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Tony Lord
One Life to Live
Portrayed by George Reinholt
Philip McHale
(1978 to 1979; 1980)
Chip Lucia (1980 to 1981)
Duration 1977-1981
First appearance Early 1977
Last appearance September 1981
Cause/reason died in a helicopter crash
Created by Agnes Nixson
Nickname(s) Tony
Aliases Tony Harris
Gender Male
Born 1947
Died September 18, 1981 (aged 34)
Age 35
Cause of death Assasinated in a plane helicopter crash
Occupation Reporter for The Banner
Residence Llanview, Pennsylvania (1977-1981; his death)

Anthony "Tony" Lord (formerly Harris) is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera, One Life to Live. "Tony" was recasted 3 times and but George Reinholt who originated the character in 1977 is most known for his portrayal. "Tony" was seen again in 1987 when his half-sister Viki, died and went to heaven.

The Prodical Son[]

Tony Harris arrived in 1977 hoping to find his birth father. He befriended millionaire Victor Lord. Victor's then wife, Dorian Lord knew something about Tony that no one else knew. He was infact Victor's illegitimate son, by his sister-in-law Dorothy. Victor had been searching for his son and didn't know that man was Tony. After being rejected by his former lover, Pat Ashley, he married Cathy Craig in 1978. Dorian planned on marrying Victor to cut Tony off before he found out the truth. She hid the secret for almost a full year before Tony found his mother's diary revealing was infact his biological father. Shocked by the truth, Victor suffered from a severe stroke and couldn't speak or tell anyone about Tony. Before Tony got the chance to confront his father, Victor was "murdered" by Dorian. Afterward, Dorian changed Victor's will leaving Tony broke. He started working for The Banner, Victor's newspaper. As Tony started to get to know his sisters, Viki & Tina he finally reunited with Pat. She later confessed that he was her son Brian Kendall's biological father. When the couple told him the truth, Brian ran out into the street and was struck by a speeding car in 1978 and was killed. They married in August 1982. On September 18, 1981, Tony was covering a story in Beirut, Lebanon, when his helicopter crashed, killing him. Tony's body has never actually been found but he was declared dead and the character was killed off of the show and was never heard from anymore. He was dearly missed.