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Victor Dalby Lord Manning
William Stone Mahoney as Victor Lord in 2003.
One Life to Live
Portrayed by Ernest Graves (deceased) (1968-1969)
Shepperd Strudwick (deceased) (1969-1971)
Tom O'Rourke (1985; flashbacks)
Les Tremayne (1986-1987)
William Stone Mahoney (2003)
Duration 1968-1971, 1985-1987, 2003
First appearance 1968
Last appearance 2003
Cause/reason Died of Heart Failure in 2003/ Murdered in 1971
Created by Agnes Nixon
Aliases Victor Dalby Lord (full name)
Gender Male
Born June 17, 1926
Died February 27, 2003 (aged 76)
Cause of death Heart Failure in 2003/Presumed Murdered in 1971
Occupation Owner of The Banner
Residence Llanfair, 1177 Regency Drive, Llanview, Pennsylvania

Victor Dalby Lord-Manning is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera One Life to Live The character has been played by a number of actors, most recently by William Stone Mahoney in January 2003 and May 2003.

Character History[]

Victor was the owner of Llanview's local newspaper the Banner. He was also the father of two daughters, Viki and Meredith Lord. Their mother, Eugenia Lord had died long after giving birth to Meredith after she and Victor had a fight and she fell down the stairs and fractured her hip then she killed herself and died at Llanview Hospital. Victor was left to raise his two daughters on his own. Victor had two siblings, Powell Lord, Sr. and Gwendolyn Lord Abbott whom are both deceased as well. Victor also had 3 other children. Victor was very controlling of his daughters. He constantly tried to make them bend to his will even going as far as scoping out men for them to marry. Victor disliked Viki's first husband Joe Riley and Meredith first love Dr. Larry Wolek. Despite his efforts, they all ended up together. Joe Riley sadly died in 1972 long before Kevin & Joey Riley Lord-Buchanan were born so Joey Riley Buchanan was the one named after him in 1980 by Victoria Lord, and then Kevin was born before Joey a few years after Joe Riley's death.

The Prodigal Son & Dorian[]

In 1971 before he died, Victor learned he’d fathered an illegitimate son. He began scouring the country looking for this long lost son. In 1970, Victor befriended, Tony Harris. It turned out Tony was actually the son he was looking for. But, two people discovered Tony’s paternity before Victor, Dr. Mark Toland & Dr. Dorian Cramer. While hiding out in San Francisco, Mark met Dorothy Randolph, who happened to be Eugenia’s sister. She and Victor had an affair years before and Tony was born. When Dorian found out about Tony’s paternity from Mark, she used this secret to get into the billionaire’s home and bank account. When Victor suffered a heart attack while looking for Tony, Dorian set it up where she became his personal nurse. She eventually succeeded in marrying him. When Tony arrived in town, Dorian’s plan began to catch flames. After Dorian got Victor to change his will, she proceeded to fill Tony’s head with lies about his father. By the time he and Tony had dissolved their differences, Victor had suffered a massive stroke. Victor supposedly “died” with Dorian at his bedside refusing to give him the medication that could save his life. Rumors flew for years that Dorian murdered her husband, but it would be revealed years later that Victor faked his death.

The Truth About Tina Clayton Lord Manning[]

In 1976, Viki’s old childhood friend, Irene Manning Clayton, comes to town before her daughter Tina Clayton Lord comes to town. Irene is dying from cancer in 1976 and as Tina’s godmother, Irene wants Viki to take Tina in to Llanview in the summer of 1978 after her mother's tragic death. In 1985, Andrea Lynn Evans who plays Tina Clayton Lord comes back to town after learning from her mother’s diary that Ted Clayton, wasn’t her real father. Tina stumbles upon a secret room beneath Llanfair and finds a hand written letter from Victor to Viki. In this letter, Victor admits to having an affair with the teenaged Irene and secretly marrying her. Victor admits that he is Tina’s biological father. Tina takes Victor’s confession public humiliating Viki and revealing to the world that she is Victor’s daughter.

Todd Manning (Lord)?[]

Powell Lord III, the grandson of Victor Lord's young brother Powell, who was one of several Llanview University students who participated in the 1993 gang rape of Marty Saybrooke. Viki's son Kevin was also implicated but ultimately exonerated; the rape had been led by Todd Manning, and a guilty Powell had participated due to peer pressure. Powell received a lesser sentence by Marty and he was later forgiven by Marty Saybrooke who thinks Powell didn't actually rape her like Todd did when he was forced by Todd to do it. He later fell in love with Rebecca Lewis, who herself had seen a softer side in the imprisoned Todd and was in love with him. A subsequent series of rapes is initially blamed on Todd, but it is revealed that Powell is the culprit, believing that he could win Rebecca's love if he became a rapist like Todd.

In 1994, new evidence surfaced that put Dorian on trial for Victor Lord's death in 1971. Sentenced to be executed, Dorian was later freed when a man named David Vickers came forward, claiming to be Victor's son by Irene Clayton. David wanted to secure the $27.8 million trust fund Victor had secretly left for Irene's son, whom the millionaire had hidden away. David produced Irene's diary, in which Irene admitted to killing Victor herself. Dorian knew, however, that the diary was a forgery, and paid David for his assistance.

David and his new "sister" Tina Lord couldn't fight their sexual attraction. To ease her revulsion over their incestuous affair, David admitted that he was not, in fact, her brother. He also revealed the shocking news that Victor and Irene's son was actually the reviled Todd Manning. Tina agreed to keep this secret so that they could get their hands on the inheritance due the Lord heir. With a new plan for Tina to claim the fortune, the couple married in Las Vegas; meanwhile, Dorian had discovered the truth about Todd and told Viki, who confronted Tina and David. Todd was soon revealed as the true heir.

The Dark Secret of the Lord Family[]

Around the same time, Dorian revealed to Viki a secret she thought Viki knew: that Victor had sexually abused his daughter as a young girl. A traumatized Viki again succumbed to her DID, only this time more personalities emerged besides fun-loving Niki Smith: the icy Jean Randolph, vengeful Tori, violent Tommy, and Princess, the little girl who was molested by her father. "Gatekeeper" Jean kept Dorian a prisoner in Victor's reconstructed secret room under Llanfair. She blackmailed Dorian into ending her romantic relationship with Viki's son Joey (without telling him why) as a condition of her release, and compelled an imprisoned David to divorce Tina to avoid criminal charges (keeping Tina in the dark as well). Tori set out to destroy everything that Victor Lord had built in his lifetime — including Llanfair and The Banner. She set Llanfair on fire, only to discover that Viki and Clint's daughter Jessica was still inside. Momentarily turning back to Viki, she saved Jessica, but Llanfair was destroyed.

A final alternative personality emerged — Victor Lord — and Viki resisted his urges for her to kill herself. During therapy, Viki remembered the horrible truth that she, as Tori, had been the one who smothered Victor with a pillow all those years before. She was eventually absolved of wrongdoing due to her mental illness.

The Heart of the Lord[]

In early 2003, Viki's world turned upside down as everything she knew about the death of her father was revealed to be wrong. When Mitch Laurence abducted Viki's long-lost daughter Natalie, Viki and Jessica followed him to a mysterious piece of farmland, "the Champion Noble Clinic," only to discover Mitch prepping Natalie for an amateur heart transplant in an old barn. The recipient: A wizened old husk of a man lolling in a wheelchair - Victor Lord himself!

As Viki stalled for time, Victor who came out of his grave explained his bargain with Mitch to his daughter: He lived still (with no explanation as to how he had survived being suffocated by his then wife Dorian Lord), but needed a young, healthy heart to sustain his life, and the amoral monarch was determined that that heart must come from one of his own grandchildren. In return for delivering Natalie to him, Mitch would get the Lord fortune signed over to him by Victor. Victor pushed Viki to choose which of her daughters would be sacrificed: Natalie or Jessica? Before Viki could be forced to make the horrible decision, the authorities arrived. Mitch was arrested, and Victor was taken to Llanview Hospital for treatment. Viki and Todd grappled with the knowledge that the darkest demon from their past was alive after all, and visited with Victor, struggling for closure from a man they found disgusting yet desperately wanted to understand. As Todd demanded answers from Victor about his affair with Todd's mother Irene, Victor proudly said that though he tried to deny it, Todd had "the heart of a Lord," and had he raised him, he would have named him "Victor Jr.", an idea which repulsed Todd. When Viki confronted him about her abuse, an incoherent Victor remained unresponsive and delirious. In his final moments, Victor seemed willing to comply with Viki and Todd's request that he film a videotaped new last will and testament in order to keep Mitch from acquiring the Lord millions. Unfortunately, Victor expired before he could do so. In a death rattle, he strained to say something to "Victoria", but never finished.

With Victor's death, Mitch Laurence gained control of the entire Lord estate and fortune, driving Viki and her family from their ancestral home of Llanfair and taking it as his own. It was only after Dorian Lord returned, gained his confidence, and then betrayed him that Mitch was able to be ousted and finally killed by his own daughter, born of his rape of Viki - Jessica Buchanan. With Mitch gone, Viki and her children reclaimed Llanfair and what was rightfully theirs.

A Seed of Doubt[]

In the summer of 2007, Viki and Dorian were trading blows again over Dorian's renewed relationship with Clint Buchanan. Following Asa Buchanan's funeral in mid August, they once again found themselves locked away and trapped together, this time in the Buchanan wine cellar. Dorian and Viki raged at each other, with Dorian challenging Viki to face the emptiness in her own life. Dorian also made a startling claim: That she had killed Victor Lord after all! Viki reminded Dorian that Tori had "killed" Victor and that Victor had in fact never been dead after all, but Dorian dismissed the Victor that appeared in 2003 with "if that was him."