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Sage Alcazar
General Hospital
Portrayed by Eileen Boylan
Katie Stewart
First appearance November 5, 2003[1]
Last appearance August 26, 2004[2]
Cause/reason Stabbed to death by Mary Bishop
Gender Female
Born February 27, 1988[3]
Died August 25, 2004 (aged 16)[4]
Occupation Singer
Highschool student

Sage Alcazar is a fictional character on the popular ABC daytime drama, General Hospital. The role was played by Eileen Boylan from November 5, 2003 to November 26, 2003 and by Katie Stuart from December 3, 2003 to August 26, 2004.

Character history[]

Sage Alcazar came to Port Charles with one thing on her mind: revenge. Sage had been stalking Alexis Davis for days, waiting for the right moment to mess with her life. Alexis had pushed her father, Luis Alcazar, out of a window, causing his death. Soon she meet Dillon Quartermaine who had seen Sage jumped off the dock and into the river, he jumped in after her and "rescued" her, not knowing she had done it on purpose. Later, she spooked Alexis at Luke Spencer's trial with her gun, but it only had blanks. Dillion was shot in the arm by Officer Lucky Spencer when Dillion grabbed the gun from Sage. Sage began pursuing Dillon who had a girlfriend Georgie Jones. She convinced her uncle to make Dillon her bodyguard. Dillon & Georgie soon broke up when Tracy tricked Georgie into breaking up with Dillion to protect him. Heartbroken, Dillon fell into bed with Sage. Sage told Dillon that she had been a virgin and that their night together meant something to her. She was crushed when he said he wished it had never happened. She ran to her uncle and begged him to take her out of town, but he told her she couldn't run from those she cared about. Sage then decided to stay and pursue a relationship with Dillon.

For a while, Dillion and Sage were together, but his heart belonged to Georgie and he mostly used Sage for sex, nothing more. When Dillion got back together with Georgie, Sage was heartbroken. Tracy encouraged Sage to seduce Dillon and get pregnant. Sage refused and tried her own tactics to keep Dillon. But Dillon broke up with her anyway and got back with Georgie. He continually rebuffed her attempts to get close to him again. Tracy had threatened to send Dillion away to military school, so Sage agreed to help Tracy smear Georgie's name so Dillion would break up with her. Tracy made Sage take naked photos of Georgie showering in the locker room and then they posted the pictures from GH to make it look like Georgie was selling nude photos of herself on the Internet.

A few weeks later, at Tracy and Jax's engagement party, Alcazar brought Sage to make up with Dillon. Then Ned approached Alcazar to invest in the recently revived L&B in order to spite Tracy for what she did to Sage. Alcazar agreed as long as Sage could audition to be a singer. Sage was very excited, especially since Dillon was already working for Ned at L&B on music videos. Soon, Ned's daughter Brook Lynn had run away from home & came to Port Charles. Her mother Lois wanted her to sing for L&B, She refused. Sage didn't get along with Brook very well since Brook was constantly complaining that Sage's uncle was not good enough to be involved with her mother.

Jealous that Dillion was spending so much time with Sage, Georgie decided to pull a prank. Unfortunately, Sage got injured and strained her vocal cords after Georgie's prank went out of control. Lorenzo was furious and removed his financial investment, but Sage convinced him not to pull his investment in L&B Records. When Brook wanted to hold a séance to communicate with Lila beyond the grave, Sage saw her opportunity to scare everyone and get back at Georgie for her prank. With the help of her friend Trent, she made it appear that Lila's spirit had come back and was moving things around. Then, she pretended that she had been stabbed. When the others found out they yelled at her. She yelled back and taunted Georgie that Dillon still wanted her. Georgie had finally had enough and locked Sage in the basement freezer. Felicia found out and the whole group went downstairs to get her out, but they found Sage dead instead. She was murdered by Mary, who was after Emily but killed Sage by mistake. Afraid that Lorenzo would come after Georgie for locking Sage in the freezer, Dillon tried to fall on his sword for her. But Lorenzo told Dillon he was grateful to him for being Sage's friend and for getting to know her. He also gave Dillon a letter Sage had written for him but never sent a few weeks before. Dillon read the letters and the poem accompanying it to Brook, Georgie, and Lucas. All of them realized they should have given Sage more of a chance.