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Dr. Schuyler Joplin
Scott Clifton as Schuyler Joplin
One Life to Live
Portrayed by Scott Clifton
First appearance January 9, 2009
Last appearance April 9, 2010
Created by Ron Carlivati
Nickname(s) Schuy
Gender Male
Born March 12, 1980 (1980-03-12) (age 42)[1]
Occupation Medical Student
Residence Llanview, Pennsylvania

Dr. Schuyler Joplin is a fictional character from the original ABC soap opera, One Life to Live. Scott Clifton debuted in the role in January 2009. In a shocking change of events, Clifton was let go in early March 2009 when the writers decided to change a few storylines. Clifton last appeared on April 9, 2010, when his character went to prison.

Character History[]

New Llanview High School teacher Schuyler Joplin befriends student Starr Manning in January 2009 on the heels of the suicide of his mother, Dr. Leah Joplin (Maureen Mueller).[2][3] On August 20, 2008, Todd Manning had visited Dr. Joplin[4][5] — his estranged daughter Starr's obstetrician — and blackmailed her into helping him steal Starr's child after birth rather than let Starr put the baby up for adoption. Todd had discovered that as a teen, a drug-addicted Schuyler had stolen drugs from Llanview Hospital, and that Dr. Joplin had covered it up.[6]

[7] Though disgusted by Todd's intentions and guilt-ridden over the plot, Dr. Joplin capitulates to Todd's demands (after failing to convince him to change his mind) in order to protect her career. However, the infant is switched at birth with Jessica Buchanan's daughter, who had been stillborn due to Rh disease.[8][9] Thinking she had failed to diagnose the easily-treated syndrome and caused the newborn's death, Dr. Joplin shoots herself in her office and dies on December 4, 2008.[10][11]

In March 2009, a distraught Starr kisses Schuyler in the school hallway. She later tries to seduce him, and her ex-boyfriend Cole Thornhart becomes convinced that Schuyler is the one trying to seduce his underage student; Cole reports the incident, and Schuyler is suspended from his teaching position. Schuyler's ex-girlfriend Stacy Morasco comes to town, and he stumbles upon her plot to steal her sister Gigi's boyfriend Rex Balsom through blackmail. Stacy forces Gigi to break up with Rex, and in June 2009 Schuyler helps Gigi turn the tables on Stacy. He soon develops feelings for Gigi but refuses to tell her; when he finally does, he and Gigi grow closer. Rex and Gigi reunite, but their relationship falls apart when Stacy is revealed to be pregnant after sleeping with Rex while he and Gigi were separated. Gigi is drawn to Schuyler, and they begin a relationship; meanwhile, Schuyler determines that he is actually the father of Stacy's baby, but Stacy convinces him to keep the secret so that Gigi will not reunite with Rex. Rex learns that he is not the baby's father just as Stacy gives birth to Sierra Morasco. Stacy dies soon after; Gigi breaks up with Schuyler for keeping the secret, and states her intention to challenge him for custody of Sierra.

Mitch Laurence[]

Shortly after taking Sierra home, and his roommate Rachel returns to Chicago, Allison Perkins shows up. Perkins is working for Rex's father, Mitch Laurence. She pulls a gun on Schuyler and when he turns his back to get to Sierra, she drugs him. When Schuyler wakes up, he finds that both Sierra and Allison are gone and his lawyer, Tea Delgado is at the door. He eventually tells her what happend and shows her a message from Allison warning him not to tell anyone and wait for further instrustions.

Allison instructs Schuyler to break Mitch out of maximum security prison and she'll return Sierra. Mitch fakse a heart attack and Schuyler pretends he is taking him to the hospital but instead takes him hostage by locking himself in the infermery with Mitch. He then injects Mitch with a lethal drug that will stop his heart unless Mitch gets Allison to bring Sierra back. When Allison arrives, she reveals the shocking truth that Sierra is Mitch's granddaughter Schuyler is his son. Leah was Allison's older sister. Allison tells the two Schuyler was sick at birth and she switched him with a healthy Rex who was abandoned at the hospital. Roxy doesn't know that Rex isn't her son and takes him to see Mitch who is going to prison. Meanwhile, Allison finds that Leah has managed to keep Schuyler alive. Allison tells her that she is the mother but she doesn't want to raise it. Leah gladly adopts the child but doesn't expect that her husband will run off.


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