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Terri Webber Arnett was a fictional character on the American soap opera General Hospital. Bobbi Jordan portrayed the role from 1976 to 1977.

Terri Webber Arnett
General Hospital
Portrayed by Bobbi Jordan
First appearance 1976
Last appearance 1977
Occupation Singer
Residence Los Angeles, California

Character History[]

Terri was left to take care of her brothers, Rick and Jeff after their parents died. Terri married Dr. David Arnett. After his death she went to Port Charles. She dated Dr. Mark Dante. She discovered that he was married and his wife was in a wheelchair. Jeff shot himself in the head after he found out that his wife, Monica, was lusting over his brother, Rick. Before Jeff died Terri needed to reveal a secret that her mother had told her about on her deathbed. Before her mother's death, she told Terri about a letter in a safe deposit box that stated Steve Hardy was Jeff's biological father. Even though Mark was married she continued to see him. His wife Mary-Ellen was released from a sanitarium and tampered with the brakes on Terri's car. She had an accident and needed surgery. Mark performed the surgery and saved her life. Terri remembered a confrontation that she had with Mary-Ellen. In desperation Mary-Ellen slit her wrists and fell into a catatonic state. Terri left Port Charles to go to Los Angeles to resume her singing career.