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Dr. Steve Webber
Steve Webber-Reeves.jpg
Scott Reeves as Steve Webber
General Hospital
Portrayed by Martin Hewitt
Shaun Benson
Scott Reeves
(December 9, 2009-present)
First appearance 1979
Aliases Peter Taylor, Jr.
(named when illegally adopted)
Gender Male
Born 1977 (age 44–45)[1]
Occupation Chief of Staff
Residence Port Charles, New York

Dr. Steven Lars "Steve" Webber is a fictional character from the ABC soap opera, General Hospital. Born 1977, the character has only been portrayed by 3 actors. He was portrayed by Martin Hewitt as an infant. In September 2004, the character returned being portrayed by Shaun Benson. Steve was written off canvas in May of 2005. Most recently, Scott Reeves was cast in the role and made his debut in December 2009 on recurring status.[2]

Character History[]


After recovering from a gunshot wound, Jeff Webber was being comforted by Monica Quartermaine who felt guilty about his suicide attempt. Heather Grant would later confess to Jeff that she was pregnant. Jeff told her to get an abortion so he could be with Monica. Heather fakes a suicide attempt to get Jeff's attention and she does. But Jeff refused to break up with Monica so Heather had her baby and sold it to Diana Taylor for $10,000. She told Jeff that the child had died and at the same time Monica divorced Jeff. Feeling guilty and lonely, Jeff married Heather in 1978. But the relationship was strained when Heather got a job her own child's nanny, who was now going by the name, Peter Taylor, Jr.. In the winter of 1979, Heather became obsessed with seeing the child. Heather had planned to put LSD in Diana Taylor to make her go insane. Before she could carry out her plan, Heather lost her mind. Jeff was forced to institutionalize her. Without Heather to keep the secret Jeff learned the truth.


Steven Lars returned to Port Charles as an adult. He was working for John Durant to get to Carly Corinthos. After brief romances, Steven faded into the background after A.J. Quartermaine's murder and hadn't been seen since, nor did he show up for half-sister Elizabeth's wedding. He currently lives in New York City.

Steven Lars, now simply known as "Steve", reappears on December 9, 2009 as the acting chief of staff at General Hospital and immediately butts heads with Dr. Patrick Drake. He reveals that he was running a trauma unit down in Memphis and he was contacted by Monica Quartermaine to take the job.


  1. Steve was 2 years old when he first appeared on-screen in 1979.

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