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The following are notable characters from the American soap opera All My Children who do not warrant individual articles.


Greg Madden[]

Dr. Greg Madden
All My Children
Portrayed by Ian Buchanan
First appearance May 30 2005
Last appearance July 5 2006
Cause/reason Suffocated in a coffin by Tad Martin
Occupation Doctor
Residence Pine Valley, Pennsylvania

Dr. Gregory Madden is a fictional character from the soap opera All My Children, portrayed by Ian Buchanan from May 30, 2005 to July 5, 2006.

Dr. Greg Madden was a doctor specializing in fertility who first encountered Erica Kane and her new husband, Jackson Montgomery, on their honeymoon. Erica got the distinct feeling that she knew Greg from somewhere, which Greg denied. Greg later showed up in Pine Valley, where he encountered Erica again. Greg explained to Erica that he was opening a clinic in town, but Erica still could not shake the feeling that she knew him from somewhere.

Greenlee Lavery demanded that Greg give her the sperm of her husband Ryan, which was housed in the clinic that Greg bought. Greenlee explained that Ryan had had a vasectomy, so his frozen sperm was the only means to impregnate herself with his baby. Greg refused Greenlee's request, citing legal reasons.

Greg eventually used Ryan's sperm to impregnate Kendall Slater. Shortly after, it was revealed that he was the doctor who had performed Erica's abortion years ago in New York. Unfortunately for Erica, he hadn't disposed of the fetus -- he had implanted it into the womb of his barren wife, Emily, and his son Josh was actually Erica and Jeff's son. The reason he chose Erica for this controversial procedure was because he fell in love with her. Greg moved to Pine Valley after his wife's death to be close to Erica and try to make her love him as much as he loved her. When Erica found out about what he did, she plotted to kill him by poisoning him on three different occasions. The final attempt happened during an interview on her show, New Beginnings. Josh saved him at the last minute and figured out Erica's plan. Greg covered for her because he still believed he could win her over. He later attempted to kidnap Erica so they could start a new life together, but his plan was foiled when Tad Martin caught up with them on Madden's private jet and kidnapped the doctor.

He was also the doctor who had treated Dixie Cooney in Switzerland years earlier, and had convinced her to give her baby girl up for adoption when it was born.

On the night of June 5, 2006, Greg was kidnapped and buried alive by someone bent on finding Dixie's baby. Tragically, the coffin caved in on July 2, 2006 during a mild earth tremor, and two days later on July 4 his body was found (the earthquake caused the caved-in coffin to surface). It was revealed in October that Tad Martin had killed him.

Henry North[]

Henry North
All My Children
Portrayed by Kieran Campion
First appearance June 2, 2009
Last appearance September 2009
Cause/reason Hallucination By Randi Hubbard
Created by Charles Pratt, Jr.
Gender Male
Cause of death Smashed over the head with A bookend By Madison North
Occupation District Attorney
Residence Pine Valley, Pennsylvania

Henry North is a fictional character on ABC's daytime drama All My Children. He has been portrayed by Kieran Campion since June 2, 2009.

Henry North, the district attorney of Pine Valley, is attempting to prove that Kendall Hart Slater is the one responsible for the murder of Stuart Chandler. It will soon come to light that North shares a past with Randi Morgan and despite being married to wife Madison, wishes to reclaim it. After his attempted rape of Randi Hubbard, she hits him and he falls to the ground, unconsious. After she left, Henry's estranged wife, Madison, comes into his room and finishes the deed by killing him.

Madison North[]

Madison North
All My Children
Portrayed by Stephanie Gatschet
First appearance June 19th, 2009
Last appearance October 22nd, 2009
Created by Charles Pratt, Jr.
Gender Female

Madison North is a fictional character on ABC's daytime drama All My Children. She has been portrayed by Stephanie Gatschet since June 19th, 2009.

Madison is the wife of Pine Valley's District Attorney, Henry North. After Randi Hubbard assulted him, she finished the deed by murdering him. She is currently blackmailing Jesse Hubbard for seeing him and Randi leaving the hotel room with the body. Madison died after she was transferred to a New York hospital after a car accident with Frankie.