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Nate Salinger
Nate Salinger.jpg
Lenny Platt as Nate Salinger
One Life to Live
Portrayed by Lenny Platt
First appearance April 12, 2010[1]
Created by Ron Carlivati
Nickname(s) Nate
Gender Male
Born 1994 (age 27–28)
Occupation Highscool student
Residence Llanview, Pennsylvania

Nathaniel Q. "Nate" Salinger is a fictional character from the original ABC Daytime soap opera, One Life to Live. The character debuted on August 12, 2010 being portrayed by Lenny Platt on a recurring basis.

Character History[]

Nate Salinger is first seen as a highschool student participating in the original school musical, "Starr Crossed Lovers". He has been cast as the in one of the plays leading roles, Cole Thornhart and he just happends to be working with Danielle Rayburn who is playing Starr Manning (her sister). Danielle's boyfriend, Matthew Buchanan is jealous of the time Nate and Dani must spend together. When Matthew's friend, Destiny Evans spies the two kissing at Buenos Dias Cafe, Destiny threatens to tell Matthew if Dani doesn't. Dani ultimately breaks up with Matthew so she can be with Nate.

While hanging out at the quary, Nate and Dani find a brief case filled with $50, 000 and Nate decides to take to his mom, Inez so she can pay the mortgage company. Nate later takes a summer job at the country club to help support his family and Matthew continues to make him miserable. Nate is later held hostage by a thug named Bull who is looking for the 50 grand. Bull calls Dani and demands that she get the money back or else Nate will die. Dani goes to her estranged father, Todd Manning for the money but Bull ups the stakes and wants 500 thousand instead of 50. As Todd and Bull face off, Dani frees Nate just before a shoot out begins. Todd shoots Bull but Starr accidentally shoots James Ford. It turns out the the money belonged to James's father, Eddie a criminal.

Inez decides to return the money to James and his brother Bobby but is shocked when she realizes that they are her sons whom she abandoned as children. Inez finally reveals the truth to all three of her sons revealing that Eddie didn't think he was Nate's father so he kicked her out before Nate was born. Nate is furious with his mom and turns to Dani for help but learns that her mother, Tea who is suffering from a brain tumor has chosen to die alone at a hospice. Dani convinces Nate to make up with his mom before it is too late.


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