mob Princess and should be centered around her.