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Roy DiLucca
General Hospital
Portrayed by Asher Brauner

A. Martinez

Duration 1978-1979, 1999-2002
Gender Male
Occupation Mobster
Formerly Undercover cop
Residence Miami, Florida

Roy DiLucca was a fictional character on the American soap opera General Hospital. Asher Brauner portrayed the role from 1978 until 1979. A. Martinez portrayed the role from 1999 until 2002.

Roy was partners with Luke Spencer at the Campus Disco. The two were actually working for mob boss, Frank Smith and using the club as a front. Senator Mitch Williams decided he wanted to crack down on organized crime in Port Charles. Roy met Luke's sister, Bobbie Spencer and they fell in love. They became engaged, but Bobbie returned the ring when her past as a prostitute was revealed. Frank wanted to test Luke's loyalty to him and ordered him to kill the Senator on election night. Luke became very depressed and ended up raping Laura Webber. Roy became the prime suspect in her rape until she finally came forward and said it wasn't him. Bobbie and Roy got back together. Laura cared about Luke and knew his plans to kill the Senator. She stole his keys and he was unable to do the job. Roy panicked and decided to take care of Mitch himself. Roy wounded Mitch but did not kill him. Roy was shot by security guards and later died.

In 1999 we learn that Roy was not dead, but was actually in prison for the last 20 years. He became an FBI informant in exchange for a reduced sentence, which allowed him to raise his daughter, Hannah Scott. Roy's last mission was to take down Sonny Corinthos. His daughter was sent to do the job, but she ended up falling in love with Sonny. Roy got a job in Sonny's coffee warehouse and gained his trust. Bobbie followed Roy to one of his mob meetings where she was kidnapped. Sonny arranged for her release and Roy decided to thank Sonny by revealing that he was an informant. When Roy confessed to Bobbie she threw him out. Roy was responsible for Jerry Jacks's arrest. Since he blew his cover he was sentenced to fulfill the remainder of his sentence. Roy was being transferred in a prison van where Sonny arranged for an accident that allowed Roy to escape.

Roy knew he would be free when a corrupt supervisor, Larkin, was exposed. Roy and Bobbie went to Florida to dig up dirt on Larkin. Before they were able to turn the evidence in, Larkin kidnapped Roy's daughter, Hannah. Sonny, Marcus Taggert, and Roy rescued her. Sonny received amnesty from the FBI and Hannah and Roy were no longer obligated to work for the FBI.

Bobbie found a letter from a woman, Melissa Bedford in Roy's apartment. Roy claimed that Larkin had put the letter in his apartment. Bobbie went to Chicago to visit Melissa. Bobbie learned that Roy and Melissa's brother, Leo, ran a club together. Roy and Melissa began dating. Roy was secretly collecting evidence that would have Leo arrested. After he was arrested, Melissa ended their relationship and refused to forgive him. When Roy found out that Bobbie went to talk to Melissa, he went to Chicago. He wanted to make amends. Melissa admitted that she did forgive him until her brother was killed in prison. Melissa moved to Port Charles and became a nurse working beside Bobbie. Bobbie tried to frame her for minor mess ups at the hospital. Bobbie was becoming very jealous. Melissa decided to fight back.

Carly went to Roy asking him to turn Sonny into the FBI. She wanted him to go into the witness protection program. Roy agreed, but when Sonny found out the plan he broke up with Carly and ended his friendly ties to Roy. Bobbie blamed Roy for the break up between Carly and Sonny. She ended their relationship and refused all attempts at a reconciliation. Eventually they parted on good terms.

Melissa and Roy decided to make a fresh start. They introduced themselves to each other as if they had never met. Sorel was the one who ordered the hit on Melissa's brother while he was in prison. Roy saw Melissa treating Sorel in the hospital and told her that he was the cause for her brother's death. When Sorel was murdered Melissa and Roy became suspects. The police suspected that the killer had medical training and Roy tried to convince Melissa to leave town for a while. After evidence showed that Sorel's daughter, Angel Sorel Ellis was actually the murderer Roy and Melissa were relieved. They grew closer. Roy continued to be partners with Luke and even became a private investigator for the Port Charles Police Department.

Edward Quartermaine became friendly with Melissa after he faked being mugged by Zander Smith. Edward rewrote his will leaving her half of his fortune. Edward had a heart attack one day after seeing Melissa. The Quartermaine family became suspicious and Melissa was reliefed of her duties at the hospital until an investigation was complete. Roy began to investigate Melissa's past. Edward removed Melissa from his will but Roy kept digging up her past. With the help of Lucky Spencer and Laura Spencer they found many patients that had died under Melissa's care. Melissa begged him not to go to the police with the evidence, but he did. Melissa was arrested and charged with murder.

When Jennifer Smith kidnapped Luke and Laura. Roy impersonated a priest and helped to rescue them. Roy helped Luke capture Helena Cassadine who had escaped from jail. Luke and Roy brought her to the police. Roy also helped Luke investigate who was behind the fake death of Carly. Someone had changed DNA results to make it seem that Carly had died in a car accident. They discovered that it was A.J. Quartermaine.

Roy and Felicia Jones were growing closer. they found a suitcase full of money in his apartment and spent it. Roy wanted to work for the mob and thought that he could go after Sonny. Felicia was concerned about Roy's desire for the mob life. Roy was contacted and offered a job by an unknown mobster. Roy later discovered that his new boss was Luis Alcazar. He had a great need to eliminate Sonny. Alcazar had set off a bomb at Sonny's warehouse and framed Roy for it. He used this over Roy to keep him in line and follow his orders. He really wanted out when Alcazar ordered him to kill Sonny. Roy refused and in retaliation he kidnapped Felicia's children. Felicia went to Roy and convinced him to do it to protect her children. Roy shot Sonny in front of a church. Alcazar did not know that Roy went to Sonny and they had set up the murder. Roy assumed he was finished with Alcazar, but he wanted him to kill Jasper Jacks. Alcazar knew that Roy wasn't going to do it so he went to do it himself. Roy was finally free from Alcazar's control when Sonny shot Alcazar at Brenda Barrett's cottage. In appreciation, Sonny offered Roy a job working for him in Miami. Roy refused at first and proposed to Felicia, when she refused he took the job and left for Miami.