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Sarah Webber
General Hospital
Portrayed by Jennifer Sky (1997-1998)
Sarah Laine (2002)
First appearance July 12, 1997
Last appearance July 10, 2002
Cause/reason Moved to Sarejevo.
Created by Richard Culliton & Karen Harris
Born 1980 (age 41–42)
Occupation Doctor
Residence Sarejevo

Sarah Webber is a fictional character on the popular ABC soap opera, General Hospital. She was played by Jennifer Sky (June 12 1997 to June 3 1998) and Sarah Laine (January 19 2002 to July 10 2002). Sarah is the sister of Elizabeth Webber.

Character History[]

Sarah came to Port Charles to take care of her grandmother, Audrey March Hardy, after she had brain surgery. Lucky Spencer was instantly attracted to her. They became close friends. Shortly after Sarah arrived, her younger sister Elizabeth Webber showed up in Port Charles. She tried to sabotage Sarah every chance she got.

The first time Sarah met Nikolas Cassadine she did not like him. After she got to know him, they began dating and came very close to making love. Nikolas was shot in the throat and then suffered a stroke. He started to push Sarah away. Sarah started to ask Emily Quartermaine to deliver notes to Nikolas for her. When Sarah started to think that Emily was getting too close to Nikolas she told the Quartermaines about Emily's trips to go see Nikolas. Nikolas befriended Robin Scorpio and admitted that since the stroke, his feelings for Sarah had changed. They broke up.

Sarah became interested in Lucky, but Lucky was now interested in her sister Elizabeth. After Elizabeth's rape, Sarah and Elizabeth started to bond. Audrey arranged for the girls to go see their parents in Europe. Sarah left Port Charles and returned in 2002. The old tension between Elizabeth and Sarah began to resurface. When Sarah returned she was instantly attracted to Lucky. Both Sarah and Lucky did not want to hurt Elizabeth and started to see each other behind her back. When Elizabeth found out she stopped talking to both of them. Sarah was now able to openly date Lucky, but she left town again. She went back to Europe to be with her parents.