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Skye Chandler Quartermaine
Skye quartermaine.jpg
Robin Christopher as Skye Chandler Quartermaine
All My Children
One Life to Live
General Hospital
Portrayed by Antoinette Byron
(AMC, 1985-1986)
Robin Christopher
(AMC, 1986-1992)
Carrie Genzel
(AMC, 1996-1997)
Robin Christopher
(OLTL, 1999-2000;
GH, 2000-2008)
Duration 1985-1986, 1986-1992, 1996-1997, 1999-2000, 2000-2008
First appearance 1986 (AMC)
August 3, 1999 (OLTL)
April 25, 2000 (GH)
Last appearance July 2000 (AMC)
April 10, 2000 (OLTL)
January 11, 2008 (GH)
Created by Wisner Washam
Aliases Antoinette Patterson
Skye Cudahy
Skye Kinder
Skye Davidson
Skye Jacks
Gender Female
Born August 15, 1965 (1965-08-15) (age 56)[1]
Occupation Former E.L.Q. Board Member
Former Executive and CEO of Chandler Enterprises
Residence Narrowed down to New England, the Caribbean, or Europe

Skye Chandler Quartermaine (born Antoinette Patterson Chandler, formerly Cudahy, Kinder, Davidson, and Jacks) is a fictional ABC soap opera character. Skye has been a regular character on all of ABC's current soap operas: All My Children (1986-1992, 1996-1997), One Life to Live (1999-2000), and General Hospital (2000-2008). No other character holds this distinction.[3] She has been portrayed by three different actresses, but the primary one has been Robin Christopher.

Character History[]

All My Children[]

Skye arrived in Pine Valley in 1985. It was revealed that she was Adam Chandler’s daughter by his first wife, Althea. Skye formed a close relationship with her uncle Stuart being that he was the only person who understood her. She settled down and married Tom Cudahy. Skye attempted to burn down a home where Cindy Parker (an AIDS carrier) lived with her son, Scott. After learning they were still inside, she made an attempt to rescue them but was overcome by fumes. She fell into a coma and awakened to find that Tom had grown close to Barbara Montgomery. She later kidnapped Barbara which caused Tom to have her committed. After being released, she began dating Jeremy Hunter. Feeling that she wasn’t good enough for him led her to become an alcoholic. After getting passed her addiction, Adam enlisted her help to spy on Palmer Cortlandt, his long time enemy. Adam wanted her to date Will Cortlandt, Palmer’s nephew in order to get information from him. But, Palmer planned on doing the same thing. The two eventually fell for each other. Adam & Palmer forbade them to see one another leading to secret meetings. Skye wasn’t willing to give the relationship a chance and shut Will out. She moved to Minnesota to work with recovering addicts.

Off Screen[]

Skye left Minnesota for New York City where she met & married Dr. Jonathan Kinder. After Skye discovered he was using experimental drugs on patients and killing them, he drugged her and locked away her to keep her from ratting him out. He brought her with him to Pine Valley and locked her up in a mansion just outside of town.

Return Pine Valley[]

Janet Green, Kinder’s assistant was kidnapped and locked in the mansion with Skye after she became suspicious of him. Skye was going by the alias “Toni” at the time. While Janet tried to find help, Skye found Dimitri Marick who was having an affair with Maria Santos (his sister-in-law). She later met Edmund Grey, Maria’s husband who she develops a crush on. The crush turned into an obsession. She paid a lab technician to switch the paternity of Maria’s unborn child from Edmund to Dimitri. Edmund never gave in to Skye's advances & reunited with Maria to raise baby Maddie. Skye tried to tell the truth but she could never find the words – so she wrote it in a letter then sent it to Maria. Maria “died” in a plane crash on her way to Pine Valley. Skye promised to help Edmund raise the baby but he began losing his hearing. Every time she tried to tell him the truth about Maddie, he wasn’t hearing her. Dimitri then sued for custody of Maddie. After taking Maddie to the doctor for a check up, he learned the truth. Dimitri threatened to kill Skye if she ever told revealed Maddie's true paternity. Skye finally admits the truth to Edmund after Dimitri had taken Maddie to Budapest. Skye asked Adam to help her make a clean get away. Adam tried to convince her to stay and clear her name, but she didn’t have the strength to fight anyone and vanished.

One Life to Live[]

Skye arrived in Llanview in the summer of 1999 at the request of Asa Buchanan. Asa wanted her to help him destroy Dr. Ben Davidson, his foe. The two used Asa’s money to get Ben’s medical license revoked. Skye got a job as the editor of Styles magazine, which was a branch of Llanview’s local newspaper the Banner. Skye got very friendly with the publisher, Viki Carpenter and interested in Viki’s relationship with Ben. Skye finally revealed that she was Ben’s wife at a party in front of most of the town. Ben assumed the marriage was annulled, but Skye never filed the papers. She then went on to say she never sealed the deal because she was pregnant and she and Ben had a son. Skye later admitted to lying about their child and signed the divorce papers allowing Viki & Ben to be together. Skye then blackmailed Max Holden when she found out the he wasn’t really Asa’s son, and he knew who the real Buchanan was. Max slept with her to keep the secret but she told Max’s then wife, Blair Cramer. Skye & Max renewed their affair. Skye was later framed by Todd Manning for shooting Max, who was actually shot by Blair. Detective John Sykes helped Skye get out of jail after he discovered that she was his girlfriend, Rae Cummings daughter. Skye & Max then set up Todd so he would admit the truth that Blair shot Max. Not only did he rat out Blair, but he also announced to an entire room of people that Skye was really Rae’s daughter. Skye didn’t believe it until Adam came to visit her and said the Althea adopted Skye as an infant. She then broke things off with Max.

General Hospital[]

Skye asked Rae who her father was, but Rae refused to tell her until she talked to him first. So when Skye overheard that Rae was going to Port Charles to tell her father about her, she jumped on a plane and got there first. She tailed Rae to General Hospital and saw Rae trying to talk to Alan Quartermaine. Alan was very busy and put Rae off, so she showed up at the Quartermaine mansion that evening, just before Alan and Monica's ceremony to renew their wedding vows. The whole truth came out that Alan's father, Edward, had paid for the baby (Skye) to be taken away and both Alan and Rae were told that the baby had died.

Alan and Edward welcomed Skye to the family, but most of the other family members were not so happy, especially after Edward gave Skye shares in the family company, ELQ. When Skye's new sister, Emily, was in danger, Skye gave her money to leave town, partially to help her and partially because she was jealous of Emily's close relationship with Alan. But Emily didn't make it far out of town, when she was in a train wreck and ended up back in General Hospital, unable to walk. Alan was furious when he later learned about Skye giving Emily the money, but the two later reconciled after Alan accidentally heard Skye speaking at an AA meeting about what had happened. AJ Quartermaine found out that Skye had given Emily the money and blackmailed her with the information. But as the new brother and sister became closer, AJ and Skye began to work together to get AJ's son Michael back from his ex-wife, Carly.

Skye began falling for the corporate raider Jasper Jacks. He seemed to be the only one able to understand her and care for her despite the things she did to others. When he tried to scare her off by informing her that he didn't feel capable of loving a woman again, Skye took it as a challenge. She created several excuses for Jax to come to her rescue, including faking harassment by Sonny Corinthos. But Skye wound up locked in the boat house for real and escaped by swimming the frigid waters of the lake. Jax found her nearly frozen on the shore and used his body heat to warm her. They became a couple shortly afterwards.

When Edward wanted to take down Jax, he played on Skye's insecurities regarding her relationship with Jax. Skye signed an agreement to use her close relationship with Jax to steal information about his family's holdings. But when Jax proposed to her, Skye wanted out of her deal with Edward. Edward threatened to expose their deal to Jax and had a stroke while arguing with Skye at her engagement party. While Edward was in a coma, Ned discovered a copy of the contract and forced Skye to tell Jax the truth. Coldly, Jax dumped Skye and she went on a drinking binge. She blacked out and woke up later in Edward's room. The plug on his respirator had been pulled, and Skye feared she had done it in a drunken stupor. Afraid of being arrested for murder, she quickly fled and went into hiding. After tricking Edward into "waking up" from his fake coma and confessing that he had pulled his own plug, Jax found Skye and told her she was off the hook. He eventually forgave her and the pair resumed their engagement. After Skye and Jax exchanged vows, a ghost from Jax's past showed up to congratulate him: Brenda. She wasn't dead after all and had stayed away from Port Charles due to her mental illness. Not aware of Brenda's return, Skye was suspicious when Jax postponed their honeymoon to rush off on a secret business mission.

Jax got shot while protecting Brenda and was temporarily paralyzed. Skye finally met Brenda face to face when she found the brunette sitting at Jax's bedside. Upset and jealous at first, Skye was somewhat relieved to learn that Brenda was dying and didn't plan to try to win Jax back from Skye. Skye even encouraged Brenda to continue helping Jax in his recovery. But Jax didn't feel it was right to tie Skye to a crippled husband and enlisted Brenda's help in pushing her away. Hurt, Skye decided to look into Brenda's illness and prognosis. She discovered that the doctor who had diagnosed Brenda's illness had been paid off by Luiz Alcazar to falsely declare Brenda mentally ill. But Skye kept this piece of information to herself. When Jax found out that Brenda wasn't dying and that Skye knew, he demanded a divorce from Skye so that he could be with Brenda. Furious, Skye told Jax he was in for a hell of a fight. Feeling sorry for herself, Skye fell off the wagon and started drinking again. Eventually the divorce went through and Jax got engaged to Brenda. The night of their engagement party at the Quartermaine's, both Skye and Alcazar showed up but were thrown out. They ended up in bed together at his hotel suite and Skye passed out afterwards. When she woke up, she heard Brenda arguing with Alcazar in the next room before passing out again. She awoke later to discover that Alcazar had been pushed off the balcony to his death. Seeking revenge on Brenda, Skye told the police she saw Brenda kill Alcazar. But her constant state of drunkenness discredited her testimony. Skye later became the prime suspect after the real killer got Jason and Brenda off the hook. Skye eventually remembered seeing Alexis Davis push Alcazar that night.

Still wanting Jax back, Skye went to his wedding with a loaded pistol in her purse, prepared to shoot the happy bride. But she watched in awe as Jax told Brenda at the altar that he couldn't marry her because she had kissed Sonny Corinthos the night before. Gloating happily, Skye went to see the jilted bride in her suite later to tell her she got what she deserved. Although Jax didn't return to Skye, he did come to her rescue a few more times. When Skye and AJ kidnapped baby Kristina, Skye confessed her crime to Jax. Jax also helped Skye when Tracy came to town to blackmail Skye with the information that she wasn't a Quartermaine after all. Jax tried to charm Tracy into revealing the proof behind her claim. But Skye decided to just tell the family and Alan surprised them all by stating that Skye would always be his daughter. When Rae finally confirmed Tracy's allegations, Skye announced she no longer had a mother. Jax tried to cheer Skye by getting Ned to offer her a job at ELQ. Alan later legally adopted the adult Skye as his own child.

After bonding with baby Kristina during her kidnapping, Skye decided she wanted her own child and asked Jax to father it. He turned her down and Skye later found out that she wouldn't be able to carry a baby to term. Devastated, Skye became somewhat fixated on Ned and baby Kristina. Skye became a sort of surrogate mother for Kristina since Alexis wasn't allowed custody of her daughter. Skye tried to get Alexis out of Kristina's life for good by bringing over Alcazar's look-a-like brother, hoping that Alexis would freak out. But Alexis didn't react, which made Skye suspicious that Alexis was faking her illness. When Skye figured out that the new Quartermaine butler was really Alexis in disguise, she tricked Alexis into revealing everything, including faking her illness, to the judge. Alexis retaliated by getting Stefan to discredit Ned so that Alexis would gain custody of her daughter. When the girl Stefan had hired to accuse Ned of rape was later proven to be lying, Alexis was arrested for hiring the girl. During her trial, Ned tried to fight Alexis for custody and sued her for slander. But in the middle of the trial, he dropped his pursuit of custody. Furious, Skye then dumped Ned. She moved out the mansion and back to the lake house she had shared with Jax.

But soon Skye wasn't alone in her new abode. Luke had decided to hide out from the cops at the lake house and convinced Skye to help him continue to hide. Although she verbally protested, she continued to cover for Luke whenever someone came looking for him. They decided to pair up to dupe the Quartermaines out of money so that Luke would have some cash to go on the run with. But soon he happened upon the Dead Man's Hand. Skye didn't believe the old cards were worth anything until Jax reappeared in town in pursuit of them. Still having a soft spot for Jax and his family, Skye tricked Luke and gave Jax one of the cards that Luke had stolen from AJ. But Skye was less than thrilled to learn that Jax seemed to have a new woman in his life: Sam.

Skye saw through Sam right away and tried to get her to leave Jax alone. After the hunt for the Dead Man's Hand ended in John Jacks' death, Skye expressed her sympathies to Jax. Then she became partners with Luke and Sam in a new casino on the ship the Haunted Star. Luke managed to dupe Sam out of her ownership of the boat. When he found some money hidden aboard and used it to fund the new casino, Faith showed up and claimed the money as hers. So Faith became a partner in the casino as well. When Luke took off and left a note that he was "gone fishing" right before opening night, Skye was forced to work with Faith by herself. When the casino was robbed on opening night, Skye accused Faith of being behind it. In order to protect Luke and herself from Faith, Skye had Justus draw up a contract and made Faith sign it.

Luke finally returned to town and Skye chewed him out for leaving her to deal with opening night. But Luke had bigger things on his mind, including a sunken treasure which had brought Helena back to town. He planned to steal it on the night the Cassadines and Quartermaines were auctioning it off. When a fire broke out at the PC Hotel where the auction was taking place, Skye found Luke unconscious in a janitor's closet. She revived him and together they eventually made their way to the Versailles Room. Luke quickly took charge of the chaos there and made everyone draw numbers to determine the order they would be rescued by helicopter. Luke tried to give Skye his number but she refused. When it came time for him to leave, Skye ran out to the landing pad and gave him a passionate kiss goodbye. Later, after the fire was over and they were both safe, they tried to pretend that the kiss never happened.

Before the fire, Edward had altered his will to make Skye his sole heir despite not being a real Quartermaine. Thrown for a loop by the news, Skye nearly fell off the wagon again, helped by Tracy who wanted ELQ for herself. But Luke snapped Skye out of it and she vowed to take on Tracy sober. Since the Quartermaines were in danger of being held liable for the fire at the hotel, Justus and Tracy persuaded Edward to act senile in order to escape liability. But Tracy wanted to take full advantage of the situation and have Edward committed to a mental hospital. So Edward escaped and Skye and Luke hid him at her lakehouse.

Their romance would always be paved with detours. When Luke married Tracy to get his hands on Helena's stolen millions, Skye realized that she and Luke were not destined to be together. She moved on with Lorenzo Alcazar. Initially the relationship was casual but both, having been hurt by people they loved, started opening up to each other. When a deadly virus swept Port Charles and Skye fell ill, Lorenzo made the decision to switch Skye's medical chart with Lulu Spencer's so that Skye would receive one of the few doses of the antidote that they hospital had. Skye would resent Lorenzo for risking Lulu's life for hers. Eventually though, Skye does forgive Lorenzo and they resume their relationship.

Skye was given a miracle when she learned that she was pregnant. Realizing what a gift she had been given, Skye was determined to keep her child from the violence that plagued Lorenzo, the baby's father. Lorenzo Alcazar was not happy with the decision and tried everything to convince Skye to reconsider. Skye refused and turned to Robert Scorpio for help. He managed to help Skye flee the country so that she could have her baby in peace and live in safety far from Lorenzo's reaches. They underestimated Lorenzo's determination. He caught up with Skye just as she went into labor. The birth of her daughter, Lila Rae, changed Skye profoundly. She realized that she had no right to deny Lila a relationship with her father. To protect that connection, Skye would make some heart breaking decisions that would drive a deep rift through her family.

When one of Lorenzo's associates took the Metro-Court hostage, Skye decided to protect Lorenzo's secrets not realizing that at that very moment her father, Alan, was inside the Metro-Court suffering what would prove to be a fatal heart attack. Skye was devastated at the loss of her father even more so when she realized that Lorenzo had lied to her. hinking that Lorenzo had amnesia, Skye felt she had no choice but to temporarily run Lorenzo's criminal empire. It put both Skye and Lila in a very dangerous situation but more than that, it showed Skye that Lorenzo did not fully trust her. Skye decided to leave Lorenzo only to learn that he was not going to let her go with their daughter. Having recently lost his son Diego to mob violence, Lorenzo saw Lila as his last hope at happiness. He had his daughter spirited out of town and refused to let Skye know where she was. Skye grew desperate, fearing what Lorenzo's upbringing may do to their daughter. Skye felt she had no choice but to turn to Lorenzo's rival, Sonny Corinthos and her brother, Jason Morgan for help. Jason and Skye were anything but close but they both loved Alan so they were united in seeing Lorenzo pay for his role in his death. As planned, Skye pretended to reconcile with Lorenzo until she earned enough of his trust to decide to bring their daughter home. The moment Lila was returned to Skye she contacted Sonny and let him know. On the eve that Lorenzo intended to take Skye and Lila out of the country to start their new chapter as a family, Skye let Jason into their home. Skye was with Lila Rae, rocking her and singing a lullaby, while in another room Jason shot and killed Lorenzo.

Skye pretended that Lorenzo had left her and cut off all contact with her. Ric didn't believe her and eventually found a tape that recorded Lorenzo's murder. Unfortunately he failed to convince a jury. Skye stuck to her story that she had no knowledge of Lorenzo's murder and Carly and Jerry Jacks manufactured evidence that Lorenzo was alive and well.

On March 31, 2010, Skye will make her return to Port Charles.

Return to GH[]


  1. Ross Chandler brings Skye a gift in August 1989 before she leaves town.
  2. Stated on-air on All My Children on February 23 2000.
  3. Angela Baxter Hubbard (portrayed by Debbi Morgan and Saundra Quarterman) has been a regular character on All My Children and two daytime dramas which are now defunct: Loving and The City. Her son Frankie Hubbard (portrayed by Durrant Murphy Jr., Z. Wright, Alimi Ballard, Jason Olive, and Cornelius Smith Jr.) was also a regular character on these three series.

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