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Meredith Wolek
One Life to Live
Portrayed by Trish Van Devere
Lynn Benesch
(1969-1970; 1987)
Duration 1968-1970; 1987
First appearance July 1968
Last appearance 1987
Cause/reason Seen when Viki died and went to heaven
Created by Agnes Nixson
Nickname(s) Merie
Aliases Meredith Lord
Gender Female
Born December 1, 1950
Died August 8, 1973 (aged 22)
Cause of death Fall from Stairs like her Mother or a disease or Murder possibly
Occupation Volunteer at Llanview Hospital

Meredith Wolek was one of the original characters on the ABC soap opera, One Life to Live. She was in the show from 1968-1970 when she died and was she seen again in heaven in 1987 when her older sister, Victoria Lord, had an out of body experience and went to heaven. She was at first played by Trish Van Devere until 1969 but Lynn Benesch is more identified with the role until 1970 when her character has died and she is killed off the show after that and was not seen until 1987 after that year, she was no longer on the series due to her character's death.

Character History[]

‘Merrie’ as she was lovingly known suffered a tragic and short life. She was born right long before her mother died in late December 1965 as a result of sustaining a head injury from a fall down a flight of stairs during a violent argument with her father, Victor Lord. She also suffered from a blood disorder that could have killed her. And after she found out how serious her condition really was, she fled to San Francisco for a time before returning upon learning that Larry Wolek's face had been badly burned in a fire at the hospital

As an adult, her father pushed her to become engaged to Ted Hale even though she loved another man, Larry Wolek. Another woman, Karen Martin, wanted Larry Wolek for herself. Since Larry was from the "wrong side of the tracks" Victor Lord did not approve of him. Ted was then accidentally killed during an argument with Larry Wolek in 1979. Later, Tom Edwards, a stranger whom Merrie had met in the park, fell in love with her and she was also pushed into an engagement with him. Eventually, Tom saw that it was Larry Wolek whom she was in love with. Finally, Larry and Merrie married.

Merrie wanted to have children, so after a difficult pregnancy she had twins. However, one of the twins was stillborn which caused her to fall into a postpartum depression that was treated by Dr. Joyce Brothers.

She resided at 1177 Regency Drive at the Lord Llanfair mansion in the fictional city of Llanview, Pennsylvania a suburb of Philadelphia until she married Larry Wolek and then they moved into a garage apartment on the Llanfair estate.

Meredith was killed when thieves broke into her home, taking her, her baby, and her brother-in-law hostage in the process. During the situation, one of the gunmen shoved her away from the phone causing her to fall and hit her head. She was rushed to the hospital but suffered a massive cerebral hemorrhage.


  1. Though Victor questioned Meredith's paternity, it was never confirmed that that he wasn't her father.