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Thomas Rayner
Thomas Rayner.jpg
Mark Pinter as Thomas Rayner
General Hospital
Portrayed by Mark Pinter
First appearance December 11, 2008[1]
Created by Robert Guza, Jr.
Gender Male
Occupation FBI Agent

Agent Thomas Rayner is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera, General Hospital. He has been on recurring status since his debut. The character has been portrayed by Mark Pinter[3] since December 2008.

Fictional Character History[]

Thomas Rayner was introduced as the FBI agent investigating mobsters, Jason Morgan, Sonny Corinthos, and Anthony Zacchara. He blackmails Jason into wearing a wire at a mob gathering with Sonny to send him to prison. Jason sabotages the wire by spilling wine on it shortly after Rayner tells him he has what he needs on Sonny and to leave. After his evidence against Sonny is destroyed, Rayner vows his revenge. Rayner has Damian Spinelli arrested after it's revealed that Winifred Leeds, Spinelli's "geek" friend is actually an undercover F.B.I. agent working for Rayner. She got her hands on Spinelli's labtop and gave the information to Rayner. Rayner forces Morgan to choose between Sonny & Spinelli. He releases Spinelli but only if Jason gives him the goods on Sonny. He prevents the District Attorney Alexis Davis's daughter, Sam McCall from the getting a professional private investigator license. Rayner attempted to leave town to spend the holidays with his daughter until a deadly crisis emerges in Port Charles. His next assignment is to conduct a full investigation on the toxin that is released in the hospital in January 2009. He enlists Jason to find a truck carrying the bio-toxin. He figures out that the Equinox corporation was behind the lethal toxin and the hospital gowing up in flames. But, his evidence against Spinelli is erased by Sam shortly after she receives her P.I. licence. He has to fire Agent Leeds when he finds out she helped them get rid of the evidence. The only thing that satisfies him is finally sending Anthony Zacchara to prison.

Rayner is seen again in May 2009. He is hired by D.A. Davis to do a thorough background check on Rebecca Shaw. At first, Rayner flirts with Alexis, she quickly enlightens him on her history of bad relationships, but he doesn't seem too afraid of her. Rayner exchanges a date with Alexis for a F.B.I. profile on Rebecca which reveals that she is the long lost twin sister of the late Emily Quartermaine. When Alexis tells him "we" need to dig deeper. Rayner says that for him to work with her, he needs something in return.


On January 26, 2010 it is revealed that Rayner is the man behind the undercover investigation of Sonny Corinthos by Dante Falconeri.


  2. Rayner mentions having a daughter before leaving town.
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