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Ryan Lavery
Cameron Mathison as Ryan Lavery
All My Children
Portrayed by Cameron Mathison
First appearance January 12, 1998
Created by Megan McTavish
Nickname(s) Six pack (given to him by Kendall Hart)
Aliases John Ryan Curry (previously stated as his birth name)
Ryan Aloysius Lavery (full name)
Gender Male
Born January 18 1974 (37) [1]
Age (37) 1-7-11
Occupation Co-Owner of Fusion Cosmetics
Owner and CEO of Cambias Industries
Former con-artist
Title CEO
Residence Pine Valley, Pennsylvania

Ryan Aloysius Lavery is a fictional character from the American daytime drama All My Children, as portrayed by Cameron Mathison from 1998 to 2002 and from 2003 to present. The character has a daughter with ex-wife Annie, a son with Kendall Hart Slater, and was linked to Kendall's best friend and sometimes enemy Greenlee Smythe.

Ryan had one of the most memorable debuts within the soap opera medium. Going from "a globe-hopping con man with a dizzying rags-to riches-to rags path", the character emerged as one of daytime's "high profile" players.[3] His well-intentioned judgment calls often land him in more trouble than good, he is characteristic of the tragic hero, often seemingly unaware of this flaw.


Cameron Mathison stated that he had not expected to fulfill his dream of becoming an actor.

I come from a professional family. Being an actor wasn't in the cards. But I would go to the movies and think, 'I could do that.'[4]

Eight months after his first audition, he landed the role of Ryan Lavery. He detailed his love for portraying the character, but also acknowledged his interest in other acting fields:

I would love to move into prime time and films. That's a long-term goal for me. However, I consider myself very lucky to be working as an actor and on All My Children. If I had a long career in daytime, I would consider myself very lucky.[4]


Ryan's history has been retconned on more than one occasion. At one point, it was revealed that his birth name was John Ryan Curry[5] and that his mother, Gail Lavery, had an affair with Chris Stamp (Jack Scalia) that resulted in his birth. She had married Patrick Curry,[6] but later had taken back her maiden name and given it to her children. This was later re-written, and by January 2004, it was revealed that Ryan's full name was Ryan Aloysius Lavery[7] and that his father's name was actually Patrick Lavery.[8]


Ryan Lavery arrives in Pine Valley in January 1998 as a con man seeking riches. After getting hired at WRCW, he begins a scheme involving kickback funds. When station manager Liza Colby discovers this, she threatens Ryan with jail time. She says that she will send him to jail unless he marries Gillian Andrassy, who is about to be wed to her nephew, Scott.[9] Ryan and Gillian go through many ups and downs, but eventually fall deeply in love. Their romance ends in tragedy, however, when a hit man takes Gillian's life while trying to kill Anna Devane.[9]

After the death of his wife, Ryan spins out of control, causing him to drink often and take more risks.[9] He begins to come in "contact" with Gillian via psychic Opal Cortlandt. He is unsuccessful at trying to make Opal contact Gillian from the great beyond. In despair, he goes to his and Gillian's special place, the Wildwind turret, holding a candlelight vigil for Gillian, but accidentally sets the turret on fire and is knocked out in the process. Gillian appears to Ryan as a spirit, which revives him and he manages to escape. He is found later by his long-time friend Liza and the two make love out of their shared grief, causing her to become pregnant, which infuriates Adam Chandler.[9] Ryan meets Mia Saunders during a card game and immediately becomes involved with her. They grow closer when Mia relays to him that she and Liza are sisters and that she never knew her father. Ryan and Mia's relationship does not last, however. They drift apart.[9]

A ghostly Gillian orchestrates Ryan to meet Chris Stamp, who is new in town, when Ryan's mother dies (off-camera). Adam investigates Ryan's past, discovering that Ryan's father is a drug dealer. Ryan decides to leave town, but stays when he feels that he should learn more about his family's history.[9] Liza falls down some steps and loses Ryan's baby. Ryan blames Adam for "killing" his baby. Adding to the drama, Chris tells Ryan that he killed his father a long time ago. Ryan does not trust Chris, though, and tries to keep his distance from him.[9]


He meets Kendall Hart for the first time at the Pine Cone Motel. They argue all of the time, but somehow seem to be there for each other during difficult moments. Ryan saves Kendall from a burning room and resuscitates her. This is the start of something more between them, as two lost souls. They enter into a romantic relationship, often bickering but loving each other deeply.[9]

File:Ryan and Kendall.jpg

Ryan and Kendall, vulnerable to each other after sex.

Ryan manages to acquire a disc with information about drug lord Proteus (who has been terrorizing the citizens of Pine Valley). He hides it inside of a doll that belonged to Kendall. When Kendall discovers this, she blackmails Ryan, but he later retrieves it. In a shooting over the Proteus disk, Chris takes a bullet for Ryan and Ryan learns that he is Chris's biological son. The revelation causes Ryan to wonder if this is the reason his stepfather beat him, because he knew the truth. Ryan slowly builds a relationship with Chris.[9]

Ryan and Kendall's relationship deepens. Wanting to see Kendall happy, he tries to bring about a warmer relationship between Kendall and Erica Kane. Erica is Kendall's mother, and the two have a volatile history. Ryan wants to see them develop a mother-daughter bond, while he builds on his father-son bond with Chris.[9]Template:Quotation

Ryan remains committed to Kendall, despite her feelings of inadequacy. Ryan and Kendall plan to leave Pine Valley together, but their plans are halted. Kendall is accused of burning down Erica's home, suspicion cast her way due to her many threats toward Erica. Ryan and Kendall declare that they are deeply in love with each other, and Ryan defends Kendall to the whole town.[9] Trey Kenyon, Kendall's lawyer in the arson case, suggests that Kendall take a lie detector test to prove her innocence (Trey is the actual arsonist and is hiding this fact). Against Ryan's better judgment, Kendall takes the test and fails. Ryan believes Kendall is not telling the whole truth about the night of the fire, but despite her dishonesty, he proposes marriage to her at her grandmother's gravesite.[9]

File:Ryan's face as he last looks at Kendall before driving off, 2002..jpg

Ryan's face as he last looks at Kendall before driving off on his motorcycle in 2002.

Before their wedding day in the summer of 2002, however, Ryan walks in on Kendall in a compromising position with Aidan Devane. Kendall is actually trying to uncover information on Erica, but Ryan is unaware of this and believes Kendall to be a cheater. Extremely hurt, and this being one of many hits to his well-being, he decides to leave town. On his motorcycle, he looks back at a crying Kendall screaming after him. It is too late for them, he has decided and drives off, leaving Kendall to helplessly run after him in the middle of the night before giving up in despair.Template:Quotation

In August 2003, Ryan shows up in the Nevada desert. He meets Alexander Cambias, Sr., whose health is rapidly deteriorating. On his deathbed, Alexander leaves Ryan the Cambias fortune when he finds out that Michael Cambias raped Bianca Montgomery. He leaves the fortune with the simple stipulation that only if Alex has no living heir other than Michael, Ryan will receive the money. Ryan returns to Pine Valley and keeps his presence a secret from his old friends, with the exception of Edmund Grey. He soon reveals to the entire town that Alexander Cambias has left him in control of the entire Cambias fortune.

The announcement immediately causes conflict between Ryan and ex-fiancée Kendall, who claims to be married to Michael and thus the true owner of Cambias Industries. Michael's dead body shows up soon after. Even with these fights, the attraction between Ryan and Kendall is still there, and they have a night of passion together. After Michael's time of death negates Kendall's claim to the Cambias fortune, Ryan finds Kendall's sister, Bianca, holding a sonogram. He assumes that she is pregnant, but is shocked when Kendall snatches the sonogram and claims the baby is hers. Ryan refuses to believe the claim. He demands that a DNA test be taken to confirm what she says. Kendall passes the test, but Ryan puts various pieces of the past few months together and silently realizes that Kendall is not pregnant. He knows that she is claiming to be in order to help pregnant Bianca, who is actually carrying Michael's child. Ryan tells Kendall that he is dropping any suit against her that fought her pregnancy claim. He posts her bail when she is arrested for Michael's murder.

Triangle with Kendall and Greenlee[]

Kendall and Erica finally grow close, but Kendall continues to have trust issues. Despite her insecurities, she and Ryan reunite romantically, in what they feel is for good this time. He surprises her with a pouch that will make her appear pregnant. The two become engaged and plan to marry as soon as Kendall is cleared of murder charges. Ryan's friendship with Greenlee Smythe, however, eats away at what little security Kendall has. Her hatred for Greenlee is intensified when Greenlee rips off her dress in court, revealing a fake pregnancy. Kendall believes that Ryan has allied himself with Greenlee and wants her to go to prison. Hurt by her lack of faith in him, a furious Ryan breaks things off with her. Ryan finds it difficult to be with Kendall when she does not fully trust him. No matter his anger at Greenlee's courtroom antics, he sees how truly remorseful she is and the two build a deeper friendship, much to the dismay of Kendall.[9]

Bianca goes public with her pregnancy, and Ryan signs over the company to Bianca and her unborn daughter. Ryan is a great support for Kendall when Bianca's baby, Miranda, is presumed dead after a helicopter crash. Ryan helps Kendall cope with the traumatic loss, and the two grow closer. He is once again prepared to build a future with Kendall. But his friendship with Greenlee continues to upset her.[9]

In her efforts to keep Greenlee from being any part of Fusion Cosmetics (the company Greenlee started with Kendall), Kendall makes an announcement at a Cambias Industries board meeting: While Bianca was in control of the company (since Miranda's passing, it reverted back to Ryan), Kendall had a clause inserted that bars Greenlee from ever working at any Cambias owned company, including Fusion. Ryan views these actions taken by Kendall as wrong and asks her to stop feuding with Greenlee, to instead focus on his love for her. But Kendall finds that she cannot let go of her animosity toward the woman.[9] Furious, Ryan again breaks off his romance with Kendall. He proposes to Greenlee and says, as his wife, she will be co-owner of Cambias and can work at Fusion or any other Cambias company. Ryan vows that their marriage will be platonic. Trusting Ryan, Greenlee agrees.[9]

In May 2004, the two prepare to marry. But at the ceremony, Kendall arrives in place of Greenlee and professes her love to Ryan. She relays to Ryan that Greenlee approved the union and stepped back. Ryan is emotional, but when Greenlee appears and reveals that Kendall locked her in her hotel room to sabotage the wedding, his frustration is evident. Kendall and Greenlee fight, falling into a pool of water, as they duke it out. Ryan jumps into the pool after them and breaks up the fight. Ryan, let down that Kendall once again chose anger over their love, marries Greenlee.[9]

Life with Greenlee[]

To make sure that their marriage appears valid, Ryan and Greenlee move in together and pretend to be happy newlyweds. They grow close and the marriage of convenience becomes very convenient once he discovers he loves his wife and she returns his feelings.[9] The happy couple comes under attack when demons from his past, in the form of his troubled brother, Jonathan, come to town. Sometime after Chris's death, his journal is found, which reveals that Chris was not Ryan's biological father after all. All the troubles with Jonathan lead Ryan into a downward spiral, sending him into fight clubs and making him believe he should not be a father. Greenlee wants to prove him wrong by getting pregnant. Ryan fakes his own death in an effort to protect his wife and child from himself.[9] When he comes back, he discovers his wife has lost their baby and that Kendall is now acting as their surrogate, Greenlee having used his sperm donation to a clinic while he was presumed dead. Angry that he faked his death, Greenlee refuses to reunite with him, no matter how much he wants to be with her. Soon, it is revealed that the baby Kendall is pregnant with is actually her own baby with Ryan, not Greenlee's. Devastated by what she perceives as her friend's betrayal, Greenlee leaves town.

Annie and amnesia[]

After Greenlee leaves town, Ryan has a difficult time coping without her. In June 2006, Kendall gives birth to their son and names him Spike Lavery. At this point, Ryan believes he is in love with Kendall. He is unable to break up her happy marriage with Zach, however.

Ryan forms a close bond with Annie McDermott. Their bond becomes stronger after Erin Lavery (Ryan's sister) is killed; Ryan and Annie fall in love. In March 2007, Ryan learns that Annie's daughter, Emma, is really his daughter via sperm donation and he asks Annie to marry him.

Greenlee returns to town right after Ryan's wedding to Annie hoping for another romantic relationship with him. She announces she never signed her divorce papers and she and Ryan are still married, thus invalidating his marriage to Annie. Ryan is furious with Greenlee. After a quick divorce, he remarries Annie. Greenlee at first wants his son in her custody, believing that he should have been hers, but later drops the custody suit she pulled on Ryan and Kendall. Later, Spike becomes deaf.

Ryan is shot in the head while protecting Kendall from Zach Slater's ex-lover Hannah Nichols, but manages to survive. However, his behavior becomes erratic and unusual.

On February 1, 2008, he loses his memory, exactly four years of his life, thinking it is still 2004. He has forgotten about his marriage to Annie and his kids, Emma and Spike. He believes himself to be still engaged to Kendall and is lost when he discovers he is suffering from dissociative amnesia. He is in love with her, but there is one problem; she is now married to Zach. Ryan believes that Zach has stolen his entire life, due to the fact that Zach is now owner of Cambias Industries, a title that was given to Ryan by Alexander Cambias, Sr. when he was believed to be dead, and due to Ryan's son considering Zach to also be his father.

Some time after much upheaval of Ryan struggling to remember pieces of his life, especially his life with Annie, Greenlee has a sailboating accident when the sail hits her head. Ryan witnesses Greenlee getting hit and rescues her. Her accident makes her realize how much she wants her relationship with Aidan Devane to work. But when Ryan rescues Greenlee from her sailboat accident, the last four years of his life come rushing back to him. He fights his reawakened feelings of being in love with Greenlee as he watches how happy she and Aidan are together.

Back to Greenlee[]

Annie grows angry and hurt when she realizes that Ryan still loves Greenlee. She starts to scheme to keep Ryan around. She even gets pregnant, but Annie loses this baby when Kendall confronts her about her scheming. Annie later confesses to Ryan for doing some of the things Kendall mentioned (everything but killing Richie Novak, her brother) and tells him how sorry she is but that she does not expect him to forgive her. She asks Ryan to leave. Ryan, devastated and terribly hurt, leaves the hospital room. He receives comfort from his friends, especially Greenlee. He has Annie committed to Oak Haven after finding out that she murdered Richie and after she stabbed Erica Kane. He wants to be there for his daughter but also shows interest in helping Annie get better. However, he cannot deny his feelings for Greenlee any longer and asks her to marry him on December 30, 2008.

On January 27, 2009 Amanda goes to Ryan and Greenlee because she wants them to have her baby after she gives birth to the boy or girl. Amanda later changes her mind about wanting to give the baby up. Ryan and Greenlee plan to have their wedding on the same day as Reese and Bianca. On their wedding day, however, Ryan cancels the wedding after having seen Zach and Reese kiss the night before. He tells Greenlee that he knows Zach and Reese have been sleeping together and that he does not want to be married next to them, but promises her that he will give her the wedding of her dreams. Greenlee then tries to get in touch with Zach; she wants to know if he has really been having an affair with Reese. When Greenlee cannot get in touch with Zach, she drives off on her motorcycle in search of him. Also on the road are Zach and Kendall in a car arguing. Kendall ends up in the wrong lane and nearly hits Greenlee. Both try to swerve out of the other's way, leaving Greenlee to drive off the road. When Greenlee's body is not found, she is presumed dead.

Ryan and Kendall travel to identify Greenlee's body. They see her engagement ring and assume it is her. Afterwards, they engage in grief sex. Ryan feels bad afterwards because he feels like he betrayed Greenlee. Jack gives him a videotape that Greenlee wanted him to see in case something ever happened to her. In the video, she says that she wants him to be happy, whether it is with her or not.

Several months later, Ryan receives a champagne flute from Greenlee. After drawing several conclusions and taking into account that no one ever actually identified the body, he comes to believe that Greenlee is still alive.

On June 16, 2009 Ryan receives an early Christmas gift: two glasses with a marriage proposal on one and the acceptance on the other; Ryan assumes they came from Jack. He also receives a strange phone call from someone, but someone else on the other line prevents the caller from talking to Ryan.

Ryan tries to protect Kendall from being called Stuart's murderer. He blames Annie for being the murderer without any hard evidence against Annie. Ryan, Zach, Erica and Aidan try to protect Kendall because they do not think that she is the murderer. They think Annie is the murderer because, to them, she is psycho.

In November 2009, Ryan discovers Greenlee's medical records on David's computer, who claims he was using them for research into Amanda Dillon's pregnancy. It is later revealed that David has been keeping Greenlee in Massachusetts while she recovers.

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